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Washington : DC : USA | over 1 year ago  
President Obama strolled confidently into the White House Briefing Room late on New Year’s Day despite looking weary and sporting a tad more gray hairs. Speaking on what some...
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  • John Boehner's bad week: enough to bring a tear to the eye | Richard Adams

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    enough to bring a tear to the eye The speaker of the House of Representatives won re-election, but even that was a triumph laced with very public humiliation House speaker John Boehner collects himself while speaking during the first session of the...
  • Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever

      Virginian-Pilot Online | over 1 year ago
    The Republican Party seems as divided and angry as ever. Infighting has penetrated the highest levels of the House GOP leadership. Long-standing geographic tensions have increased, pitting endangered Northeastern Republicans against their colleagues...
  • Obama sends warning shot to Republicans on debt-ceiling increase

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    In his weekly radio address to the country, Obama urged GOP leaders to support a drama-free increase in the debt limit, and tackle the issues of spending, revenues and entitlements in a separate context. "As I said earlier this week, one thing I will...
  • Republican members wince at Boehner-Cantor ‘palace intrigue'

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    The spotlight is back on the Boehner-Cantor dynamic in the wake of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) press conference, where he ripped House Republicans and their palace intrigue. Christie on Wednesday praised Cantor for his handling of a...
  • Gingrich: Boehner needs a strategy

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    House Speaker John Boehner needs to develop a strategy for the next two years if he wants to avoid "disaster," former Speaker Newt Gingrich says. Gingrich cited the delayed vote on relief for states hit by Hurricane Sandy as an example of Boehner's...
  • Gingrich Advises Boehner To Change His Thinking, Respect Obama

      International Business Times | over 1 year ago
    Newt Gingrich was speaker of the House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. Former House Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich on Friday advised embattled current Speaker John Boehner that he needs to change his way of thinking to successfully run the...
  • Boehner promises Republicans he'll fight Obama over debt ceiling

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    In the first closed-door meeting of the Republican majority in the new Congress , newly reelected House Speaker John A. Boehner on Friday promised a robust fight with President Obama to cut spending in exchange for raising the nation's debt limit.
  • Boehner 2 Months Ago: 'Raising Tax Rates is Unacceptable' -- 'Votes Aren't ... | over 1 year ago
    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), just two months ago,  said raising tax rates is unacceptable, adding, It couldn't even pass the House...But on Tuesday, the House voted to raise taxes as part of the fiscal cliff deal and Boehner voted for it,...
  • Top Republican keeps job as new US Congress opens

      Taiwan News | over 1 year ago
    Travel & Delicacy Beauty never Ends Ecological Environment Associated Press 2013-01-04 07:19 AM The top Republican in Washington was narrowly re-elected to his powerful job as the new Congress opened for business, despite a mini-revolt in his own...
  • THE RESET: GOP leaders of new Congress face tests

      Kansas City Star | over 1 year ago
    Re-elected presidents know all too well that second terms can be treacherous...Boehner now has scheduled an initial vote for Friday."We're sent here not to be something, but to do something," Boehner said in his acceptance speech. "Or as I like to...
  • US House re-elects Speaker Boehner

      Sydney Morning Herald | over 1 year ago
    The legislation, which President Barack Obama signed late Wednesday, fended off across-the-board income tax increases and postponed major spending cuts for two months. The measure allowed income taxes to rise on households earning more than $US450,...
  • Boehner reelected as House speaker

      Washington Post | over 1 year ago
    He survived the defections of 12 Republicans, with the opposition coming from the most conservative members. The final vote tally was 220 for Boehner to 192 for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)...It was the closest any speaker has come...
  • BREAKING NEWS: House re-elects Boehner speaker

      The Gazette | over 1 year ago
    House John Boehner, R-Ohio, joined by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., left, speaks to reporters about the fiscal cliff negotiations at the Capitol in Washington. Lawmakers probably could enact a compromise quickly and easily if Republican...
  • Obama's warning to Boehner set Congress on budget deal path

      Waldwick Suburban News | over 1 year ago
    President Barack Obama had a warning for John Boehner at a Dec. White House meeting: Stop opposing higher tax rates for top earners, or the president would dedicate his second term to blaming Republicans for a global recession. The next day, the...
  • McConnell: Now time to address spending

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    Now that the issue of taxes has been addressed, U.S. lawmakers can address the "real" problem -- federal spending, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said. McConnell, R-Ky., negotiated what he called an "imperfect solution" with Vice President...
  • Was Boehner's Fiscal Cliff End Run Past GOP The New Normal?

      National Public Radio | over 1 year ago
    Until the New Year's Day vote, Boehner had generally operated the House under what was known as the Hastert Rule. Named for former Speaker Dennis Hastert, it required a "majority of the majority" to support legislation before the speaker approved a...
  • Fiscal Deal Passes as House GOP Clown Car Crashes, Again

      Truthdig | over 1 year ago
    When their latest performance concluded late Tuesday night with a 257 to 187 vote passing the stopgap fiscal deal negotiated by the Senate and the White House, an unavoidable question lingered: What is wrong with those people? The simple explanation...
  • Fiscal Cliff deal produced by a messy marathon of dealmaking on the phone

      The Age | over 1 year ago
    AP In the months leading up to the cliff, and especially in the gruelling final two weeks, their mega-deadline only produced more division, not cooperation. There were the usual spats and feuds between the parties, followed by a round of new and...
  • Tax Deal Shows Possible Path Around House G.O.P. in Fiscal Fights

      The New York Times | over 1 year ago
    For two years, the president has seen House Republican leaders as the key to legislative progress, and he has pursued direct talks with Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the majority leader. That avenue of...
  • Cliff averted, it's on to the next fiscal crisis

      SF Gate | over 1 year ago
    The New Year's Day deal averting the "fiscal cliff" lays the groundwork for more combustible struggles in Washington over taxes, spending and debt in the next few months. President Barack Obama 's victory on taxes this week was the second, grudging...
  • Boehner tells GOP he's through with one-on-one Obama talks

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    During both 2011 and 2012, the Speaker spent weeks shuttling between the Capitol and the White House for meetings with the president in the hopes of striking a grand bargain on the deficit. Those efforts ended in failure, leaving Boehner feeling...
  • House Vote on Fiscal Cliff Bill Breaks GOP 3-Day Pledge to Read the Bill | over 1 year ago
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). (AP Photo/J...House of Representatives voted to pass a Senate bill to avoid the fiscal cliff around 10:45 PM on Tuesday,...
  • US dodges economic bullet over fiscal cliff after political brinkmanship

      Times of India | over 1 year ago
    That in turn would have triggered a recession with consequent cascading effect across the world...The bill will largely spare the poor and the middleclass and make some tax concessions permanent for them, although there will be modest all-round...
  • Will You Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff, Wage Slave? Let's See How Far

      Gawker | over 1 year ago
    The "fiscal cliff" deal hammered out at the last minute by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden passed the House of Representatives last night no thanks to House Republicans, who nearly capsized it at the last minute.
  • Eric Cantor's revolt exposes Republican rift in fight for party's future

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    does he have his sights on John Boehner's job? Photograph: Yuri Gripas/Reuters A Republican civil war, which has simmered under the surface since the party's defeat in last November's presidential election, has now burst firmly into the open and...
  • Boehner urges Sen. Reid to do the physically impossible

      Seattle Post Intelligencer | over 1 year ago
    Republican House Speaker John Boehner had obscene words for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when the two ran into each other at the White House last Friday, in the midst of last minute negotiations to keep America from going over the fiscal cliff.
  • Fiscal cliff winners and losers

      CNN | over 1 year ago
    Winners Vice President Joe Biden: This might not have been the "Big f***ing deal" that he proclaimed the passage of Obamacare to be, but it was a pretty big deal. Biden used his years of experience cutting deals in the Senate to work out a compromise...
  • Congress's messy fiscal cliff vote sets stage for showdown over debt ...

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    Washington and The divide cut through even the party leadership in the House, with John Boehner voting for it and Eric Cantor against. Photograph: Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images The White House and congressional Republicans were gearing up for even...
  • Boehner drops F bombs at White House: report

      NY Daily News | over 1 year ago
    Stories House Speaker John Boehner reportedly snapped Go f--- yourself at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid outside the Oval Office. Politico reported that the heated exchange took place in the White House lobby on Friday, shortly after Reid publicly...
  • Does Eric Cantor's no vote on the fiscal cliff bill spell trouble for John ...

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    House majority leader Eric Cantor, left, voted against the bill, while speaker John Boehner, right, is coming up for re-election. Photograph: Jacquelyn Martin/AP It's rare for the top two members of the House leadership to split on an important vote .
  • Back from the brink: US fiscal cliff deal sends London's FTSE 100 Index ...

      The independent | over 1 year ago
    Europe also powered ahead, with Germany's Dax up 2 per cent and the Cac 40 in France rising by more than 1.4 per cent. Last night, President Barack Obama claimed victory in the battle to avert the swingeing cuts and soaring tax rates of America's so-...
  • GOP anti-tax policy goes over the cliff

      Politico | over 1 year ago
    Granted, it was with a large helping of Democratic aid in the House, where Speaker John Boehner and his GOP leadership spent a turbulent New Year's Day and night dealing with a near-insurrection by rank-and-file lawmakers. Many House Republicans...
  • Congress sends bill to Obama

      Las Vegas Review-Journal / Sun | over 1 year ago
    Past its own New Year's deadline, a weary Congress sent President Barack Obama legislation to avoid a national "fiscal cliff" of middle class tax increases and spending cuts late Tuesday night in the culmination of a struggle that strained America's...
  • 'Fiscal cliff' bill delays budget cuts

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    U.S. budget cuts set to take effect Wednesday were delayed as Congress passed a "fiscal cliff" bill that raised tax rates on the rich with Republican support. The bill, sent to President Barack Obama for his signature, averts big income tax increases...
  • Congress OKs cliff deal, signaling future fights

      Seattle Post Intelligencer | over 1 year ago
    Congress' excruciating, extraordinary New Year's Day approval of a compromise averting a prolonged tumble off the fiscal cliff hands President Barack Obama most of the tax boosts on the rich that he campaigned on. It also prevents House Republicans...
  • 'Fiscal cliff' plan clears House with GOP divided

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    The House voted Tuesday to roll back income tax increases on the vast majority of Americans, finalizing a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff after weeks of gridlock. The approval, in a session that stretched late into the New Year's holiday, came...
  • 'Fiscal cliff' averted

      The Herald | over 1 year ago
    America's not going over the fiscal cliff, as the House of Representatives Tuesday approved the last-minute deal to pull the nation away from the brink of economic chaos. The vote came quick and without much controversy, a calm and collegial finish...
  • The cliff deal that almost wasn't

      Politico | over 1 year ago
    House Speaker John Boehner couldn't hold back when he spotted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the White House lobby last Friday. It was only a few days before the nation would go over the fiscal cliff, no bipartisan agreement was in sight, and...
  • US reaches fiscal cliff deal

      The Age | over 1 year ago
    Barack Obama, who won re-election on a promise to increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans to force them to pay a larger share of the government budget. Mr Obama strode into the White House briefing room shortly after the vote to hail the end of...
  • Fiscal cliff deal passed by House of Representatives

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    America's long-running fiscal cliff crisis was finally resolved on Tuesday night when Congress voted in favour of a White House compromise that will impose tax rises on the wealthiest and spare the working-class and middle-class. Barack Obama , in a...
  • Why the White House thinks it's winning

      DAWN | over 1 year ago
    The specifics of the McConnell-Biden deal were fluid, but the bottom line seemed to be this: It raises taxes by $600 billion over 10 years, secures important Democratic priorities such as unemployment insurance and the stimulus tax credits, and doesn'...
  • Fiscal cliff deal under threat from hardline conservative Republicans

      Guardian Unlimited | over 1 year ago
    Jacquelyn Martin/AP A hard-fought deal aimed at resolving America's fiscal cliff crisis began to unravel on Tuesday when House Republicans expressed opposition to a bill passed overwhelmingly only hours earlier by the Senate. President Barack Obama...
  • Republican rift threatens to sink fiscal cliff deal

      The Age | over 1 year ago
    It now appears House Republicans can not bring themselves to vote for a plan that increases taxes but does not cut spending. Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, declared as he left a meeting in the basement of the Capitol building that he did not...
  • Not solved yet: GOP wants more cliff spending cuts

      Turks and Caicos Free Press | over 1 year ago
    Emergency legislation to avoid the economy-threatening fiscal cliff ran into vehement New Year's Day opposition from House Republicans , casting doubt on the divided government's ability to prevent widespread tax increases and painful, across-the-...
  • US 'fiscal cliff' bill goes to lower house

      The Age | over 1 year ago
    The House of Representatives is considering urgent legislation approved by the Senate in a middle-of-the-night New Year's drama unlike any other in the history of congress. But as Democrats in the House urged a vote on Tuesday afternoon, the No.2...
  • Dems want House vote on Senate-passed 'cliff' deal

      Associated Press | over 1 year ago
    House Democratic leaders are pressing Speaker John Boehner to let the House vote on the Senate-approved bipartisan compromise that would avert much of the impact of the so-called fiscal cliff. Following a nearly three-hour private meeting Tuesday...
  • Fiscal cliff deal in balance as House of Representatives weighs options

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    Washington The Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, is pursued by the press. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP The fate of a deal to resolve America's fiscal cliff crisis hung in the balance on Tuesday, in spite of an...
  • Obama presses House of Representatives to pass 'fiscal cliff' deal

      The independent | over 1 year ago
    President Barack Obama has pressed the House of Representatives to vote in favour of a Senate-backed deal that would avert the swingeing cuts and soaring tax rates of America's so-called fiscal cliff. The country officially passed its deadline for an...
  • White House, Republicans reach deal on fiscal cliff

      NewKerala | over 1 year ago
    A source was quoted as saying that the Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had signed off on the deal. Report said the plan would include revenue increases and a two-month delay for...
  • Senate clears fiscal cliff deal 89-8

      Politico | over 1 year ago
    Congress lost a mad, New Year's Eve dash to beat the fiscal cliff deadline, cinching a deal with President Barack Obama to raise taxes on the wealthy and temporarily freeze deep spending cuts but failing to get it through both chambers before...

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