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Washington : DC : USA | over 1 year ago  
On Thursday, Senate majority leader Harry Reid said the Republicans were turning the House of Representatives into a “dictatorship,” for refusing to let congress...
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  • Congress Struggles Over Fiscal Cliff Solution At Rare Year-End Session

      NY1 | over 1 year ago
    Washington lawmakers convened Sunday for a rare, end-of-the-year session to address the so-called fiscal cliff that will set into motion expiring tax cuts and automatic spending cuts at the start of the new year. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid...
  • Cliff talks hit snag in Senate over benefits

      MarketWatch | over 1 year ago
    Down-to-the-wire talks to avert the fiscal cliff of tax increases and spending cuts hit a snag in the Senate on Sunday, as a disagreement over the inclusion of a measure affecting Social Security benefits left Democrats fuming...Citing serious...
  • Senate negotiators remain short of a fiscal deal

      Taiwan News | over 1 year ago
    Senate negotiators remained short of an agreement Sunday as a year-end deadline looms to prevent tax increases for nearly all Americans. President Barack Obama blamed Republicans for putting the shaky U.S. economy at risk.
  • Democrats, Republicans apart on key "fiscal cliff" issues: Reid

      Reuters | over 1 year ago
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is shown in this C-Span video footage as he addresses the Senate during an unusual session on Capitol Hill in Washington, December 30, 2012. Hopes rose on Sunday that U.S. lawmakers could reach at least a...
  • Obama appears on MTP as cliff deadline nears

      NY Daily News | over 1 year ago
    Facing crunch time in the fiscal cliff negotiations, President Obama made a rare appearance on a Sunday morning political show and blamed the lack of a deal on the GOP's stubborn insistence on pampering the wealthy. They say that their biggest...
  • Drama in Washington as fiscal cliff looms

      Channel NewsAsia | over 1 year ago
    Leaders in deeply polarised Washington groped Sunday for a stop-gap deal to avert a fiscal calamity due to strike in a matter of hours and with potential to shock markets and spark global economic turmoil. A blame game raged even as party chiefs...
  • LIVE:The Senate Is Still Scrambling To Get A Last-Minute Deal On The Fiscal ...

      BusinessInsider | over 1 year ago
    With just over 24 hours to go until the fiscal cliff deadline, Senate negotiators are still scrambling to come up with a last-minute deal to prevent the huge tax hikes and budget cuts scheduled to go into effect on January 1.  Lawmakers have spent...
  • Obama: Failure to pass deal will hurt markets

      MarketWatch | over 1 year ago
    A failure by Congress to extend tax cuts on the middle class in the next 48 hours and avert the fiscal cliff will likely hurt the economy and financial markets, President Barack Obama said Sunday. There are just two days remaining to avert the tax...
  • Obama warns against self-inflicted wound to economy as fiscal cliff looms

      Leader Post Online | over 1 year ago
    Senate leaders sought a last-minute compromise to avoid middle-class tax increases and possibly prevent deep spending cuts at the dawn of the new year as President Barack Obama warned that failure could threaten the nation's economic recovery. The U.
  • Fiscal cliff deadline hangs heavy as Obama makes final plea to Congress

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    New York House speaker John Boehner leaves the US Capitol with his security team in Washington on Saturday. Photograph: Mary Calvert/Reuters President Barack Obama made a final pitch to Congress to act on the fiscal cliff on Sunday, citing Republican...
  • Obama blames Republicans for fiscal cliff mess

      Channel NewsAsia | over 1 year ago
    US President Barack Obama blamed a Republican refusal to raise taxes on the rich for the "fiscal cliff" crisis as top lawmakers haggled in a desperate end-of-year search for a stop-gap deal. Obama slammed foes in Congress as the clock ticked down to...
  • Fiscal Cliff: Countdown Begins For Congress

      Sky News | over 1 year ago
    Politicians in Washington are back at work as they attempt to strike a last-minute deal to avoid huge tax hikes and spending cuts set for January 1. Economists warn the $500bn in fiscal pain due to hit in the New Year could send the country back into...
  • Obama: ‘Pressure is on Congress' to reach tax deal before deadline

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    In an exclusive interview with NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, Obama once again called on Congress to reach an accord to avoid January's slated tax rate increases and automatic spending cuts. Obama asked lawmakers to approve his plan to extend...
  • Senate negotiators search for deal to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff'

      Washington Post | over 1 year ago
    President Obama aimed to keep the pressure on Congress to act, taping an appearance for Meet the Press to air Sunday morning. What Congress needs to do, first and foremost, is to prevent taxes from going up for the vast majority of Americans, Obama...
  • Key day for US fiscal deal talks

      BBC | over 1 year ago
    US politicians are facing a crucial day of talks aimed at preventing the so-called "fiscal cliff". Congress must reach a deal by the end of the year to avert steep spending cuts and tax rises due to take effect. President Barack Obama has said he is "...
  • The Year in Review 2012: U.S. economy poised to dive off 'fiscal cliff'

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    The U.S. economy is about to go cliff diving heading into 2013. Odds were against President Obama and congressional Republicans reaching a deal to avert the tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in Jan. 1 dwindled as 2012 drew to a close despite a...
  • Cliffhanger! US lawmakers seek last-gasp fiscal deal

      GMA News | over 1 year ago
    After weeks of failed haggling, the fiscal cliffhanger is at hand as US lawmakers convene Sunday in a bid to strike a year-end deal that avoids huge tax hikes and possibly spending cuts set to kick in January 1. With the clock ticking ever closer to...
  • US Congress in last-minute 'cliff' frenzy

      Al Jazeera English | over 1 year ago
    53 Congressional negotiators have burrowed into their offices to stop the US economy from falling off of a "fiscal cliff". In just three days, the biggest tax increases ever to hit Americans in one shot are scheduled to begin.
  • Just one more day for US to seal 'fiscal cliff' deal

      The Independent | over 1 year ago
    Suggested Topics Frantic negotiations to find a way to protect the American economy from the worst effects of the looming "fiscal cliff" were under way in Washington DC last night, with Democratic and Republican leaders rushing to cobble together...
  • As clock ticks, US lawmakers seek fiscal cliff solution

      Channel NewsAsia | over 1 year ago
    With the clock ticking toward a New Year's time bomb of huge tax increases and spending cuts, US lawmakers rushed Saturday to keep America from tumbling off the so-called fiscal cliff. The stakes in the game of holiday-interrupting brinkmanship are...
  • Obama seeks to break fiscal standoff

      Daily Nation | over 1 year ago
    Saturday The search for an elusive fiscal deal aimed at avoiding blanket tax hikes and drastic spending cuts was in the hands of US Senate leaders after President Barack Obama brought them together in a bid to move the quest for an accord forward.
  • Fiscal talks: No breakthrough

      Politico | over 1 year ago
    Negotiations to resolve the fiscal cliff crisis continued Saturday, but there are no signs yet of a breakthrough, say sources close to the talks. President Barack Obama held an eleventh-hour meeting with congressional leaders from both parties at the...
  • For Senate leaders, a tough mission from Obama

      Chicago Tribune | over 1 year ago
    Following a Friday meeting with congressional leaders, an impatient and annoyed President Barack Obama said it was "mind boggling" that Congress has been unable to fix a "fiscal cliff" mess that everyone has known about for more than a year. He then...
  • Lawmakers to hold weekend talks on averting US budget proposals

      Times of Oman | over 1 year ago
    December 29, 2012 Protesters hold signs that read Middle Class Over Millionaires on the grounds of the US Capitol in Washington. Pic: Bloomberg Washington: US lawmakers are entering a weekend of budget negotiations in a final effort to prevent at...
  • Obama renews call to Senate leaders to reach fiscal cliff deal

      The Guardian | over 1 year ago
    New York Obama said the 'up-or-down vote on a basic package, would stop tax hikes for middle-income Americans. Photograph: Rex Features Senate leaders were engaged in last-ditch efforts to secure a fiscal cliff deal Saturday, as President Barack...
  • Obama calls for avoiding middle class tax hike

      The Economic Times | over 1 year ago
    US President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to protect the middle class from an income tax increase and lay the groundwork for future economic growth as Senate leaders begin work to avoid a so-called " fiscal cliff ." "We've got to do what...
  • Obama optimistic on fiscal cliff talks

      Sydney Morning Herald | over 1 year ago
    Obama said he was "modestly optimistic" that a deal could be reached by Tuesday to spare the US and global economies the shock of the so-called fiscal cliff, and he charged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, and his Republican counterpart...
  • Obama scolds Congress for waiting until deadline to avert fiscal cliff... ...

      Mail Online UK | over 1 year ago
    Every American's paycheck will get considerably smaller.' President Obama said that if the top two leaders of the Senate can't agree on a budget deal to avert the fiscal cliff of higher taxes and severe spending cuts, then he will send his own...
  • Barack Obama 'optimistic' over last-ditch 'fiscal cliff' deal

      The Independent | over 1 year ago
    President Obama said he was modestly optimistic that the US can avert the looming fiscal cliff' after a meeting with Congressional leaders. Lawmakers have thus far failed to agree on an alternative to the more than $600bn in tax rises and spending...
  • Fiscal deal gets closer; Senate leaders to work over next 48 hours

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    The two have laid out a 48-hour plan for reaching a deal to prevent looming tax hikes and spending cuts, with both men indicating they'd offer something for their conferences to consider.  In a statement to the press just before 6 p.m., Obama said...
  • US Senate leader Harry Reid blames Republicans for hurtling country towards ...

      NewKerala | over 1 year ago
    America is on course to plunge over the so-called "fiscal cliff", senior Democrat leaders have warned. Harry Reid, the majority leader of the Democrat-controlled US Senate, launching a bitter attack on the leadership of the Republican-controlled...
  • Republicans Are Making It Very Clear They're Going To Pursue Another Debt ...

      BusinessInsider | over 1 year ago
    Two Republican Senators began to signal today that they will attempt to frame negotiations around an increase in the debt ceiling, potentially creating a situation early next year that would mirror the crisis of the summer of 2011. "The next line in...
  • Obama invites Congress' leaders to Friday meeting on fiscal cliff as ... | over 1 year ago
    President Barack Obama has asked congressional leaders to convene Friday at the White House for last-minute talks on a "fiscal cliff" deal that avoids automatic tax increases and broad spending cuts that threaten the economy's nascent recovery. The...
  • Senate leader warns fiscal cliff deal unlikely

      The Independent | over 1 year ago
    Prospects of a deal to pull the American economy back from the "fiscal cliff" appeared dimmer than ever tonight after the Democratic leader of the Senate admitted that attempts to agree an alternative to the automatic tax and spending changes due to...
  • Fading hopes of deal on fiscal cliff

      Australian Broadcasting Corporation | over 1 year ago
    Overnight the top Democrat in the Senate, majority leader Harry Reid, said a deal to avert the $US600 billion package of higher taxes and spending cuts, due to kick in with the New Year, looked unlikely. "It looks like that is where we're headed," he...
  • Wall St falls for fourth day over 'fiscal' fears

      The Economic Times | over 1 year ago
    US stocks fell for a fourth day in a row on Thursday and a measure of investor anxiety hit its highest in five months after the top Senate Democrat warned a deal to avoid fiscal austerity measures may not be reached by the Dec 31 deadline. The...
  • Fiscal Cliff Deal Gets Lost in "Blame Game"

      Money Morning | over 1 year ago
    U.S. lawmakers headed back to Capitol Hill Thursday to try and avoid falling off the fiscal cliff , but the chances of doing so before the New Year have practically disappeared. Sounding alarm bells Thursday were stern words from Senate Majority...
  • Brink of recession: The US fiscal cliff, debt ceiling showdowns

      GMA News | over 1 year ago
    Together, higher taxes and lowered spending could slice the $1.1 trillion deficit racked up in fiscal 2012 (ended September 30) by almost $500 billion next year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, vastly improving the government's...
  • Fiscal cliff: No deal in sight as deadline nears

      New Zealand Herald | over 1 year ago
    With a December 31 deadline for an agreement to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff" rapidly approaching, leaders in each party demanded the other side take the initiative. The new flare-up happened despite a round of calls that President Barack Obama...
  • Obama's back to tackle fiscal cliff

      The Daily Telegraph (Australia) | over 1 year ago
    Barack Obama has returned to a sharply divided Washington where lawmakers have stubbornly refused to compromise on a plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff." With pressure mounting before hundreds of billions of dollars in higher taxes and spending cuts set...
  • Obama, Senate head to D.C. as fiscal cliff deadline looms

      CNN | over 1 year ago
    After a Christmas holiday, President Barack Obama was headed back to Washington from Hawaii and the U.S. Senate reconvened Thursday as the deadline approached for going over the fiscal cliff of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. However, the...
  • US 'heading over fiscal cliff'

      BBC | over 1 year ago
    The US appears to be heading over the "fiscal cliff", with prospects dim for a deal to avoid tax rises and spending cuts, the US Senate leader says. Speaking on the Senate floor, Democrat Harry Reid said there did not seem to be enough time to craft...
  • Obama and Congress to meet over fiscal cliff

      Al Jazeera English | over 1 year ago
    39 Obama has had to cut short his holiday in Hawaii to to return to Washington and discuss the 'cliff' [Reuters] Barack Obama and members of Congress are involved in last-ditch efforts to try to avert the confluence of across-the-board tax increases...
  • No deal in sight as deadline for fiscal deal nears

      SF Gate | over 1 year ago
    Lawmakers are engaged in a playground game of "who goes first," daring each political party to let the year end without resolving a Jan. 1 confluence of higher taxes and deep spending cuts that could rattle a recovering, but-still-fragile economy.
  • US Treasury maps out plan to delay default

      The Journal Gazette | over 1 year ago
    The U.S. government will hit the $16.4 trillion federal debt limit Monday and turn to “extraordinary measures” to continue borrowing, the Treasury Department said Wednesday, beginning a countdown until Congress either passes legislation to allow for...
  • Tension builds as Senate faces fiscal deadline

      The Idaho Statesman | over 1 year ago
    With just five days left to make a deal, President Barack Obama and members of the Senate were set to return to Washington on Thursday with no clear path out of their fiscal morass...Geithner, adding to the building tension over how to handle a year-...
  • 'No progress' on US fiscal cliff

      News 24 | over 1 year ago
    With President Barack Obama heading back to Washington, Republicans heaped pressure on Democrats on Wednesday to lay out an 11th-hour deal preventing taxes from rising for all Americans. The president cut short his Christmas vacation in Hawaii and...
  • Obama returns to Washington on edge of fiscal cliff

      The Economic Times | over 1 year ago
    President Barack Obama returns on Thursday to a sharply divided Washington under pressure to forge a year-end deal with Republicans to avoid the tax hikes and spending cuts of the "fiscal cliff." Obama cut his Hawaiian Christmas vacation short to...
  • Obama back at helm for ‘fiscal cliff' endgame

      The Globe & Mail | over 1 year ago
    Video Economy Video It's up to the Senate Minority Leader not to block a vote, and it's up the House Republican leader, the Speaker of the House to allow a vote, a senior administration official told reporters travelling back to Washington with the...
  • Debt limit will be hit just as other fiscal problems reach deadline

      Star Tribune | over 1 year ago
    The government will reach its $16.4 trillion debt limit on Monday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told congressional leaders Wednesday, adding a new and possibly dramatic wrinkle to negotiations aimed at averting the fiscal cliff. The news came...

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