Fiction: Street Kids (3c)

Fiction: Street Kids (3c)

Cebu : Philippines | Dec 31, 2012 at 12:17 AM PST
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Skooter reports /12/31/12

From a dark corner he quickly leaped on a security guard, gripped his neck and in one powerful twist, the guard slid down lifeless. On his knees now, he looked here and there, all clear, he said in his thoughts. The man moved slowly towards a well lit open entrance. Leaning against the edge of the entrance, he peeked inside, saw a long quite corridor and said to himself, he is in the right place, the floor plan is telling the truth.

At the end of the tunnel soon will lead him to the lawmakers’ offices, he wistfully thought. True enough, another combat with a second guard, grappling, choking to silence the opponent for good, praying that it would be the last one. Sparky stood tall looking down to another long corridor; he didn’t know that he was being watched. Numerous eyes in the sky were focusing at him.

So peaceful and quite so that he happened to look up, seeing the circular eye, it was already too late, the electronic alarm nearly broke his tymphanum. The entire building was put under alert status and was immediately locked down. “Oh, oh, stupid of me,” he whispered. Sensing there was nowhere to go except to go back to where he came from. But then, two security men blocked his way aiming their handguns at him; at the same time he heard hurrying footsteps behind him.

Sparky rushed to the two securities with an amazing speed, so great that he disappeared before them and the next thing they knew, some kind of an iron fist hit their jaws and knocked them out cold. He turned about and saw a large group of security personnel coming on his heels in a moment.

“Stop!” Someone yelled. Sparky kept on running and again he encountered another couple of security personnel. Without thinking, he faced them in a manual combat and as expected they fell on the concrete floor like flies being swatted off. The fleeing man eventually got free and mingled with the unsuspecting crowd in the street.

On the top of a hill which was just five kilometers from the concealed private camp, Frank and Mayor Chiz were at the patio of an upscale mountain resort. Both men appeared not to be bothered by the unbearable heat of the solarman. Red and white straws locked on their lips as they sipped cold pineapple juice in tall glasses. In the backdrop, a bodyguard wearing Ray Ban dark glasses, chomping chewing gums and three or four police escorts were deployed in strategic points watching for unexpected event under their large sunglasses.

Releasing the colorful conduits almost at the same time from their mouths, Mayor Chiz stealthily inquired the other man about the outcome of the first mission. In whisper the mayor heard him saying in coded lines, “One of the assets following the project reported that the project has a hard time in parenting the target. So what the project suggests, termination has to be done in the lion’s den.”

The mayor bit his lips, scratched his eyelid looking up to the nearly bald headed Frank. “Why not use all the inherent powers in the inventory to make the job quicker?”

“It has to be done dramatically chief, “Frank said as a matter of fact.

Frank sternly looked at the arid face of the city chief, noticing wrinkles appearing on the mayor’s forehead. How old is the mayor? He asked wonderingly in his thoughts. The big nosed trader issued a bemused smile unnoticed by the other man. “The project had already unleashed one or two before the sights of some witnesses leaving them wide eyed, Frank said in a casual manner. “The project used those extras as a way of escape. The Project has its own mind, so we don’t have to be concerned about it. Trust me, those extras will not be used unnecessarily again. Next time, I’m pretty sure, the Project gonna tire out those extras on the said target.”

The city executive dubiously looked at him and said, “You better be sure it will not be a waste or heads were roll.”

The two startled boys looked at an unfamiliar figure standing a couple of feet from them. A 5’ 8” tall young woman, hands akimbo on her narrow waist yelling at them to come over. “I said, come out there, on the double.” She didn’t look like one of their kind; she was foreigner. What she’s doing here? Tony asked in his thoughts. The boys stood in fear before her.

They stared at her noticing some marks on her face, such as a birthmark on the right side of her long neck, two black moles on her left forehead which Caloy remembered Fiona have those. But what he couldn’t understand were the woman’s height, her distinctive face and her enormous front. She was in a black leather body fit that showed her delicate curves perfectly. On her base were well polished boots. She was Caucasian. Every features of her was Western except she spoke the local dialect.

“Give me your names,” she said. Right after she ordered them to follow her. The curious Tony wanted to ask something from her whatever her name is, Tony mumbled. The woman stopped walking and asked, “Did I hear you say something?”

He wanted to ask her name but he changed his mind. “Yes…where are you bringing us?” The arrogant looking woman proceeded walking without saying anything. The boys followed her enjoying the site of the woman’s rounded behind that moved erratically every time she took a step.

to be continued

Noel Horlanda

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skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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