Colin Powell still a Republican for now disagrees with Republican April fools joke!

Colin Powell still a Republican for now disagrees with Republican April fools joke!

Gardner : MA : USA | Apr 03, 2009 at 5:33 AM PDT
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GOP Budget alternative

Despite the Republican April fools joke I mean budget or plan to finish their destruction of our America Colin Powell is still a Republican for now. I must say I have always respected this man and you can tell me if that judgment is misplaced!

Colin Powell: Republican, American first

I refuse to believe that the Republicans even put that mess they called a Budget proposal out let alone on Aril Fools Day! It really is a joke Those idiots blow me away. The idiocy and the unflinching willing started by Bush to look stupid and say stupid things just gets worse and worse. They just want a return to the program started by Bush to destroy our America and return to their new version. This plan is plain idiocy and they have to know it would destroy our America. They can't be this stupid. They actually want to press the reset button on the economy and worse. They want to destroy it!

I can not believe they had the audacity to roll their so called plan out. That is no plan it is a joke! They are actually calling for multi trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans oh yeah that'll work! They have in their "Budget $4 million in tax cuts for the wealthy. They want a 5 year freeze in discretionary spending yeah that'll work too!

I refuse to believe after everything that has happened with the stock market, the economy, job losses which just hit a new at an additional 669,000 jobs last last month they had the b*lls to say they want to privatize Medicare! Why do they not just come right out and say we want to continue to help the wealthy and you average Americans are on your own? I just do not get it how do they get away with this idiocy?

White House says GOP budget a joke and it is

They want to drop the entire stimulus package and convert Medicaid to State Block Grants Yeah that'll work too! What the hell is wrong with them?

Besides the time Colin Powell was blindly backing false assertions that Saddam had WMD I have always respected him. He admits when he is wrong and like me seeks the unbiased truth regardless of party interest. To me he backed that up by not joining the Bush mis-Administration for the 2nd 4 years.

I was up again in the middle of the night and was happy to hear Colin Powell on the Rachel Maddow Show speaking the unbiased truth about the joke of a budget put out by his fellow Republicans! In response to the asinine suggest spending freeze besides pointing out that it has never worked and will not work. He proudly pointed out that under Bush it was doubled. He denounced the GOP's Budget suggestions as unrealistic and that he hoped they would wake up and see the light.

Colin Powell: Republican, American first

* Final word: Colin Powell disagrees with the spending freeze as like us he knows it is a ridiculous idea that has never worked and certainly will not at a time when like it or not we are in trouble because we can not spend now. Freezing spending would be suicidal at this time and Republicans have too know it! Tampering with Medicaid, Medicare social security, Veteran spending, smaller Government, any and all of it would destroy the country Like us Colin Powell has never heard of such a thing. You want to wonder what they are up to? What is wrong with them? However unlike Colin Powell who loves our America you know Republicans love their version which does not accommodate us!

A 5 year spending freeze, additional major tax cuts for the wealthy, cuts in new energy sources, drill baby drill, cuts in health care and education, will send us back to the stone age! What are those people on? This was tried during the Great Depression but it failed. That is why FDR's new Deal program of spend and rebuild was instituted. That as you know is what Obama wants! From what I can see the Republican party can be proud of one of their own! I can not stop wondering what the hell is wrong with the rest of them? Why can they not do the right thing for America and not the Republican party? This idiocy must stop!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma

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Republican Budget April Fools joke
Republican Budget April Fools joke
James Joiner is based in Gardner, Massachusetts, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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