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Philadelphia : PA : USA | Dec 11, 2009 at 10:06 AM PST
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law abiding citizen

I think Law Abiding Citizen was one of the best films of the year so far. Jamie was great in this film but girard Butler played an insane killer. Yeah the plot may have been predictable but so what ? If you really take the time to sit their and think about whats gonna happen next then you just can't watch this movie. This movie starts at the house of Clyde Shelton (Girard Butler). He gets raided by two random criminals who knock him out, cut his wife, and probably rape and kill the daughter (The accomplice took the girl upstairs who knows what he could've done) to shorten it all to the juicy details, both criminals go to court one set for death row the other a light prison sentence.

Court ends and Nick (Jamie Foxx) gives the murderer a "not so friendly handshake" Clyde takes it the wrong way and from this point on plans to take down the whole court system including the one man who he thought was supposed to help him. Its now been ten years since the court hearing. In that amount of time Sheldon is able to plan out everything to kill off everyone in the justice system. for he feels that it is his duty to remind the justice system of why they've been created in the first place. But before doing that he handles business with one of the men who killed his family.

The murderer thinks he's got everything under control when he tries to jack a "police officer" for his vehicle. He tries to take his gun but he then finds out their are no bullets in the gun. Clyde drives to this abandoned warehouse Chops the guy up. cops catch him and for whatever reason he chooses to take his clothes off before being captured. He's taken away to prison where he planned to be in the first place so that when he kills off the court system they can't say that he did it. Everything about this movie was crazy! the traps that he puts everyone in. from getting the judges head being blown off, to having one of Nicks closest workers blown up. I felt so sorry for that woman.
The action in this movie was crazy. you've got a team full of detectives trynna focus on the killers previous murders when he's moving on to others.

I say that one of the scariest parts in the movie is when they sentence one of the family murderers to death. What he was supposed to experience was a painless death, instead he begins to go crazy like he's having a seizure or something.
Many critics say that Jamie's role in this movie basically sucked. I thought it was crazy good. And yes I do think him and girard Butler had good chemistry in this movie.

They were on 106 and park talking about it and they both seemed excited about the movie. People who don't like movies will say anything to try and justify why they think something was bad. certain movies do have their reasons for being dogged but how in the world could you throw dirt on this one? Nothing was wrong.

So what if everything in this movie went to far? Thats why its called a movie people. Get a life. The whole time I watched this movie I was thinking that Sheldon was gonna kill Nick's family. for instance in the one scene, mail comes for nick,and his wife and kid are at the house. They were crazy shocked to see a body part in the package that was given to them.

I mean everyone's entitled to their opinions but some are just completely ridiculous. I mean I personally loved that movie from start to finish, because when I'm anxious enough to see a movie I'ma pay attention to every little detail. The one tiny reason why I liked "Law Abiding Citizen was that it was shot in Philadelphia, I thought that was so cool.

"It's never clear how we're supposed to feel about Butler and when he's gone too far. Should he kill the judge? Maybe the court clerk for filing the paperwork?"

"When smart people make dumb movies.

"Absurd is not an original nor powerful enough word to describe "Law Abiding Citizen"

These comments were the ones that made me the most infuriated. I mean for crying out loud its a damn movie so not everything you see in it will be "realistic" I thought it was a little bit funny when the judge had her head blown off ha ha. Jamie is a great actor. I just think he's at his best in the more serious roles that he plays.

take for example "Kingdom". That movie was one of the craziest of 2007. he couldn't have done a much better job. Next is "Ray". I so LOOOOOOOOVED that movie. Jamie played a good Ray Charles and he sounded almost exactly like Ray Himself. Definitely a fourstar performance in my book.

The only movie I know of Girard Butler being in was "300" His role was so epic in that movie. I mean c'mon how can you not like a guy who can go around screamin "THIS IS SPARTA!" and just killing people by the masses with a spear. I'm certain that Girard has been in other films but I've just never watched any of them. But just from those two movies I can honestly say that he's definitely one of my favorite actors.

as I stated before, everyone's entitled to there opinion and this is just some of mine. Law abiding citizen came in second place getting beat by "Where the wild things are" with $21.3 million. Law abiding citizen is a movie you'd have to see with ya friends. this movie is just sooooooooooooo CRAZY. don't sit there trying to predict what happens because thats when you start to screw up the whole movie.

Law abiding citizen is definitley for the people who are fans of swift and painful vengeance. for any fans that love girard Butler, you're gonna like him in this movie, maybe not as much as you did in 300 but this is a way calmer role for him. you're able to see him in a more "gentle" light. Some weirdos commented the movie saying that his voice was a total turn off, Like what the hell people! Get over it and see the movie for what it is. For anyone who's a fan of Jamie Foxx, you're definitely gonna like his role in this one. I don't think I've ever heard him drop as many "F" bombs before, but then again me not seeing any of his other movies is to blame. But who cares, bottom line "Law abiding citizen" was one of the best films so far in the year 2009. Like I said earlier everyone is entitled to their opinion and I think that "Law Abiding Citizen" was one of the best films so far this year.

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just a trailer of one of the best movies of "09"
MannyEscobar is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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