White Woman in America : Full of Themselves?

White Woman in America : Full of Themselves?

Atlantic City : NJ : USA | Nov 28, 2009 at 6:14 PM PST
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Let’s just say for argument’s sake, that John Edwards or Hillary Clinton had gone on to win the Democratic nomination for President of the US and that Condoleeza Rice had garnered the Republican nomination. I would beg to differ with anyone who would have thought that the outcome would not have given us the first African American woman elected to the Presidency of the US. Let me explain.

I think that a moment such as this one would have never escaped Black American women. Even though Condoleeza Rice may not have been their perfect candidate, her election would have meant so much more to them and opened up so many more opportunities for countless generations than finding flaws or just not voting for her.

Instead of politically devouring one of their own, I belief Black woman would not have let history slip through their fingers based on the editorials of a few Ivy Leaguers who view the world thru an elitist prism. White women fell victim to this malady. The majority allowed themselves to be defined by a handful of suit wearing, Pro-Abortion men hating feminists.

This is where I think that many White women in America have failed. For all their talk about wanting to be treated on equal footing with their male counterparts in business & political spheres, they seem to always fall back to an instinctual desire to be led by men or women that want to be men. The complaints about equal pay for equal performance, and the cries of “anything a man does, I can do better”, stop at a concerted commitment to elect a White woman as President.

At the moment of truth, I would surmise that many come to this conclusion for reasons of vanity and narcissistic undertones and subliminal fears to uphold the rallying cries of the Gloria Steinem’s of the feminist movement. They are led like zombies out of a Michael Jackson video into a world where good old traditional values are trampled on by Metrosexuals, Bulldaggers & Diesel Dykes.

When presented with a choice to vote for someone that represents family life and the values of middle America or the “average Joe” versus a flawed candidate that sold her political soul and remained in a marriage after her husband cheated on her, 18 million of them inexplicably voted for the latter. And when that type of candidate was no longer around, they preferred a flawed male over an overachieving woman.

So, are American White women full of themselves? I think to a large extent many of them are. In some regards I think they are no better off than the millions of Middle Eastern woman that are considered second class citizens in their male dominated societies. And I don’t mean this in a material sense or on an educational level. I think that with so many more advantages afforded to them, White women in this country have hurt themselves and set themselves back politically and have no one to blame but themselves.

White American women are showing exactly why men consider them second class. They would rather fight amongst themselves, criticize, ridicule, point out the bad, and bludgeon each other, than elevate their movement and shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. A really confusing message to the millions of women around the world that look to American women for leadership and hope from the repressive and male dominated cultures that they must endure.

It is laughable that while these women are struggling for the most basic of human rights, American women are squandering theirs on insignificant & catty issues like the latest fashion trend or if Sarah Palin makes a good moose stew.

What is every daughter’s dream?

How do these women reconcile these inconsistencies with their daughter’s and granddaughter’s? How will they explain to their daughters that they can be anything they want except President of the US? How will they explain to them that they must attend the best Ivy League schools & stay away from University of Idaho if they have any aspirations of becoming President someday even though 9 of our President’s never attended college including two of the greatest Presidents in our history – George Washington & Abraham Lincoln?

Will you tell them to stay away from raising a family before entering politics because woman in certain elite circles belief woman should not be working and raising a family at the same time? What a horrible thing.

I believe that White woman in America have a big responsibility to themselves and women all around the world to show that they can lead and are just as capable of holding the highest business & political offices anywhere. There are not too many women today that are equipped to take on the challenge let alone attempt it with less than full support from their own.

Barack Obama would have never been elected President of the US without unconditional support from Black Americans. Many of his Liberal views are in direct conflict with many of the Conservative views of Blacks that voted him. Still, Black Americans seized the moment and elected the first Black American President in spite of his many flaws.

So with this in mind, White American women need to do some soul searching and maturing if they are ever going to shatter that glass ceiling. Sarah Palin is not the perfect candidate, but until someone better comes along, White American women should stand up for her and support her. If two years from now, the perfect female candidate comes along, then you can compare her to Sarah Palin and see how they stack up against each other. By comparing Sarah Palin to yourself is not fair. Women always seem to be more critical of other women especially when they are compared to themselves. This is where I believe many White American women are conflicted. Many think that somehow their overall educational & personal achievements are somehow better if not superior than that of Sarah Palin’s.

To me Palin represents everything that makes this country great. She is a hard worker, an achiever, a family person, loves her country, energetic and a lot more than just a pretty face. She has shown that she can stand up to the failings of her own party and accuse them of wrongdoing if need be. Something that our Harvard Grad President has had ample opportunities to do, but has not. But I guess this is what the White women of America see as “better”. Knowing what I know about Barack Obama and Sarah Palin today, there is no question in my mind that this country would have been better off in terms of fiscal policy and the overall unemployment rate.

So for every White American woman who thinks they are “it”and that they are so much better than Sarah Palin, do yourself a favor – get over ‘it” already because you are just full of yourselves. If you want to somehow belief that you are advancing women’s causes, you are not.

If ridiculing a prominent female political figure to justify your own shortcomings makes you feel accomplished, by all means do so. But please, stop with the feminist, equal pay for equal work nonsense. If you can’t back the closest thing to a legitimate female Presidential candidate, how can you expect anyone to have any credibility for the advancement of women in this country?

Very few people come can come into someone’s life and make you feel good about yourself. Make you feel that you can have it all and reach all of your dreams. What woman would deny their daughter or granddaughter to feel this way? Maybe one too caught up & full of themselves.

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Redhanded is based in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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