Obama & Cameron Traitors

Obama & Cameron Traitors

London : United Kingdom | Nov 13, 2013 at 9:22 AM PST
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Extremist Jihad

Obama is a traitor because he is planning an Islamic Revolution in the United States of America his own country. The proof is that a new Amnesty Bill is being rushed through by the Obama administration that will make it Extremist Jihad followers possible for 150 million Muslims to be brought to the US by 2018 of whom 75% follow Sharia Law.

Prophecy of Armageddon

As an Englishman this is the most shocking news that I have ever heard because if the Amnesty Bill (passed when the government supposed to have been shut down) is made law the secret agenda making the USA an Islamic state in 2018 when then Jihadists will start their "holy" war. Horrifying for a Limey like me too is that the war will start in the UK simultaneously making the believers prophecy of Armageddon come true when Jesus and Muhammad the prophet descend to Earth and banish the false Messiah into the Pit for a 1000 years...

The Law of Treason

The law of Treason remains on the Statute Book and one crime that constitutes treason is “levying war against the sovereign in the realm”. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd is the richest woman in the world and a devout Christian who believes in Divine Rule ordained by God so she would not be party to the Cameron’s plan. The British Army is pledged to defend Queen and country and the Prime Minister is guilty of treason by conspiring with the Queen’s enemies to overthrow her realm.The Prime Minister David Cameron is guilty of conspiring with the self-appointed, and self-declared, enemies of the sovereign and levying war against her, attempting to force her to change her measures and counsel namely her Christian religion and convert to Islam.

Filthy Lucre

The rich and powerful in the UK and USA have always conspired together: Bush and Blair and now Obama and Cameron. But why would these corrupt reprobates trick us and implement an Islamic takeover of their own countries?

As usual with the rich and greedy 2 per cent the answer is filthy lucre. Danger bells rang in my head when I heard on the net that Cameron had encouraged a multibillion Islamic finance centre; an Islamic Stock Exchange to be built in the City of London next to our Stock Exchange!

The bloated filthy rich old Eton boy thought of a plan to enrich himself and his social class, the Upper Class even further and gain absolute control over a population that was getting increasingly revolutionary and uncontrollable since he had implemented the banker’s austerity measures.

Islamic law would rapidly solve all the social unrest that had been started by Julian Assange and his whistle blowing WikiLeaks and the recent Russell Brand video calling for mass civil disobedience, police and government corruption had been the final spark that lit the fuse. Obama had told him that the popular independent broadcasting company in the USA Infowars had stirred up the dissent in America too and that the Islamic takeover was the only way to avoid a people’s revolution and the redistribution wealth.

Cameron has been a rich member of the Upper Classes all his life and having his and his families, friends and his social class stripped of their cash would be a nightmare come true...

A Sinister Note

Islamic conversions in prisons in both countries had reached an all time high encouraged by freedom of religion and Islam had become popular with men as it allowed complete subjugation of women and sex with children. This brings me to a sinister note that it is a fact that those above the law because of their wealth and power include the majority of elite paedophile rings in the USA and UK because Sharia Law legalizes sex with children and it was possible to marry an 8 year old, have sex with babies or practise homosexuality with very young boys.

Cleanse Babylon

The Islamic community is getting more confident each day and the buzz is that the Islamic Jihad will come soon in 2018 when their warriors will start a holy war to cleanse Babylon of the unbeliever and that they will impose a New World Order...

The rich and greedy 2 per cent have agreed to accept religious titles so that they can come out into the open and live like royalty. The Muslims were on the side of Hitler inWW2 and awarded him many illustrious titles and these have been offered to the rich and powerful.

The Obama administration is saying that the Amnesty Bill will give amnesty to illegal immigrants when in fact it only give amnesty to Muslims. The evidence lies in the fact that citizenship is rubber stamped for Muslims and but not to the millions of immigrants already living in the USA illegally like the Hispanics.

Recruiting of Jihadists from all Arab countries is being stepped up with volunteers receiving weapons training before 2018 when they will flood into the Western World and destroy civilisation as we know it.

Cameron is guilty of Treason and should be charged under English Law and executed if found guilty as the death penalty for treason has been in abeyance since the 1998 Human Right Act but can be reinstated “in time of war or of imminent war” such as we are today in 2013.

Obama is guilty of treason

The Constitution of the US defines treason as, namely "levying War against the United States, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort" whereas in contrast with English law it is whereby a variety of crimes, including conspiring to kill or violate the Queen are punishable as treason.

The clock is ticking now and it is time for strong and powerful warriors to gird up their loins and prepare to defend their country and civilisation from the barbarian...

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Russell Brand sums up the people's thoughts
mikefreeman is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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