Barbi Twins bombshell: Exposing BLM's wild horse lies

Barbi Twins bombshell: Exposing BLM's wild horse lies

Chester : VA : USA | Dec 29, 2013 at 9:23 PM PST
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Exposed - USDA's Secret War on Wildlife

The legendary Barbi Twins are the newest whistle-blowers politicians should worry about – exposing government lies that will change the 2014 elections. The twins say horse slaughter is the government's dirtiest secret that wastes taxes for an overseas profit that doesn't benefit the US economy or jobs. How do you know it is a secret and not democratic? Because deals are signed on holiday eves. Why is it a secret? Because according to a 2012 Lake Research Partners’
, 80 percent of American people say they do not want horse slaughter, and we do not use horses for meat.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which heads the wild horse care, bans any kind of media or photos of wild horses being round up or in BLM pens. Still, reluctant eyewitnesses are coming forward in droves to the Barbi Twins with compelling evidence. Eyewitnesses have videos and photos that show helicopter roundups where the blades cut into the animals, horses driven off cliffs, foals trampled to death and mares giving birth as they literally run their hooves off. Most people are being suckered into supporting the very politicians that have bloody hands from this business. The facts reveal representatives who use horses as political pawns in an enormously dirty business deal that advances their power and profit on your tax dollar.

Horse slaughter does not create jobs, it creates crimes. Horse processing plants hire illegal immigrants, who are known to be connected to drug cartels. For instance, $5 million in tax subsidies went to a horse slaughter plant in Texas that caused so much crime that people demanded it be shut down. That corporation only paid $5 in taxes per year, and walked off with more than $12 million in profit that went overseas before it was shut down.

Election Day 2012, during an Obama Colorado rally, Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar threatened a news reporter because he knew the secret wild horse slaughter deal would have tipped the election. His exact words to Dave Phillips were, “If you do that to me again, I'll punch you out.” He was referring to Phillips’ questions about why Tom Davis, a known kill buyer was able to purchase thousands of wild horses from the government, the BLM. Keep in mind that during the election, Mitt Romney was being painted as the newest Michael Vick on the block for putting his dog on the roof of the car decades ago. People didn't know about a well-planned destruction of all wildlife and wild horses by President Barack Obama in order to clear the land for solar power companies he and his administration had made deals with, all on our dime.

Even though the BLM appears to support cattle ranchers in their claims made against wild horses, they don't know that their land is earmarked for solar power. Former director of the BLM, Kathleen Clarke went so far as to encourage ranchers to sue the BLM over "excess" wild horses, which forces ranchers to spend money on lawsuits that will turn out to be a waste of their money. In the meantime, wild horses occupy less than 1% of all federal land, and several areas used for cattle have been quietly earmarked for solar power. In short, once the wild horses are gone, the cattle ranchers will be out of money, public sentiment will be even more against them, and their cattle will be gotten rid of just like the horses.

Incidentally, the BLM, Department of Interior, Department of Energy, and the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act alone cost taxpayers billions of dollars to support a plethora of failed private, junk stock companies including Solyndra, Amonix and Nevada Geothermal. In 2009, these companies were sponsored by Harry Reid, Ken Salazar [Unlink] and others that joined forces to expedite approval of permits that would enable them to use federal land in the wild horse states: Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. Their ultimate goal was to provide ever increasing amounts of energy to California and its voters that determine who makes these deals and profits by them.

To those in charge of government greed, wild horses were a nuisance that needed to be eradicated without voters ever catching on to who was responsible for the slaughter. Even though these green companies were vanishing into the night with our tax dollars, the horse slaughter agenda never stopped because for every company that goes under, 10 more junk or penny stock dummy companies are on hand to cover up the bilking of the American taxpayers for green energy. Then, as now, the wild horses have no political leverage, no voice, no vote, and no financial backing when government is looking for the next Solyndra to come along with another promise to develop the land and bilk us of even more money.

A global media blitz occurred in 2013 because toxic horse meat traced to the US was winding up in several places, including a UK Burger King. Obama, forced into publicly responding, said he was against horse slaughter, and then put the ban back on funding horse slaughter plant inspections. He had taken this ban off secretly on a holiday eve in 2011. However, this bill, pending for next year, is very weak, as proven by the USDA green-lighting a new horse meat plant in Roswell, New Mexico. While there have always been temporary bans, horse slaughter was always legal, and still is. If Obama was really serious, he would have stood behind the only bill that would make horse slaughter and transport to other countries illegal. This year the bill is called the SAFEguard Act - S.A.F.E Act or Safeguard American Food Export Act (it expires in January 2015). Variations of this bill have been languishing in the House and Senate for 11 years.

A law. The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 was signed by President Richard Nixon Dec. 18, 1971. The act covered the management, protection and study of feral horses and burros on federal land. This later became a conflict of interest for oil and cattle men who worked with this agency; who were trying to find ways to get rid of wildlife, and wild horses, even though it broke federal law. By 2004, Sen. Harry Reid told Conrad Burns to amend the 1971 wild horse protection act so that he could get rid of the horses and make room for his solar plants. Reid is solely responsible for wild horses being sent off to slaughter using taxpayer money.

Contrary to what the BLM says, wild animals are not overpopulating or causing environmental damage. They take up far less room and do less damage to the land than tax subsidized, well-fed cattle while wild horses are being corralled into tiny pens and left to die of thirst and starvation. In fact, wild horses, unlike cattle, pull up roots of brush, helping to prevent wildfires. Reid and Salazar in 2009 approved more than $10 million in extra tax money to help Nevada combat forest fires. If they had left the horses alone, they wouldn't have the fires.

The Barbi Twins remind people that because the BLM is supposed to care for and protect wild horses on federal tax paid land, we all have the constitutional right to demand our taxes not be wasted on overseas profit from their slaughter. The biggest leverage we have is elected representatives do not care about horses, but they do care about your vote. So tell them that if they don't stop the horse slaughter, that you will go to their opponent. Our power is in our voice and in our vote, not with petitions or protesting government departments that were in on the deal and don't have to answer to the voter. The Barbi Twins say the only way we can save the horses is by keeping to principles, not to your party or personalities. Martin Luther King says you can't change the heart but you can stop the heartless with law.

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Eyewitness government officials blow the lid of the USDA's Secret War on Wildlife.
Barbi Twins is based in Chester, Virginia, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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