Yasser Arafat was murdered, investigative journalist says

Yasser Arafat was murdered, investigative journalist says

Jerusalem : Israel | Mar 01, 2013 at 11:54 AM PST
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Yasser Arafat was murdered. That is the stunning claim made by an investigative journalist who says that he has uncovered definitive proof that the Palestinian leader was killed.

This is according to investigative journalist Matthew Kalman, a foreign correspondent based in Jerusalem and BBC Radio commentator. He has revealed information he says he obtained from an exhaustive investigation into the sudden death of Arafat on Nov. 11, 2004. The 75-year-old Arafat originally was said to be suffering from a bout with the flu back in October 2004. Subsequently, Arafat's condition quickly and progressively worsened over the next few days following the onset of his flu-like symptoms.

In fact, the Palestinian president's condition became so bad that officials began to describe it as "grave." by the time arrangements were made to transport the severely ill Arafat to France for treatment, he had lapsed into a deepening coma from which he reportedly never emerged. Initial accounts of Arafat's death said that he died from and unspecified blood disorder.

Almost immediately following Arafat's death rumors began to emerge about what could have killed him. However, Arafat's personal doctor Bassam Abu Sharif was one of the first to allege that Arafat was poisoned, making that charge as early as 2005. Later investigation purportedly ruled out foul play until evidence emerged that Arafat may have in fact been killed.

An examination of Arafat's belongings reportedly contained higher than normal concentrations of the rare and extremely toxic element polonium. Additional examinations of blood stains and other bodily fluids obtained also suggested that there were high levels of the poisonous and highly radioactive substance in Arafat's body when he died as well.

These findings prompted Arafat's widow, Suha, to ask for an exhumation of his remains. In July 2012 Arafat's remains were disinterred and samples of hair and other tissues were taken for further examination. The official report has not yet been released.

Possibly even more remarkable than Kalman's assertion that Arafat was murdered is where he lays the blame for the leader's seemingly untimely death -- Arafat's own people!

According to Kalman, he followed a trail of evidence and clues that spanned from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Gaza, to Ramallah. Here is where the truly incredible revelation emerges. In the book, "The Murder of Yasser Arafat," which Kalman co-authored with novelist and journalist Matt Rees, they make the mind-blowing contention a trusted senior Palestinian official poisoned Arafat--after possibly being supplied with the extremely rare polonium by the Israeli Mossad.

"The Israelis may – or may not – have provided the polonium used to wax Arafat. But they didn’t put it in his tea. That, we discovered, was left to one of his close advisers," wrote Rees on his blog DeltaForth.


Although it could be quite some time before the official report is available, Kalman and Rees have painted a very compelling picture that Arafat was murdered.

So exactly what would the motive be for the Palestinians killing their beloved leader? According to Kalman and Rees, at the end, Arafat had essentially become a roadblock to the agenda of the Palestinians. Advanced age, alleged double dealings and other purported alleged misconduct by Arafat had apparently spurred the final action against him.

Despite the fact that Kalman and Rees have formatted their report to read like a whodunit novel, if the purported facts they present are what they appear to be and the official report reveals poisoning, the fallout from this could prove problematic for the current Palestinian leadership.

Polonium is an extremely rare element and difficult to produce. In fact, there are only a few places in the world with the capability to produce it. One thing is certain, if polonium is the culprit in the death of Yasser Arafat, this would undoubtedly prove that either some government had a hand in his demise or there is a heretofore unknown organization somewhere with not only the ability to produce and handle such a substance, but also the means to deliver it to its intended target undetected. Personally I am more inclined to go with the former over the latter possibility.

I am also quite certain that if the Palestinian people discover that one of the architects of their state was unceremoniously murdered by power-hungry men in a quest for power and leadership, it will not bode well for them.

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Palestinians remember Yasser Arafat.
Palestinians remember Yasser Arafat.
tjlarson is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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