Micheal Vick Determined a Sociopath by Officials

Micheal Vick Determined a Sociopath by Officials

New York City : NY : USA | Aug 19, 2009 at 4:58 AM PDT
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As a member of the media for over 20 years, I have been informed of secret information not immediately available to the public. Such is the case with Micheal Vick, dog fighting and cock fighting, from the mouths of officials, participants, investigators and police.

According to officials, investigators and police, Vick is classified as a sociopath. Apparently, he was an anomaly even among the most brutal of animal fighters. According to one investigator, confirmed by police officials, Micheal Vick threw his own family pet into "the pit", between 2 dogs to encourage the dogs to fight. The instigating animal, usually a kitten or a smaller dog in Vick's case (his own family's pet), is left for dead or alive.

An implement called "a poke stick" is used to poke the dogs to aggravate them enough to fight, because most dogs actually don't want to kill each other. The result? They are trained to kill by human beings who want to make a great deal of money in a single evening.

Firstly, readers should know that animal fighting is now epidemic and has increased by at least 20% over the last year for several reasons. The first, of course, is money. There is a large, vast and divrerse network spread all over the U.S. of secretive dog and cock fighters, any of whom stand to win several hundreds of thousand of dollars on one fight alone.

For this reason and the fact that animal fighting became more apparent to the public, animal fighting has now gone way underground. According to officials, the switch to secrecy has reached the point that a circle of houses is commomly purchased around the facility where the "pit" is located in order to avoid detection. That's what kind of money we're talking about here, folks.

Another attempt to avoid discovery of animal fighting is to place a false lawn of turf over a piece of property, under which fighting dogs are housed and used for fighting.

The latest trend in dog fighting is something called "trunking", wherein 2 fighting dogs are put in the trunk of a car, while the owners and particpants drive the car around with the music so loud that the car vibrates and no sound of dog fighting can be heard. The fight ends when one of the dogs is dead in the trunk of the car.

What is particular about Micheal Vick is that his brutality superceded thecruelty all ready in place among dog-fighters. For example, when a dog turns away from a fight, it is considered a public embarrassment and great loss of reputation for the owner. Usually, according to police, the dog refusing to fight then has his paw circled with wire, the wire is then laid out to reach a bucket of water, and the dog is electrified. This is only one manner of pucinishment. Micheal Vick, in addition, picked up his dog and threw him against the wall. He was then electrified and tortured as punishment for not fighting.

The Internet is brimming with websites of fighting dog kennels, treadmills to train the dogs, heavy neck chains usually used for boating, to strengthen the dog's lunging ability, a rope with a metal weight or ball on it, where dogs must bite or grab the weight with their mouths, are then are hoisted into the air by the rope, and left to hang there for hours to strenthen the jaw muscles. Note: if you see a dog, particulularly a Pitbull, Brindle or Rottweiller with no ears, this usually means the dog is used for fighting. This severance of the dogs' ears is called "a fight cut", because it provides nothing for the opponent dog to bite on to or grab onto.

Because animal fighting, especially dogfighting, has become so secret, investigators say the only way to be allowed into a dog fight is to have a 'sponsor", who is personally liable for the trustworthiness of the newcomer, and in addition, almost NO ONE is allowed in a fight unless they subscrible to "Sporting Dog Magazine", according to police.

Previous avoidances of detection such as weapon scans, frisking of attendants, electronic surveillance and several look-out in addition to these safeguards were not enough. Cockfighting is even more difficult to track because it is such a cultural moray for many ethnic groups. Fights are more likely to be spontaneous, conducted in the woods off-the-cuff, with as little as 4 or 5 people.

Although cock fighting is legal in many countries, it is not legal in America. Cocks used for fighting are actually shipped overnight in letter envelopes. Their chests are shaved, so that participants in the fight can see more blood, and "spikes", basically 2 razor slices of metal, are tied with a leather thong on to the cock's talons. In some cases, in both dog and cock fighting, one contestant is either muzzled or disabled so it can't fight back.

Micheal Vick, an entepreneur of the most evil kind, that which he chooses to engage in, has now been contracted by the Philadelphia Eagles to play as a quarterback, even after serving prison time for a crime so brutal and offensive to society. Fans have cancelled their season tickets, revenues are down, no one wants to be on the same team as Micheal Vick (for good reason), and the NFL respects money more than law, clearly. They don't care if he's a criminal or evil, And neither does he;they want to win football games.

Sadly, this tragedy shall not last for long. Officials, investigators and a recent poll showed Micheal Vick to be unwanted in the NFL, and I hesitate to gander, in society, by a whopping 70%. Vick is indeed an icon of evil, however it is telling of society that there are enough pro-Vick underdog types (no pun intended) and sick people out there to insist that football is more important than creation.

ekiggen is based in New York City, New York, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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