The Totally Corrupt U.S. Government in the year 2013

The Totally Corrupt U.S. Government in the year 2013

Marietta : GA : USA | Jun 30, 2013 at 10:04 AM PDT
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The Totally Corrupt U.S. Government in the year 2013

The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of U.S. Government are totally corrupt in the year 2013. The criminal activities they have successfully managed over the past 100 years are staggering to say the least. However, because they totally control the mainstream media, and have also cleverly manipulated the mass consciousness with their Tavistock Institute-trained global network, the vast majority of Americans remain clueless, which is precisely the way our controllers planned it.

Ever since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Bank was treasonously established in America, along with the Internal Revenue Service, and the Rockefeller funded American Cancer Society, all three branches of the U.S. Government have been infiltrated and controlled by some of the most evil men in the history.

The most recognizable American name behind this Satanic coup d’état (government takeover) was John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest man in America at that time who monopolized both the oil and chemical industries in America, as well as much of the banking and media of that time. Rockefeller, along with several other wealthy and powerful Americans, were serving as agents of the powerful Rothschild Banking Family, who, in turn, were serving as the Keepers of the Vatican Treasury, the worldwide wealth of the Catholic Church, and taking their orders from the most powerful Catholic of all, the Jesuit General, often referred to as The Black Pope.

Since 1913, the government of the United States of America has been totally controlled by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Vatican. Some folks will argue that the Jews control virtually everything in America and, of course, this is true to a degree.

We must remember, however, that the Rothschild Family was the driving force behind the establishment of the state of Israel.

Since 1948, Israel, and every influential Jew, has been totally controlled by the Rothschilds. No Jew achieves a position of real power, anywhere in the world, without the blessing of a Rothschild. And, the Rothschilds are totally controlled by the Jesuit General. All Jews with any real power serve the Black Pope, not God. And, of course, The Black Pope serves Satan.

The logic behind all of this can be traced back to the Satanic Golden Rule which states, “Whoever has the most Gold…Rules!” For nearly 1700 years, since 325 A.D., the Vatican has been acquiring great wealth, on a global basis. Now, they have far greater wealth than any other person or organization in the world. In 1823, the Jesuit General hired the Rothschild Banking Firm to invest their great wealth. Since that time, over the past 190 years, the Vatican has acquired the majority of the earth’s natural resources. They also totally control the world’s central banking network which means they totally control the world’s money supply. Therefore, the Vatican rules the world.

In a nutshell, this is how the hierarchy of global power is structured. This Global Criminal Network, led by the Black Pope, is truly global in reach and influence. Absolutely nothing of political, corporate, educational, or religious significance occurs anywhere on planet Earth without the approval of the Black Pope, and I mean NOTHING!

Every war is carefully planned and managed by this Criminal network, led by The Black Pope. All wars are based totally and entirely on lies and deception. All wars are scams and the leaders of each country involved in all wars are traitors to their very own people. Every leader of every country is totally under the control of The Black Pope. Nobody is exempt. If you doubt this, you are simply naïve and need to do more homework.

The Global Drug Trade, including all illegal and legal drugs, is totally controlled by The Black Pope’s Criminal Network. The Worldwide Mafia is totally controlled by The Black Pope. The worldwide network of intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6, Mossad, ISI, BND, etc. are all under the control of The Black Pope.

Every President of the United States, every Vice President, every Attorney General, every Cabinet Member, every Supreme Court Judge, and every member of congress is totally controlled by the Black Pope and his all-pervasive criminal network. Everyone of significance in the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Branches of the U.S. Government is controlled by this criminal network.

Now, with the revelations of a true American hero Edward Snowden, we know that the NSA is recording every American phone call and email, allegedly to protect us from the terrorists. Of course, it helps to realize that all terrorism is ordered by the Black Pope and his criminal network, and carried out in America by the U.S. Government.

Again, it is all a scam and a control mechanism. The U.S. Government is now totally controlled by Satan and cannot be trusted at all. Using their sophisticated computer program, PRISM, the NSA can now find something ugly on virtually everyone, including every politician, making blackmail a much more useful tool to enable more corruption. It is so obvious. Thank God for Edward Snowden.

Can you imagine how much dirt the NSA has on folks like George H.W. Bush, allegedly a pedophile, on Bill Clinton, a womanizer and serial adulterer, George W. Bush, allegedly an insatiable homosexual, and Barak Obama, reported to be sucking on the crack pipe while Larry Sinclair was performing oral sex on him in a limousine? Wow!

These four presidents have had to do whatever they are told, treasonous or not!

From time to time, elected leaders or others who have sworn an oath to the Black Pope will become sickened by the criminal activity they are involved in and start speaking out against this evil empire. JFK is such an example. He knew what was going on prior to becoming President. You cannot become President without secretly swearing allegiance to the Black Pope and agree to serve Satan.

However, after being subjected to so much evil, JFK simply got sick of the enormous amount of evil he was directly involved with committing. He had enough and started to speak out against it. JFK knew the War in Viet Nam was a scam to cover up a gigantic heroin and cocaine business. He threatened to end that war. He also issued executive order 11110 which took away the right of the FED (The Rothschilds & Vatican) to print money and gave it back to the Treasury Department where it belonged.

JFK also threatened to take nuclear arms away from Israel (The Rothschilds & Vatican). And, he hated the evil CIA and threatened to do away with that agency altogether. The Black Pope had to kill him for such disloyalty and make it a violent and horrifying murder to serve as a frightening reminder to the rest of his criminal network that they had better stay in line, or else. There have been about 1000 books written about the Jesuits over the past 400 years, describing their enormous power and influence over global politics. Begin reading Eric Jon Phelps and Avro Manhattan.

The Cannabis Plant is the world’s most useful and beneficial plant. It is the source of the world’s most nutritious food, the world’s strongest and longest lasting fiber and cellulose used to make paper, clothing, plastic, and thousands of other industrial products, the world’s cleanest burning and most efficient fuel that could totally replace the need for fossil fuel, and the source of the world’s most effective medicine that strengthens a weakened immune system more effectively than anything else on earth.

However, The Black Pope wanted to make the world’s most valuable, useful, and beneficial plant/crop illegal in order to make trillions of dollars from inferior and more toxic products he could patent. Robbing and murdering Americans seems to be an enjoyable sport for the Black Pope. Using his vast wealth and power to bribe and blackmail everyone necessary to make this divine Cannabis Plant illegal, he accomplished his satanic mission in 1937.

Since 1937, millions of people have suffered and died, needlessly, because they were denied access to the world’s best food and medicine. American industry has also suffered horribly due to being denied access to the greatest, most environmentally friendly, most useful and beneficial plant on earth. Of course, Rockefeller’s oil, chemical, drug, medical, and banking empires have flourished only because they treasonously made their primary competition, The Cannabis Plant, illegal.

Of course, because they totally control the U.S. Government, the FDA, the DEA, The CDC, the NIH, and every other governmental agency, including the White House, the courts, and the congress, through bribes, blackmail, and murder, this criminal empire has succeeded in keeping the world’s best plant illegal. Using sophisticated Tavistock Institute Mass Consciousness Programming technology, they have succeeded in keeping the American people both ignorant and apathetic for the last 60 years.

Imagine how powerful these wicked people truly are in order to make the best PLANT in the world illegal. It is a PLANT, for God’s sake, the source of the world’s best FOOD, FIBER, FUEL, and MEDICINE. Imagine how powerful their mass consciousness manipulation programming has been in order to make the majority of American people honestly believe the worlds most useful and beneficial plant is somehow evil and needs to be outlawed.

bwinwright is based in Marietta, Georgia, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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