warning sign your friend is using you a.k.a the BFF from hell.

warning sign your friend is using you a.k.a the BFF from hell.

Miami : FL : USA | Oct 21, 2009 at 3:58 PM PDT
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a.k.a the BFF from hell

Friends, we all have them. We put up with their quirky personalities and
overlook their (sometimes major) flaws more than we do for our boyfriends
(and girlfriends for you guys). But sometimes these biffles are really just
using you for more than just your friendship. These are some of the types of
friends you should look out for, these are the BFF's from hell.

1. Always borrowing money- a.k.a "The piggy bank friend"
Whether it's $10 for a movie ticket, picking up a lunch tab or spotting
them a month's rent, i go by the motto "always assume money you let a friend borrow will never be paid back." that way there are no disappointments when, inevitably, it becomes true. Everybody has been in the situation where
a friend is in real financial trouble, and being their BFF you lend a
helping hand to help. Well there's nothign wrong with that, you're just being
a good friend. But then there's those friends who assume if you pay for drinks
this time, then you automatically will always be the drink buyer.These are the
people that will reject an invite if they don't get anything free out of it, or
will refuse to hang out with you if they know you don't have any money. These
"friends" will not only ask for money when you guys go out, but will also ask for a random $10, $20, $50 or more that they "swear"they will pay back later. Once this person shows that they are willing to beg for $30 bucks one day but then spend $50 the next day without any intent on paying you back, it's time to drop the selfish douche.

2. Always borrowing your stuff- a.k.a "The friend shopper"
I know you've been there, you pick up your bestie for a night out and
realize that cute tank top she's wearing looks oddly familiar; Something you may have bought months ago and maybe only wore once before she "borrowed" it for a special event. That's right, you're now a victim of "friend shopping." You then realize she still has a pair of shoes, a headband, even your nail polish that she's decided looked "so good" on her that she would hold on to them for a while longer. she may have even forgotten where she got them from and now considers them hers. I have personally recovered miscellaneous personal items from friend's houses years after they disappeared from my possession. If you decide to end the friendship, make sure you get your stuff back before you do it, or else it will be harder to get back than stuff you left at an immature ex-boyfriends house after a bad break-up.

3. Always asking for a ride- a.k.a "The free taxi rider"
In high school if you're the only person in your group of friends with
a car, you're popular. you'll also find out what it feels like to be a taxi driver.
It doesn't get any better after high school if you still have friends with no rides, believe me. Some "friends" will take advantage of your friendship by expecting rides from you whenever it is convenient.... for them. If you manage to get gas money from this person, you're lucky. It's hard to get around when you don't have a car, but you know your "friend" is taking advantage of you when the rides go from needing to be picked up to go out with you, to asking you to drive them to school...every morning...an hour away. These assuming a-holes will need a ride everyday, without a please or thank you, if you take them anywhere more than two days in a row. Once they start calling you to hang out, and then plan the rest of the day with you being their own private chauffeur, you can tell them to take the bus on their way to finding a new friend.

4. Always bringing their kids or younger siblings- a.k.a "The babysitter friend"
Every once in a while your friend brings their kid brother, and it's cool,
he's chilling, and you can tell him whatever you want and he's gullible enough to believe you. Or they'll bring their toddler and you think he's adorable......until it poops or cries.But when this whining kid is brought to your Saturday morning beach party, or you have to drag his crying ass through the mall when all you wanted was a pair of shoes and all he wants is a Transformers toy, a piece of chocolate, some soda, and anything else he can get his greedy little eyes and sticky little hands on.... you're in hell. At this point you're friend is so comfortable with you around their sibling or child that you have lost your friend title and have assumed the responsibility of a new one- Babysitter. At this point you have to let your friend know you're here for them, not their underage luggage.

5. Using you to meet people- a.k.a "The social douche"
Ever introduced your 2 best friends to each other, and realized to your
horror that they hit it off too well, and that they have way more in common with each other than they ever did with you? Hey, it happens. then there's that one friend that seems to always want to go to your parties, then ends up with all your friends numbers, and even that cute guy you've been flirting with for weeks! it's great that they're so friendly, but when it gets to the point where they are constantly calling you up to hang out, so that you can call other people up to hang out, they may just be using you. These are the same people that will ask you to invite guys that they like to your parties so they can spend the entire night ignoring you for them. These friends hang out with you for who you know, and once they get friendly enough with your friends they won't need you, or your cellphones address book anymore.

6. Always asking for favors- a.k.a "The take, take, take friend"
This is a tough one. Friends are friends because they are always there
for you when you need them. However, some "friends" take advantage of this fact. Helping them move, giving them a ride, lending them money; These are all things that, in moderation, are just a part of being there for your friend. But when every phone call you seem to get begins with "Hey, i need a favor," you need to step back and see how much "give" is on your side and how much "take, take take," is on your "friends" side. There are people out there who are truly altruistic, and have no problem helping others. These are the kinds of people that will almost always get taken advantage of at some point in their lives. if you wonder whether your friend is really grateful for your help, or just using you for your giving nature, then remember this rule- "If the amount of times your friend thanks you is not equal to or more than the amount of favors you do them, then they are truly not grateful for your help."

7. Always seem to have an emergency- a.k.a "The drama queen"
You'll notice in life that some people always seems to have something
going on. They live their lives like a soap opera. This "friend" is very similar
to the "take, take, take friend," except that this exaggerated friend doesn't
just ask for a regular run of the mill favor, it's always so much more. Don't
get me wrong, some people just have things going on in their lives that they
just can't help, and a good friend would be by their side for it. I'm talking about the people that do these things to themselves, or blow situations out of proportion, and they expect you to be there for them..... every time. This means that every time your bestie has a fight with her crappy boyfriend, you're expected to be there for all of the crying, cursing, and breaking of his stuff. You'll have to endure all this while offering the same lines you've said many times before- "he's a jerk," "He doesn't deserve you," "let's get you another pint of ben & Jerry's." Even worse is when she gets back with him and starts the cycle all over again. This friend will think every situation is life and death, and if you don't give them the appropriate amount of attention they will start to doubt your "friend skills," no matter how many times you've helped them before. if you start to realize your friend is just a drama queen, you may want to find a more stable friend or be stuck with a hectic life by proxy, dreading the next phone call from a crying BFF asking you for your help and support "for once."

andi is based in Miami, Florida, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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