Fox In Box, Obama Mocks

Fox In Box, Obama Mocks

Richmond : VA : USA | Jun 19, 2009 at 10:21 AM PDT
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Hannity’s America: 6/19

Fox in box

Obama mocks

Look Sir, Look, Sir

Mr. O, Sir

Let’s do an interview

With points and facts, Sir

We promise, we promise

No personal attacks, Sir!

What the bejeezus is up with Obama and Fox News? Full disclosure here, I’m a political junkie. I flip around amongst NBC, ABC (where I interned for a stint before film school), CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News Network. The coverage, in my opinion, wavers between out and out gushing for our president to moderate probings of his policies. Granted, Fox News has some true blue conservative commentators that bring up a plethora of questions regarding Obama’s political agenda but nothing compared to the examination Bill Clinton or Baby Bush got from the entire objective media during their terms.

Obama’s incessant complaining regarding Fox and his singling out personalities by name is a disturbing habit he’s had since the Democratic campaign. When he first called out Sean Hannity I wrote it off as a rookie mistake. I cut him slack at first but then it happened again and again, to a degree that was nothing short of weird. Obama was ahead in all the polls yet he felt it necessary to give validity to something a radio/cable news political ideologue had to say. I couldn’t believe he was lowering himself. That’s not the tack of someone self-assured, ready to lead, that’s the petty response of a weak sister, glass jaw, cry-baby booby, in my book. What made it seem sissier still, at that point Hannity’s shots were blowing kisses to Obama compared to the over-the-top character assassination that took place against Sarah Palin.

Granted, I didn’t expect Obama to seek out the criticism and answer those right-wing ideologues mano y mano. That would have been too much of a breath of fresh air, the act of a confident, honest person. That would be ridiculous! I knew he was only a politician so my expectations were mighty low. I DID expect him to simply ignore the criticism. Never did I dream he’d complain and complain straight to the populace, almost asking US to take care of those meanies at Fox for him.

What was really telling was when Hillary went on with Bill O’Reilly, did a great job and rose in the polls. So as not to look like a total “Sally”, Barry finally relented to an O’Reilly interview, in which the questions seemed much easier on Big O than the one’s posed to Hillary. From my perspective, Hillary seemed more solid than Barry but at that point my weighty influence on the race had waned, the fix was in, the D-machine had aligned behind Barry. Sorry, my sistah.

So here we are 6 months into Obama’s presidency, a presidency that has enjoyed more than its share of honeymoon press coverage yet if this guy even sniffs criticism he cries foul and dismisses it as pure unfair and unbalanced evil. To his credit, unlike W “the hermit” Bush, Barry does go on The View (a must for serious minds in serious times), he makes the rounds of all the news outlets, except Fox and answers questions from journalists, except Fox and invites entire news outfits into the White House to hear his side of the story, except for Fox.

Look, no president LIKES the media, as it should be! The press SHOULD question the crap out of EVERY move EVERY president makes. The press’s purpose for existence is to be the honest brokers between the power and the people. When the press cheerleads the president for signing into law an unread trillion dollar stimulus bill, dining in NYC on the taxpayer’s dime, swatting a fly as if he slew a dragon, my fellow citizens, be ye liberal, conservative or of some other political spot or stripe, when the majority of the press acts like that, when probing, opposing, legitimate questioners are vilified, WE ARE IN DEEP DOO-DOO!

Mr. President, Mr. Barack Obama, you need to MAN UP. You are the leader to ALL of the United States. You claimed way back when that you’d bring the country together from red and blue into purple. From what I’ve seen, when you see red, you turn blue and that ain’t gonna do, Boo! Fox, like it or not, has a huge viewership of YOUR constituents. If you are confident in your policies and know why they are going to work, have no fear. Go on Fox. Conservatives will give you a listen.

They WANT this country to be safe and prosperous too. It’s true, Snopes verified it just last week. Conservatives will listen to you and your rationale but they want you to hear them too. Is that not your job as President to all Americans? Besides, rumor has it there’s even a few conservatives that went to college (as long as they could cling to guns and bibles during weekends and spring break).

Why not hone your listening and compromising skills with your own people first before flitting off to a sit down with foreign freedom haters? I’ll admit, a photo op of you talking to a Fox News anchor isn’t near as impressive as you standing next to a short, fanatical mad man but at least the Fox interview would give you a valid reason for a New York trip.

I’m not making this plea because I want the Fox News ratings to jump. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have given a rip if O never went on Fox had HE not harped, kavetched and screeched like “Mr. Knox” about the ill treatment he has gotten from the Big Bad Fox in a Box. I watch Fox News. They applaud the President more than I would at this point.

I honestly don’t think O has even watched a real newscast on Fox. If he’s watching Hannity, which I haven’t since Colmes left, then yes, he may think it would be nothing but a grudge match in a Fox interview but come on, he knows better than that. Greta interviewed him years ago when he served as Senator for two and a half weeks. The O’Reilly interview during the campaign was a cake walk. Obama knows Fox is not out to get him, just out to make him prove his points. That’s what EVERY news outlet SHOULD be doing. Fox harangued Clinton, Bush and now Obama and thank gosh they are. The rest of the so-called journalists have been off circle-jerking since January. It’s an outrage and an embarrassment to the once admirable news profession.

Obama, quit hiding behind NBC’s apron and take some real questions, something other than what’s Bo’s grooming routine and if pizza in D.C. is edible after living in Chicago. Give me a break! Voting present isn’t allowed anymore, Barry. Leave the profiling to Brad and Angelina. Face your critics and you’ll earn a mountain of respect. Swatting your critics and questioners down like common houseflies is going to buy you more than the ire of PETA. The confidence of all U.S. citizens is your life force. Earn it.

Mr. Knox,

My piece is done, Sir.

Now go prove

You are The One, Sir.

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The fox.
The fox.
AmandaKeller is based in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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