i have a dream: a manifesto for red-healthy heartbeat | pronoia is the cure for paranoia

i have a dream: a manifesto for red-healthy heartbeat | pronoia is the cure for paranoia

San Francisco : CA : USA | Sep 12, 2009 at 12:25 AM PDT
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Hello and thanks for reading.

For those of you who don't know I am currently working with astrologer and artist rob brezsny to market his book pronoia, which is, as the antidote to paranoia, a suspicion that the universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings. it is a fascinating and fun and challenging book with an interactive format. because i really, really like not only the idea of pronoia (i have found it to help tremendously already in my personal life) but also the way rob has put it together—and also because i am really in to improving myself, especially if i can do it in a fun way—i am doing each of the exercises (also known as experiments) in the book.

part of what makes pronoia neat is that i am engaging not only in the text but in a clear understanding of myself through the text. rob and i both strongly encourage people to engage with us, and to do the exercises. when we get things going soon we will have a site set up to actually share this process with a larger group of people. because i'm already into the book though i wanted to share this one with everyone and see if i can't get people to start becoming Masters of Rowdy Bliss with us and others who conspire to shower the world with blessings. it is our goal to demonstrate the fact that life always gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

the exercise or experiment that i recently completed is simple: write your own "i have a dream" poem, story, essay, or manifesto." the book actually provides a page for you to do so (the book is 8.5 x 11), so i tried to keep it about that length (i write small!).

If you keep talking you’ll develop personality. I promise. I used to be a silent shy insignificant dreamer. Guess what? I’m still a dreamer.

I have a dream that everyone is speaking at all times. Everyone can tune in to their heart’s desire, because that’s where the voices are coming from. All hearts are transmitters, not just receptors. Don’t you notice a correlation between how much you feel and how much you talk?

You want to taaaaallllk. But you want to have something to say, too, and you don’t because your heart’s turned down, shut off, ignored. And then you're sad because you're quiet all the time and you silence yourself even more. This might not apply to you, but it does to a lot of people. You've got to admit. You’ve got to let it flow. You’ve got to become someone. You’ve got to be more than you are. You’ve got to let it go.


Don’t start conversations. Connect.

I have a dream that all hearts are transmitting into the air and I can feel it when I breathe. I breathe deeply. Air goes straight to my heart!

How can skies be clean before hearts?

Only in the good old days. Good news! Surprise—

these days are pretty kickin too.

It isn’t so bad

to be the ones who reconnect after a long silence.

Nature has been missing us, dying for our presence.

We've turned away and it's been too long.

It isn’t enough to sustain; that’s only negative presence neutralized.

What it takes is painting the world with your feelings. Being good for the world.

That used to be a natural thing but it isn’t now. It isn’t so bad.

I will be unnaturally good!

Help me,

I wanted to be a seer and my dream came true and I’ve forgotten what it means.

I think I need to be alone.

Am I?

Do you know where I could catch a glimpse of life?

I actually meant to say light, but I meant something else - whether you call it higher or bigger or more intense. Something to shake it up a little, me, the world, the way I see things. I don’t go out of my routine enough. I have so many exciting things on my shelves and in my mind but I don’t look at them usually and I don’t go for walks. I focus on getting the job done, and I have friends but they’re all doing the same thing I’m doing.

I guess what I’m asking you is would you slow down and open up with me somehow, be more authentic, be more in love and more open, open, in everything open? I want to be more open now than I am or ever have been.

Me too. Be my favorite book.

Be my favorite author.

Provide me with the things I need.

Be my parents. Be my author.

I really just want more light more than anything else.

I don’t want another significant person. I don’t want to focus on any one thing but the light.

We each get a chance

It’s about stepping up when you have it and being as authentic and resounding as you can be knowing you are the one who people are listening to now and there could be a reason for that if you make one.

I have a dream where everyone says now is the time for me and I can be that person, and if there’s no one around for me right now I will practice and learn how to be amazing which is to say learn how to be myself and I will do it and do it and do it until I know what I’m doing and I know what I am; beyond that I will keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it, and one day I will be that person because I will have stretched out my moment and I will not stop when I have it because I have already done it for no one and I’ve done so all my life and this isn’t just for some nameless group of individuals who will mostly never meet each other, readers from random demographics. This is for me, endearing nameless, and it isn’t selfish. Who cares if I speak or don’t speak if there aren’t other people involved -- I don’t have to talk to let it out. I can eat and fight and make love too. This is a choice. And it’s in part because of you.

I‘ll try not to forget that if you keep listening.

I have a dream that humanity is enlightened. All coffers and eyes are open, hands only empty right after they’ve given.

I have a dream that art is no longer necessary, that we can amuse ourselves and be healthy by impulse.

I have a dream in which the value of human life is not contingent upon even our noble aspirations. I have a dream that for better or for worse we come together as a unified thing called humanity and all decide to believe in the capacity of our own intelligent minds, and to use them the best we can.

I dream that everyone tries to be less lazy, all of their lives, so that each generation becomes stronger.

I have a dream and it’s a good one—that everyone is open to the ever-present conversation that is the mixing of our hearts, for this is so, and that no man or woman gives any other man or woman reason to turn their bodies and their hearts away in doubt that this is so.

We have the power to turn people’s hearts on and off, and the more we choose OPEN the more others will choose OPEN and inspire others to OPEN. I dream that everyone wants to be a hero not to be the hero but because everyone wants humanity saved.





That’s why the world followed US in the first place. Same as gravitating around the ones everyone can tell can see and whose history precedes them.

Destiny is what happens when you fulfill your history.

To be the future you must transcribe the heart perfectly.

Let’s do this, patiently, with attention to detail.

We’ll know we have it when we all agree whole-heartedly.

When all voices unite to form 100% pure sound

We are the heart

and anyone who has ever loved knows the heart can do anything.

My dream?

A collective voice throbs like red-healthy heartbeat

and bursts from passion.

again, feel free to respond with honest intense impassioned thought! we want to inspire people to communicate and to be honest with each other. as rob asks in the book, "What would it be like to fight tenderly for beauty and truth and love without despising those who spread ugliness and lies and division?"

you can reach me (evan) at karpekarp@gmail.com

have a great day!

ps: to find out more information about and/or order pronoia by rob breszny CLICK HERE.

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