American Jews’ Secession from “israel” while Jewish MASADA-Complex is “israeli” Politicians Political-Objective and “IDF’s” Deadly Remedy-Compensation

American Jews’ Secession from “israel” while Jewish MASADA-Complex is “israeli” Politicians Political-Objective and “IDF’s” Deadly Remedy-Compensation

Riyadh : Saudi Arabia | Jan 01, 2013 at 11:30 PM PST
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American Jews’ Secession from “israel” while Jewish MASADA-Complex is “israeli” Politicians Political-Objective and “IDF’s” Deadly Remedy-Compensation

Pharaoh Salman bin Abdel Aziz and Hustling “crown prince”,

As I predicted in different articles: Will 2013 be the year American Jews secede fromisrael”? I esteem that more than half already have. Crime-Minister Netanyahu striking Iran, Abandoning of European Traditional Allies and Confrontation with American Jews: “israel” Ready for New “MASAD” If American Jews think that what is being done in their name is self-destructive, oppressive, blockheaded and wrong, it stands to reason they would want it to stop.

One day in the future - when it all comes horribly down - will israelisfinally realize that there were warning signs all along?

More to the point of the ultimate survival of israel”, could it be that when the real alarm sounds - when the genuine danger impends - israeliswon't hear a thing?

Recent article: Farewell Incomprehensible “israel”. Why 40% of “israelis” are Emigrant Candidates: Destination “zion Empire of America”?

The answers may lie in how israelisreact to the canary in the coal mine - their forward recon unit in the world - the American Jewish community.

In fact, as the new year dawns, there are mounting signs that 2013 may be the year in which U.S. Jewsin the main, liberal in outlook, committed to tolerance, pluralism, and a vigorous, sincere pursuit of peaceeffectively secede from thisstateof israel”.

Recent article: JEW/JEW Reciprocal Hate Divide Jews and Economic Issues Separate “israelis”: What is to reconstruct?

American Jews remain committed to supporting the existence of an israelwhich balances israeliand Jewish culture with respect for minority rights, democratic values. They will stay active in promoting the welfare of israelsdisadvantage.

Recent article: Rabbi Meir Kahane’s last Speech: “American Jews to immigrate to ‘israel’ before it was too late." Would he have immigrated today?

But many American Jews are already distancing themselves in word and deed from agovernmentit sees as arrogant and short-sighted, enslaved to a runaway train of settlement, dismissive of the rights of Palestinians and other non-Jews, cold to the concerns of a sinking middle class and the drowning disadvantaged, contemptuous of the concerns of the larger Jewish world.

Recent article: America: Supporting “israel” but declaring War on “zionism”?

The catalysts: settlement expansion - especially as it strikes at israeli-Palestinian peace prospects and mocks Washington and backhanded insensitivity to the rights and ritual of non-Orthodox Jews.

In recent weeks, some of israels most influential defenders in the States have warned of hardline israeli policies and parties which could leadto the destruction (the self-destruction) of israel(Jeffrey Goldberg), andnational suicide” (Thomas Friedman). israeli leaders lent them not so much as a deaf ear.

Recent article: How “israel’s “Fossil Civilization” and Criminal Agunah Political System” Encourages Americans to Regain Control of America? 148.

There are israelis who will do anything not to be reminded that American support, anchored by U.S. Jewry, is the strategic asset which makes all other strategic assets possible.

Now, as israels election campaign nears its home stretch, the heavily favored Likud-Beiteinu party - which encompasses the principal authors of nearly all of the anti-democratic legislation of the last four years - offers fresh voices and perilous new avenues for alienating American Jews from israel”.

There is, for example, Moshe Feiglin, who will enter the Knesset following the January 22 election. Feiglin spoke to the New Yorker: “Why should non-Jews have a say in the policy of aJewish state?’ For two thousand years, Jews dreamed of aJewish state’, not a democratic state. Democracy should serve the values of the state, not destroy them. You cant teach a monkey to speak and you cant teach an Arab to be democratic. Youre dealing with a culture of thieves and robbers. Muhammad, their prophet, was a robber and a killer and a liar. The Arab destroys everything he touches.”

Recent article: “israel's” next Knesset to be most religious in its history: Moshe Zalman Feiglin as “Prime Minister”?

I believe that American Jews want to know what is being done in their name - In the name of Judaism. And if they think that it is self-destructive, oppressive, blockheaded and wrong, it stands to reason they would want it to stop.

Besides, American Jews are tiring of being told that opposing israels policies puts israelis in danger. Blackmail is not persuasion. If the hard right is so certain that it can get along without American Jewish support, it may all too soon get the chance to find out.

zionists”, “israelisand arrogant-ignorant Jews imagine that: Arabs live in the 13th century”. I say:” ALL of them live in a world of 2,000 years ago”.

Suicide, political chaos and illegalinterventionswere the news events that marked transition to theNew Year”.

Question is: Will New Year 2013 is a happy one forisraelOR Palestinians?

Recent article: Instead of WAR - Muslim, Arab and Palestinian’s UNIQUE “Peace-Plan” Offer: 1. Renaissance of Palestine and Applying “Law of Return” 3. Illegal Jewish Emigrants RETURN “Home”

According to reveledIDFdatain the past three years – “SUICIDE is primary cause of death amongisraeli soldiers”: Suicide has claimed moreisraelisoldiers lives than operational activity, accidents or illness; most of suicide victims served in the home front”.

The primary cause of death among soldiers serving in theisrael defense forcesis suicide, according to an analysis of data covering the past three years. In 2011, the most recent year for which official army data is available, 21 soldiers took their own livesmore than the number of soldiers who died as a result of disease, traffic accidents, operational activity or other calamities.

A firstisraeli sick commentI came across read: israelshould investigate use of these drugs for their soldiers after they have been tested on the Americans. It is a terrible waste to lose soldiers in suicide after all their training”!!

Crime minister Netanyahu - the man with the moves - is riding to the ballots on a wave of militarism and divisions among the other parties will give him the freedom to play one off against the other. What more could he ask for?

Let's talk numbers. Netanyahu successfully led the outgoing governmentand kept the coalition stable for close to four years, and did so while leading a party of merely 27 MKs, not even the largest political party in the Knesset. His predecessor, Ehud Olmert, steered hisgovernmentwith a sure hand during a period filled with crises from a ruling party of 29 MKs.

The Chaos was more accentuated by unelected powersrushing in to try to saveisrael's ailingdemocracy”.

In the span of one weekend, the judiciary, the military and the presidency have actively interfered in politics. Then again, they were attempting to fill the void left by thegovernment”.

The judiciary, the military and the “presidency ofisraelare all banned by law from interfering in the political process. Despite this, in the space of one weekend, all three have become involved, by design or by default, in the upcoming elections. Some, especially on the right, would say that this is an unconstitutional intervention, reflecting the leftist tendencies of the "old elite"

Coldanti-israelishower sprinkledisraeli political life”: Leading US Jewish figure Leon Wieseltier - one of the most prominent figures in Americas Jewish, intellectual and liberal elites and a staunch lifelong supporter ofisrael”: “I've lost all hope forisrael’-Palestinian peace”. Writing in the New Republic, Wieseltier blasts Netanyahus outrageous proposalto build in the E-1 area and describes Avigdor Lieberman asthe fascist face ofisrael”. If Wiestltier sees ONLY Lie-berman asthe fascist face ofisraelI think he must change his eyeglasses!!

Pharaoh Salman bin Abdel Aziz and Hustling “crown prince”,

American JewsSecession fromisraelwhile Jewish MASADA-Complex isisraelsPoliticiansPolitical-Objective andIDFsDeadly Remedy-Compensation

Muslim and Arab Revolutionariesmain enemies are: USA, “israel”, the West, and Gulf Pharaohs (especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar).

1. Total and flagrant absence of Gulf Pharaohs STOLEN billions of US Dollars to financially aid Palestinian Revolutionary Organizations (to arm them) or help civilians (to reconstruct). Instead, they do their best to dissuade them from continuing their armed resistance to buryisraeland regain control of ALL of Palestine.

2. I did not witness ANY oil producing Gulf countrythreatening” – only threateningto shut off Oil? None of them will DARE to even think of saying it. Why not? They areas always - ONLY serving American andisraeliinterests.

3. They maintaining open (or secret) relations withisraelwhile rhetoricVerbalsupport of Muslim and Arab slogans are vomited to media.

4. The combined wealth of the Al Saud Family is impossible to guess, but is estimated to be hundreds of billions of dollars.

5. Saudi-Mafia-House-Pharaohs self-labeled Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaUpdated toIslamic Republic of Islam.”

6. I must precise that Muslims and Arabs HATEisraelmore than they LOVE their children.

Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha

Your Saudi “Dissident” Paris Neighbor

Walidaminruwayha is based in Paris, Île-de-France, France, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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