Fiction: Street Kids (6a)

Fiction: Street Kids (6a)

Cebu : Philippines | Feb 23, 2013 at 9:44 PM PST
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Skooter reports 02/24/13

“It is high time to get this straight.” Frank issued a deep breath as he sat in an empty wrought iron chair. Focusing his sight on Foche he went on saying, “The mayor and I has been designated as Deputy Director Generals of The Directorate. The president of this Republic is completely ignorant about this covert organization. Someone higher than us in the Directorate hierarchy, is a private person you already know by the title of Director General.”

He went on saying, “Even Code M1, myself and the mayor have not seen the Director General in person. He is a mysterious individual, you know? He gives orders through special communication without us seeing his physical appearance. Now you know where you stand, Code M2. Let us keep this conversation a secret between the four of us. Remember nothing will go outside from this inner circle without the knowledge of the Directorate, not even the future projects to come.”

“Put these behind your dumb skull.” Someone thumped the words hard. “Everything clear Code 3m?” Mayor Chiz snapped at the wide eyed woman.

“Is that my code?” Foche snapped back at the men looking at them from one to the other. The men nodded in unison. All four raised their glasses then. Frank drank his glass of champagne looking over the edge of his glass at Mayor Chiz hinting not to worry about the project 3m; she is normal now as you could see, Frank said in his thoughts.

The two boys came out from the copse that served as a park where they usually spent their lazy hours after they finished schooling and martial arts training. They rushed to the two mutants who happened to pass by.

“Hey guys!” They always see Foche wearing her tight fitting black outfit that made them anxious. After the usual greetings, the boys asked them if they have few minutes to spare. Richard and Foche sat down with them on a wooden bench under one of the trees.

“Have you found your friends?” Richard asked. The boys answered in negative. “Do you have a picture?” Caloy kept something from behind handing it over. It was a group picture of boys and girls taken sometime a year ago around the camp. A good number of them were already gone, Tony told them.

“What do you mean gone?” The older man looked at the boy questionably. Tony said he didn’t know.

Richard looked at the crinkly photo, then briefly passed it to Foche. The kids were wearing denim coveralls that seemed to be their uniform. More or less the group looks like school children, Foche had thought. She asked which of them your friends were. Caloy pointed a boy in the center, then at a little girl in the far right side.

“They are so cute,” she said. “But hang on…” she looked closer at the smiling girl. “I think I saw this little creature somewhere.”

“Oh…are you sure…where?” Richard was quite surprised. “Let me have a look.” He took back the picture from her; he was thunderstruck when he saw the missing kids, particularly the said missing boy. The guy in bright t-shirt hung up at the blue sky wondering where he discovered the skinny looking boy. They looked at him in wonderment.

She grabbed back the picture from him, “You mean the girl?” She remained locked at the photo. “Which one?” Suddenly she yelped, “I now remember the girl. She was in my dream twice, but I didn’t know why I dreamt about her. Actually, I didn’t know her. What does it means?” The woman was looking for an answer from the young boys and Richard.

Then came Richard audible whispers, “I found him in my dream too, one time,” looking blankly at the boys.

Then the voices of the youngsters came in dismissing their claims. “What’s the connection, man?” Inquired Tony. “No, no, no, I’m not joking, I’m serious.” Richard said. The woman in black seconded. Caloy said, “Let’s find out what all these wild dreams mean.” A little while, Tony intensely looked at Foche.

She asked, “Why are you looking at me that way?”

“If you don’t mind I need to look some kind of distinctive mark at the back of your neck.” The younger boy calmly said. The woman looked oddly at Tony. “What for?”

“Honestly ma’am, our missing friend Fiona has a birthmark on her nape. I believe that you are her.”

When she heard what the boy said, the more she looked at him strangely. “You’re crazy…how’s that possible? You mean the little girl sprouted so fast in just a short time?” Tony scratched his head, quite confused while the boy next to him refrain him from gibberish talking.

“My dear boy, Tony," the lady in black smiled and playfully rumpled his black jet hair. “You don’t have to inspect my nape, certainly there’s no visible mark on it, and I’m not that girl. What’s her name again? Fiona? Is she a girlfriend of yours?”

“Now listen, Richard and I will help you search these missing persons when we get back.” Her brown eyes searched the tiny faces before her. “Where’re you goin’? Caloy asked, quite surprised. “None of your business, kiddo.”

“Now in the meantime, you start combing the entire area with the help of other kids. OK?” But the youngsters told her they had already done that. “Just keep on lookin’ will you?” She turned to Richard and the guy said, “Yes, you do that, and we’ll do ours as promise.”

Soon high-five handshakes clashed in the air. As soon as they left, the youngsters didn’t take off their sights from them until they vanished inside the headquarters. What the boys didn’t know they were also being watched through a surveillance camera.

In a few minutes, they were called in to report to the desk of Dr. Leilah Gonzalez. The day was so bright and warm, in fact they were perspiring all over that made Caloy stamped his foot on the ground spraying a cloud of dust; they were disgusted to being marched to the most horrifying part of the camp. But first both have to wear their camouflage uniform and present themselves formally to the lady doctor.

Caloy and Tony silently stood erect before the petite lady doctor who appeared to be a beauty but harsh in speech as if she was a military leader in her own rights. “We know that you are still looking for Ben and Fiona,” the lady doctor began. “Your activities have been documented and you know very well that it is against the rule of this camp to seek classified information without the knowledge of the camp leader. How many times did I tell you that those guys are finished just like what happened to the others. You’re lucky enough that you are still here, alive.

Caloy raised a hand to shoot a question. The doctor gave him the privilege. “Doctor, “ he started in a loud voice. “You never told us where did we come from and why we were brought here? Doctor Gonzales was about to open her mouth but Tony suddenly cut her from talking.

“Yeah tell us the truth, you bitch. Though you educate us in some ways, fed us and blah blah blah, we thanked you for all the blessings, and yet you didn’t tell us why you’re doing this. There must be some reason, right?”

The lovely lady doctor rose from her chair and phased around with her hands entwined at her back as if she was a college professor. She remained quiet for sometime thinking what to answer to their valid questions. Finally she blurted out her answer, “Sorry kids, I am not at the liberty of telling you how, what and why. What I’m being told now is to punish you but not by putting you down.

“My orders is to send you away somewhere.”

to be continued...

noel horlanda

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skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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