Waterboarding An International Crime - The State of Affairs in New York Psychiatry

Waterboarding An International Crime - The State of Affairs in New York Psychiatry

Buffalo : NY : USA | Oct 21, 2009 at 2:21 PM PDT
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Waterboard Psychiatric Torture at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

July 6 - 2010 - One year later, I have discovered an attorney that will take the case. On July 2, we began to build a case related to this matter. The process is slow but sure. We have unearthed legal documents, searched out phone records, and begun to build this case. I expect there will be a congressional inquiry into the matter eventually.

I posed the question directly at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZyZKIscGu0 and volunteered the question to be seen by White House staff in a question and answer session tomorrow at noon. In response to the fact that the question was delisted, I have contacted the New York Times. In the question of "How will the administration take aim against Psychiatric Torture in a patients bill of rights." I must have an answer.

If you have the eyes to Read the truth. Read Further. And vote affirmatively to bring this matter into the realm of public opinion. The president has weighed in claiming that Water Boarding is torture. Now it is time for the American People to demand answers.

We wholeheartedly support the aims of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in this matter. You may view their website at http://www.cchr.org

Buffalo, New York - Today I received a reply to this submission to allvoices news and organizing for america from the President of the United States, Barack Obama. His complete letter dated October 22, 2009, edited to exclude a personal note, appears here : A LETTER FROM PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. I cannot thank him enough for his due dilligence in responding to a constituent.

Before Beginning, I would like to congratulate Barack Obama for his success in having 315,023 calls made to senators and congressmen related to the health care reform drive of the past few days. Our voices are being heard. It is time for the naysayers to pick up their mops and start cleaning up the mess.

There is no victory in defeat. There is no joy in being defeatist, there is no superiority in living in the delusion that you would be better off with another president. It is time for the truth to be revealed and I am about to share a fragment of it.

Between the months of June and September of 2009 I was incarcerated in a Psychiatric Facility for having the "delusional" belief that there were persons out there who were out to get Barack Obama. I posted on what I later learned to be an unauthorized non-government forum which claimed to be a government forum, 2 messages. The messages said this - get your act in line - obey the direct command of your commander in chief - the president of the United States of America - Barack Obama - or you will be held accountable.

I have been known to have certain flaws. No one is perfect. The world turns and fortunes are made and broken on who wins in recorded history. So let me record a bit of my history for you.

On June 1, 2009, 8 police officers roughly, it was hard to count, descended on the doorstep of my private residence with New York State Crisis Services personnel in tow. Yes I said New York State. I repeatedly informed them while they were outside my door that they were not to enter without a warrant showing just cause. What I could not stop was the fact that my mother had arrived around the same time to bring me lunch and was brought into the frenzy. I had to let her in.

The police officers and the Crisis Services personnel entered my home without a warrant and no just cause and began interrogating me regarding a piece of performance art I was constructing that had absolutely no influence on my postings online.

The performance artwork which I intended to photograph with my digital camera was an anti-abortion piece, which I am entitled to do on my own property under my own supervision, with my own equipment (at the time my digital camera was a Kyocera M-1000 Lingo).

The officers who were led by a gentleman named Officer Henderson who claimed to be an E-7 in the United States Army with the recommendation based on little credible information from Crisis services and less from my mother who had no knowledge of their reason for being there - dragged me from Apartment 51 Lafayette Square Apartments - at the back of the Apartment complex - to the front and into the parking lot.

In the process my shirt and pants had been pulled into disarray and I was seen in the public eye to be wearing underwear. They strapped me into an ambulance and discussed with me their interest in my interest in Jay-Z as a rap artist - as though that were at the top of my mind at present. Officer Henderson quoted some Jay-Z lyrics though I don't remember them now. Professional for an Officer of the NFPD with an E7 Army clearance don't you think?

Next, when I arrived at the hospital, Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital, I requested that I be retained voluntarily and specifically that I take the medication Haldol orally and that it not include Adavan which I have in the past had reprehensible visual and audio hallucinations from. The emergency room staff rejected my request. Injected me with Haldol AND Adavan and placed me in a room waiting for INVOLUNTARY admission to Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital's W2 Ward.

W2 is an all male ward and has some of the toughest clients in New York's Psychiatric History. There are gang members there, there are drug addicts there, there are aids victims there. It is overcrowded for one hallway on the floor and they allow patients to carry canes for walking which might be used as weapons against other patients. It is generally unsafe.

After spending a month there and having been subjected to restrainment during which a nurse placed a white towel over my mouth while my arms and legs were held to a bed using a mesh net - I nearly died there - had it not been for pulling for life to get one of my arms at the towel - and having been assisted with the removal of it by one nurse named Eugene. There were at least 8 witnesses to the event. I can guarantee that none but Eugene will ever speak up on it - and he will only dare to do so if he receives a Subpoena.

To make matters worse, the Doctor who had the final call on my concerns at the hospital, keep in mind that I had been compliant with taking all medications distributed to me by the Medication staff, determined that I was a) acting out sexually b) that I was a harm to myself or others c) that the short term care of Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital was unsuitable and that I would need to be referred to her former place of employment - The State Psychiatric Hospital of New York at Buffalo - also called the Buffalo Psych Center at 400 Forest Avenue, Buffalo NY 14213.

She succeeded in receiving a Judgement against me in the court of Judge Caruso who I believe is corrupt and had a vested interest in seeing me go to the State Psychiatric Hospital. Judge Caruso had me stand as my own attorney when 2 other attorneys failed a test of competence and were unable to make any claim in my favor based on their beliefs about the ability to "win" my case.

Here are the facts. When you are under the supervision of a Mental Hospital you do not have one doctor, you have four or five. You have the admitting doctor in this case Doctor Nikolova (Russian). You have the attending doctor Dr. Rajendran (Indian from India), you have her fill in doctors, Dr. Ko (Chinese or otherwise Asian), you have the chief of Psychiatry for the hospital Dr. Konakachi (Indian from India).

Not a single one of them professes to be American in the true sense of the word, and I doubt any one of them has any sort of true understanding of the English language in its many varied forms including high English which is used by most people from Britain, low or American English, or Slang which is used by persons who are given little or no chance in the system due to one or another barrier to success. I tend to use all three interchangeably and I do it because I can.

I have written 3 books that have been published and in 2008 I had two record albums published. Regardless of the ability I have to do this - I was given no form of credibility in any of my spoken language with any of these so called doctors of Psychiatry and I was given no options with which to keep myself from ultimately being thrown into the worst pit in New York State.

Why do I call it the worst pit in New York State? The last worst pit in New York State was closed. It was called Kings County Psychiatric waystation - you might remember clips from CNN showing how brutal negligence left a woman for 24 hours sitting in the same chair to die of sheer exhaustion on the summer floor of the building. It was the Psychiatric Snuff film that got leaked to YouTube and subsequently lost the institution its right to exist.

Buffalo Psych has it all. It has a 72 hour ward that keeps people on hold for months at a time. Its called aptly 72 or South 2. It has gay staff members that make frequent passes at the patients. It has a lockdown room with the same net / bed restraint features. They routinely medicate people over objection, even people who are on their medications. And they have to wear riot masks when they subdue patients that are unruly because they are so much larger than them that they may actually spill blood when knocking them to the ground.

My first roommate who I will keep anonymous - was a part of the cigarette trade there - being that cigarettes are illegal both in and out of doors on the Premesis due to what the staff claim is a "Federal" regulation against smoking on "State" property. Instead - they pursue patients who smoke in their room - but turn a blind eye to the ones who use the bathroom because that is less of a fire hazard.

To begin - on the day of my arrival at Buffalo Psychiatric Center, they took my photograph and made me sign a bunch of paperwork as if I had a choice in reading their privacy practices which aren't worth the toilet tissue they are printed on. Next I was escorted to 72 and after a few hours, I requested to change the channel on the television. On the DAY I arrived I was assaulted and my arm was twisted to wrest the remote control from it by Neal Smigelski - a patient at the hospital who was a recovering psychedelic drug addict.

I can forgive him now after 3 months in the custody of Buffalo Psych Center and realizing the true nature of their twisted system. From his perspective he had already been there for months. This is not a kinder gentler place. There is no expected recovery - there is no "we hope that you improve." The entire system is set up for the failure and ultimate resolve of the patient to be completely reliant on the state for its form of income / livelihood / and will to survive at a bare minimum of human decency.

One of the nurses on staff had the gall to call me a "Ward of the State" while I was on 72. I am not a "Ward of the State" I am a 36 year old published man that is an American Citizen with friends family and loved ones that were being torn apart by a foul court decision made as a result of bold faced lies about my character by a FOREIGN element in this country. I told him to "Go to hell" and to "have another thursday night happy hour."

Another of the nurses - named Sue Albano - had the nerve to Laugh at me when I was physically attacked by another patient named Frank Piortkowski who hit me squarely in the chest with open fists. She then documented that I was uncooperative in follow up physical examinations because I required that the doctor explain to me that he was a physical doctor and not a psychiatric doctor. The doctor made additional claims that I was uncooperative in his report.

The attending doctor in my case - the psychiatrist - was one Dr. Gupta - whose claim to fame was that he was spending time on vacation in Alaska and was too busy to be concerned with all of my requests because he was due to retire in 10 months. This was when I saw him a month after my arrival in the hospital and it was 11 months. Dr. Gupta talks a nice talk - and has a great smile - but its like he's staring in the mirror and smiling at himself thinking - how can I foul up this patient next. Let me give you another hint as to his background - he's another Indian from India.

I waited out the duration of my court decision which was that I either be released by the hospital on July 31, or the hospital was required to hold me via another court retention hearing. I had the option of staying on voluntarily, and pursuing their "New Beginnings" program at the "Butler Rehabilitation Clinic" and so I accepted it. I became a voluntary status patient with the right to claim a 72 hour release if necessary based on a written request.

I participated in programs at the Rehab clinic for a month. I discovered the following. There was a lot of waiting in line to sign up to attend classes for which instructors never seemed to be present during the first HALF of the class. Classes about cognitive skills turned into reading projects for one or two persons in a pool of people that were either unable to read or so disaffected by the fact that they were there - that they had no interest in participating whatsoever.

The alcoholics anonymous program was not anonymous because you had to sign your name to arrive at it. The Double Trouble program was not anonymous because the persons monitoring it were reporting to Doctors on statements made in the Double Trouble program. Double Trouble is a Mental Health and Substance Abuse program designed for persons with difficulties in either area - I had a Substance abuse problem in 1993 which makes me 16 years clean and a good candidate for spreading the word regarding how to get and stay clean.

There is more to this subject and I am about to touch on it. Having been attacked for the third time at the beginning of September by another patient named Joseph Carlo who hit me in the back of my left shoulder with an actual fist. Which was spurred on by the staff's invented dialogue that I was a Scientologist hell bent on converting people to stop taking their medication. I decided to call it quits and demand my 72 hour release in writing.

The originator of the dialogue regarding Scientology was Sue Albano. She instigated this along with her two new friends Heather and Hakim. It was intentional and they were well aware that Joseph Carlo was a Catholic religious fanatic. Yes I registered with the religious affectation Scientology with the hospital a) to convince them that I was not going to subscribe to my family's former religion which was the Methodist Religion b) to express my distaste for the system of forcing an Unnecessary pharmacological point of view on my person - at no time did I ever anticipate that staff would take advantage of my religious viewpoints on medicine and turn them upside down.

In addition - to clear this up for those who sought to understand better - I did mention that this did not occur until the beginning of September - and that I signed the Privacy and Religious papers with the hospital on July 1, 2009 (it may have been July 2nd or 3rd) - the staff members had no entitlement as nursing staff and "mental health technical aides" to my religion or to be discussing it on record with other patients in the hospital. At no time did I suggest to any patient on the site that they discontinue their medication as a result of ANY influence from Scientology.

A word about the Butler Rehabilitation Clinic and the "New Beginnings" program in general. The populace of the mini mall - complete with "Juice Plus!" food concessionary was almost entirely made up of predatory individuals and adult purveyors of sexual perversion. It was like walking through a mall with dirty old men - except for the fact that there are no shoppers in the mall of dirty old men - except the dirty old men - and they are out shopping for you.

There was nothing beautiful about it - there was nothing redeeming about it - there was nothing even expressing hope about it. It was like a state sponsored rehabilitation for pedophiles child abusers and rapists that they had no space for in the prison system. And to top it off - there was no rehabilitation being done. It was a vicious circle - they put these people there - secure their welfare (social security and medicare funding) via state program ACT co-ordinators or legal guardianship - and let them take aim at the next unsuspecting victim to somehow get roped into the circus.

It is evil - it is fraudulent - it is negligent - and it is homicidal. The entire Psychiatric Administration in this country needs an overhaul and we are not doing them any favors by allowing them to perpetrate crimes on humanity and bring people so close to their knees that they are nearly cut off from air.

To make matters increasingly worse - when I put in my request for 72 hour release - within 24 hours they had me seen by a Dr. Fernando who I had not seen except one other time at you guessed it Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center. On his advisement and questioning regarding the contents of my computer (which had been illegally searched by the police without a warrant) he came to the conclusion that I was entitled to be transferred - along with the decision of a Dr. Hussein whom I was never interviewed by for the 2 PC status they claimed to have - from the 72 hour ward S2 which I had been in for 2 months - to the unit 76.

When I did get to speak to Dr. Hussein - one business day prior to being moved to 76 - he told me flat out to "listen to me - the patients on 76 are going to hurt you. If you listen to me they won't hurt you. But if you get out of line they will hurt you." This was like another step into the bizarre - the Doctor - whose name was Hussein - named after the now deceased Saddam Hussein - and practicing somehow legal medicine in this country - was telling me that he could coerce the patient populace into physically harming me if I were non compliant.

I went to 76 knowing what I was in for. In the first week I witnessed a grown man wearing a purse around his neck - not his shoulder - his neck. And another patient - a grown man - crawling on his hands and knees in the main television room - for absolutely no reason. The first week there was like a sequence out of the movie Hellraiser. There is a point at which rational thought cannot describe the tonality and maladjustment you are exposed to in places like this.

You hear the staff routinely discussing anal sex and patient rape - as though it is to be encouraged. You watch people fight over dinner trays with one another and notice that fewer than half of the patient populace has more than 4 teeth left in their mouths. You find out that the hospital routinely pulls patient teeth when patients do not follow staff protocols. Little things like that.

Dr. Hussain was backed up by Dr's Fernando, Gupta, and Dr Burnett in his claim that I am a) Mildly retarded and b) a chronic and habitual marijuana smoker that is c) a paranoid schizofrenic. I admitted to my attorney that after 13 years of having undergone vast psychiatric scrutiny in both New York State and in the care of Dr. Jindall in Pennsylvania during Tom Ridge's term of Governorship, that I probably have suffered schizofrenia based on the things I have been constantly pushed into witnessing and living through in the various psychiatric institutions that have held me for one reason or another.

My Attorney, Margaret Sutton, said for expressing that - you couldn't be more reasonably believed than to be set free. And in mid September she walked into State Supreme court at the Buffalo Court house, and said a few words on my behalf - pointed out more than a few inconsistencies in their paperwork - including the fact that my name was misspelled on at least 6 documents that I personally saw - and I was asked to come into the court room and thank the Judge for setting me free of the State of New York's Buffalo Psychiatric Center at 400 Forest Avenue Buffalo New York.

If you ask me if I have a pending case against New York State, I believe I do. If you ask me if I think I can win, I believe I can. If you ask me what I think of Psychiatry in General in America. I believe it is Suppression of JUSTIFIED AMERICANS right to speak freely according to their first Amendment right -

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the rights of the people to peaceably assemble."

There is nothing protecting fighting words. But take this with heed. Those of you who support a failing health care industry. We intend to fight - these words are bitter - they are jaded and they are intended for you. We SHALL OVERCOME. We will not be DUMBED DOWN, PLACATED, THREATENED, CAJOLED, BROW BEATEN, INSULTED, IMPRISONED AGAINST OUR WILL, OR BROUGHT INTO THE PRESENCE OF PERVERSION, FOR THE SAKE OF THE MINORITY'S VIEWPOINT.



AS a result of the State of New York's Psychiatric Incarceration programs, I am a Crip, I am a Blood, I am connected, I am both a Republican and Democrat, I am a technologies expert, a published author, and musical tastemaker, and I am the number one supporter of Barack's Health care reform act and the number one supporter of all who have been wrongfully imprisoned in New York state as a result of attempting to speak FREELY regarding the safety and security of a Free America.

Interview me for your television shows sometime -- I'll sit on Larry King, 60 Minutes, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill O'Reilly, Jay Leno, Conan Obrien, and Jimmy Fallon and I'll tell you how it is - how it was - and how its going to be. Private insurance vs. real insurance is over.

It is one insurance fits all - that means if you are rich and depressed - well I'm sorry you'll just have to swing on 76 like the rest of us - unless you can still afford Betty Ford out of your own Tax Credited pockets. Oh wait - those tax credits have been realigned to the poor and small business owners.

Guess its a no win situation for you if you are rich, and its a good time to be collecting a disability pension.

To whom and all it may concern,

Your favorite servant in mental bondage,

Christopher J. Bradley of the Band Digital Noise Control

and author of American Mohawk, Dancing Over The Fury, and Alpha Zulu 15:00

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In June of 2009 I experienced what can only be described as water board torture at the hands of the staff of Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center Niagara Falls NY 621 10th Street. The staff were under the direction of at least the following four doctors, Dr. Rajendran, Dr. Konikachi, Dr. Ko, And Dr. Nikolova. The facts of the case is that I was put in a web restraint on a wooden bed and a wet rag was placed over my mouth inducing drowning. I thought I was going to die in the custody of this Evil Institution. What will the Barack Obama administration do to make certain that Psychiatric torture of this kind is not used in the Domestic United States or Elsewhere under the guise of Psychiatry?
noisecontrol is based in Niagara Falls, New York, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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