Barbados politicians, academics implicated in "intellectual" human trafficking

Barbados politicians, academics implicated in "intellectual" human trafficking

Norwich : United Kingdom | Feb 27, 2014 at 3:44 PM PST
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“The essential problem, from my perspective, is the morally unhinged, rapacious character of some Barbadians – rich and poor, male and female, black and white, of various faiths and of none.

It is the moral bankruptcy of those who have no qualms about raping, robbing, unethically and even illegally coercing, traducing and otherwise abusing others, so that those morally bankrupt persons could unjustly benefit from the abused persons’ labour - be it intellectual or physical.”

Barbadian "porn prince" Donville Inniss and other local parliamentarians, academics, journalists and business people are being implicated as central figures in an international human trafficking and "identity laundering" crime enterprise with tentacles spread to Canada, the UK, the US, Jamaica, Guyana and other Caribbean and Latin American territories.

This writer has previously published information implicating Inniss, Barbados' Minister of International Trade, in the intellectual property related human rights abuses that have led me to initiate an Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) petition against that island's Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Opposition leader Mia Mottley, University of the West Indies Principal Sir Hilary Beckles and others.

I can now report receipt of information which also implicates the island's Minister of Finance Chris Sinkler, Opposition party leader Mia Mottley, deceased Cricket World Cup top executive Stephen Alleyne and others in intellectual property focused “human trafficking”, identity "laundering" (piracy and plagiarism), prostitution, and an array of related human rights and intellectual property offences which are relevant to my case.

The information received points particularly to a key, “King Pin” approximating role possibly being played by prominent Barbadian business "shepherd" Dr Basil Springer, a mentor, of sorts, to Inniss, his business associate and Democratic Labour Party (DLP) colleague Patrick Tannis and others.

These others apparently not only include entities across the Caribbean and Latin America but also a number of individuals, groups and organizations based in the United Kingdom (especially London and Norfolk) and the United States (especially California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and North Carolina).

A number of these are political and religious or semi-religious entities.

Springer, founder and head of the Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (CBET) is implicated in a “grooming” role, overseeing a corrupt "traffic" or trade in ideas and “identities” (more like “public images”, actually) that not only runs parallel to but also intersects with the human trafficking that the United Nations and other international agencies have accused Barbados of in recent years.

Readers may recall a story published here documenting the first ever human trafficking arrests in Barbados. The quotation at the start of this article about “the morally unhinged, rapacious character of some Barbadians” is taken from that story.

Readers may also recall previous references to Springer here, particularly concerning his involvement with the Knowledge Development Institute (KDI), a business venture that he entered with Canadian diplomat, educator and businessman Isaac Goodine and which led to Mr Goodine being fleeced financially.

In his forthcoming book "How Barbados Works: A Case Study of Systemic Corruption" Goodine highlights the perverse, parasitic role of some of Barbados’ educated, Eton-like elites in the island’s ongoing moral crisis.

This writer is in possession of evidence that puts Caribbean Intellectual Property Corporation (CIPC) a “Custodian Corporation”, according to the CBET website, at the centre of the island’s (and region’s) moral malaise.

The evidence suggests that Springer has been involved as a key catalyst, contributor or coordinator in a number of criminal conspiracies of silence and/or morally questionable collaborations, along with Tannis, British journalist Henry Bonsu of Colourful Radio, Mike Liggins of BBC Norfolk, Dean Schaffer of American citizen journalism blog (until recently) and others who have by their actions or negligent inaction contributed to the long-running campaign of character assassination and professional sabotage that is being waged against me.

It suggests that like Professor Beckles, Principal of the University of the West Indies, Springer is a highly placed low-minded saboteur of human intelligence, who is prone to bully and abuse those who, like West Indies cricketing icon Chris Gayle, have not reached his level of academic attainment.

If the information I have received about Springer’s role in the intellectual property and other human rights violations that I and others have suffered is ultimately borne out, it would reveal him to be a rapacious wolf, rather than the “shepherd” of business “sheep” that he purports to be.

It suggests that he is more an imitator of mass murderers Jim Jones and David Koresh, than an imitator of Christ, like Thomas à Kempis.

My information suggests that Springer, the son of a former Barbados Governor General, Sir Hugh Springer, and therefore having significant links to the throne of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has more in common with the recently disgraced former Coop Bank Chairman Paul Flowers, than he does with more authentic business education exemplars, like Steven R Covey.

Contrary to the implication of consistent, profound piety in Dr Springer’s habitual quoting of the Bible in his frequent postings on the CBET website, my information suggests that he is a profoundly confused, morally shipwrecked individual – rather like the illegal drugs associated Methodist minister Flowers, the Rastafarian Charmaine “Lie-e-lah” Gill, the Christians Reverend Holmes Williams and Margaret “Market Guilt” Gill, the “lapsed” Christian Harold Hoyte (Editor Emeritus of the Nation newspaper), the Sikh businessman Surinder Kandola of Domino’s Pizza (UK), the Muslim political cynic and tyrant Bashar al-Assad and others.

My information suggests that rather than religious faith or Barack Obama-like optimism, it is deep-rooted, Muslim militant Luis Farakhan, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Gove, Mitt Romney, Fareed Zakaria (at least formerly) and other “real politk” preachers recalling cynical questioning of the equal, inherent worth of all human beings, that informs and motivates Dr Springer’s, Inniss’, Tannis’, Professor Beckle’s and other “shepherds” parasitic, self-defeating human development praxis.

It suggests that despite their best intentions these Barbadian Pan Africanist and other “progressives’” will inevitably manifest behaviours or bear fruit that are, to varying degrees, approximations of the fundamentalist “blind faith” (fanatical), darkened minds, Talibank Thinking, brutal violence that religious extremists Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale perpetrated against off-duty British soldier Lee Rigby and a Norwegian racial extremist perpetrated against his kinsmen in Oslo and on the island of Utøya in 2011.

The evidence I have received suggests that like businesswoman publisher Carol Pitt, of Caribbean Chapters (who arbitrarily and illegally published extracts I wrote for the back page blurb of Dr Viola Davis’ book “The Creative Use of Schizophrenia In Caribbean Writing”), Springer and other Barbadian movers and shakers have developed an unhealthy, perverse, pirate-like, politically parasitic preoccupation with this writer-activist’s creative out-put that is tragically resulting in their own societal “twinnity” subverting self-alienation.

Like tragically deceased, latterly disgraced former Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson – who endorsed Ms Pitt’s defective-moral-compass-compromised, intellectual-property-pirating publishing praxis while scorning my Intelek International’s knowledge-industry-democratizing efforts simultaneously – these Barbadians and their “identity politics” playing parallels, partners, agents and proxies in the UK, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Guyana and elsewhere, are unwittingly eroding their own “ground of being”, sabotaging their “seed” (both ideological and physical off-spring) and severing their prospects of connection with ultimate, objective reality (“God”, as understood in Paul Tillich’s theology).

By undermining myself and others, these movers and shakers are putting themselves on shaky ground ultimately.

I have been communicating my evidence of their beauty-to-terror converting “human trafficking” to the relevant police and other authorities here in England, in the USA, in Barbados and elsewhere and will continue to update the public on the progress of my and their investigations, as appropriate.

I also continue to pray for my morally confused compatriots, mindful that we are all interdependent, sharing a dependence on the ultimate source of all intelligence and creativity, in whom we all live and move and have our being.

I continue to pray that that they will see that they cannot make others twelve seconds, or “Twelve Years A Slave” without simultaneously denigrating and shackling themselves.


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Screenshot of a BBC report on Barbados rapes scandal
I have likened the intellectual property and other human rights abuses that I have suffered at the hands of rapacious Barbadian elites to the rapes of visiting British women. Rapists "erase" the identity and personhood of their victims, reducing them to sexual objects. Human traffickers do the same.
Junior Campbell is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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