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The beginning of Passover is celebrated with the Seder meal; “seder” simply means “order.” For a hungry and restless child, it’s an interminable ordeal. Finally, at the end of the Seder, comes the wonderful song, “Dayenu.” It tells the story of the incredible chain of events of the Exodus from Egypt, the giving of Torah, etc. The refrain (“Dayenu” means “enough”) communicates the sense of mounting improbability—“if God had only taken us out of Egypt, that would have been enough,” “if God had only given us Torah, that would have been enough,” etc. The song beautifully illustrates the power of joint probabilities. Each event was so unlikely that their concatenation proves the existence of God.

On 9/11, a similar combination of unlikely events fingers the real perpetrator, Dick Cheney.

Two highly unlikely events occurred that day: the collapse of three skyscrapers in Manhattan, and of the air defense system around the Pentagon. (I won’t address Flight 93 that allegedly crashed in Shanksville, PA, because the details are too bizarre and there were no witnesses. The crash site is obviously a hoax.).

Apart from the three World Trade Center buildings, numbers 1,2, and 7, that fell into their own footprint on 9/11, no other skyscraper has ever fallen because of fire. Let’s try to assign a probability to what happened. For the numerator, we have 1 for each building. (We’ll get to the joint probability in a second). For the denominator, we have all the skyscrapers in the world that are at least 46 stories, the height of WTC #7. Let’s say, conservatively speaking, that there are only 100 such buildings in the world, although there may be more like 1,000. For our purposes, we just have to estimate orders of magnitude (powers of ten). (Justifying the “100” number is the fact that WTC #7 was the tallest building in 30 states.)

So WTC #7’s falling had a probability of 1 in 100, WTC #1’s also 1 in 100, and WTC #2’s another 1 in 100.

Now behold the power of joint probabilities: the probability of all three falling that day was the product of each event, i.e. 1 in a million.

Let’s turn to the Pentagon, the most heavily defended building on the planet. What’s the probability of its air defense system vanishing on 9/11? For an estimate, you could add up all the days of the Pentagon’s existence and use that number for the denominator. People moved into the Pentagon on January 15, 1943. On 9/11, it had just completed its 21,424th day without an air-borne attack. So the probability of the Pentagon being hit from the air could be estimated as 1 in 21,424.

Now we can calculate the probabilities of both unlikely events. The probability of both Manhattan and the Pentagon happening on the same day are 1 in 21,424 times a million, or 1 in 21 billion.

This is smaller than the chance of any two people having the same DNA, since there are only 6 billion people on the planet.

Let’s investigate 9/11 a bit further, since the story we’ve been told is so incredible. What really did happen?

The buildings looked and sounded like they were brought down by controlled demolitions. If so, they represent new world records: the tallest building demolished to date is the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, on October 24, 1998, by Controlled Demolition, Inc. of Phoenix, Maryland. It was a 44-story building.

The club of skyscraper demolition companies is extremely small. Besides Controlled Demolition, there’s Dykon Demolition Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has brought down a 25-story building, and is about to do a 33-story building.

And then, of course, there’s Halliburton’s KBR division, recently spun out as its own company. No doubt its employment records and time sheets from August and September, 2001, when the WTC buildings were wired according to eye-witness accounts, have all been shredded by now.

Turning our attention to the attack on the Pentagon, we have Norman Mineta’s incriminating evidence. Vice President Cheney appears to have deliberately allowed a plane to fly towards the Pentagon without shooting it down.

The main reason why there was no air defense system around Washington on 9/11 was because of the dozens of drills scheduled for that day. David Ray Griffin, Godfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement, details them. Wittingly or unwittingly, the Air Force men who ordered these drills have to be regarded as Vice President Cheney’s co-conspirators. One, for example, became the Director of the Air Force’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) shortly after 9/11.

Hitler and Goebbels perfected the notion of the Big Lie: tell a big lie enough times, and people come to believe it. Cheney and Bush (pere et fils, no doubt) have perfected the idea of the Little Truth: butcher the truth often enough, and nobody will dare think it.

Doing the unthinkable—killing one’s own citizens but blaming it on foreigners—never ceases to work. So-called “false flag” operations are an old trick of the US Government, and of governments everywhere. So far, they’ve been close to 100% effective at manipulating public opinion. (In retrospect, the SEAL-like attack on the USS Cole may have been a dud, although it did earn big contracts for Blackwater). The Reichstag Fire, for example, was set by Hitler’s own men, but he blamed it on the Communists, and used it as a pretext for seizing power.

In our own history, the Spanish American War, Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, perhaps the airplane crashes of Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone, among others, all have the characteristic signature of “black ops.” What chutzpah having Allen Dulles, the ousted CIA chief most likely behind JFK’s assassination, serve on the Warren Commission! Arlan Specter, the inventor of the “magic bullet” theory, still has some explaining to do.

The inherent contradiction of the American experiment—an oligarchy staging a revolution under the guise of human rights—has bitten our country in the ass, yet again. First there was slavery and the Civil War. As Lincoln famously said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” He also said something about a government of the people and for the people.

The American aristocracy are the dozen or so families who came over on the Mayflower and still control the US. For historical reasons, they’ve come to own the American arms industry; they are our Krupps and Thiessens. Remember President Eisenhower’s famous warning about the military-industrial complex in his Farewell speech?

The oligarchy’s footprint on America is both discrete and discreet: New England prep schools, Yale and Princeton perhaps more than Harvard, the financial and banking industry, and, of course, the CIA.

9/11 was just their latest attempt to right the course of the ship of state, to preserve the vitality of the military-industrial complex by inventing a new war. This time, they picked terrorism. It might as well be called the War on Poverty. As Reagan famously said, one man’s terrorist is another man’s revolutionary. The recipe for terrorism is simple: mix equal parts poverty and oppression. Make both as extreme as possible. Voila! A terrorist arises who’s willing to give up his life to free his family and friends from Hell.

Cheney and his co-conspirators boldly dared on 9/11, managing to substitute Islamist for Communist, and creating a true war without end, a war to end all wars. With a billion Muslims willing to die for their religion, it was a master-stroke. With five billion poor people on earth, it was the ultimate declaration of class warfare.

They were a bit too bold for the laws of nature and probability, though. Now that we’re becoming a scientific society again, after eight years of rejecting science, we might be tempted to say “Dayenu.”

DrMoskowitz is based in St Louis, Missouri, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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