Charlie Brown, Lucy and the looming fiscal-cliff football

Charlie Brown, Lucy and the looming fiscal-cliff football

Washington : DC : USA | Nov 30, 2012 at 4:57 AM PST
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Before we discuss the central theme of this article, Charlie, Lucy and the looming fiscal cliff; let us dear readers examine some fact based, recent historical precedence.

What’s past is prologue

Since 1983 there have been three so-called, supposed budgetary “grand compromises.” All three were with Republican presidents and Democrat legislatures (i.e., an all liberal controlled Senate and House of Representatives).

The formula under Reagan was one dollar of increase in revenues (taxes) for three dollars of spending cuts. And under Bush it was one dollar in taxes for two dollars in spending cuts. Now exactly how much did the liberals cut spending? And oh BTW this is not a trick question. Again, how much?

ZERO!!! As in zilch-oh, zed, nada, rien, niniento, nicht, nihil, ouden, goose eggs!

In fact the liberal democrats raised spending by roughly 80 percent of what they had solemnly pledged and promised to cut.

So if the “name of the game” is trust, then how can anyone in their right mind possibly trust liberals. I mean where was their honor, their sacred trust, their personal honesty and integrity? But no where to be found!

Now am I calling Tip O’Neill and the liberal Democrats liars? Well allow me dear readers to address this thusly: Clearly Presidents Reagan and Bush fulfilled their end of the bargain and kept their word by raising taxes. And clearly Speaker O’Neill and the liberal democrats did not. In fact the latter actually increased spending instead of reducing it. Which of course is rather akin to the American phrase, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” And how truly accurate and precise that be!

Again, call it whatever you wish, at least Reagan and Bush were honorable and scrupulously honest and did keep their word; while the Speaker (O’Neill) and the liberal Democrats did not.

Which again begs the question, how can anyone trust these liberals to keep their word? In this matter in particular or in anything else in general?

Back to Charlie, Lucy and the fiscal-cliff football

Let us begin with this basic analogue: Charlie Brown is an unassuming, honest, well-meaning, highly principled and extremely competent and rational intellectual, i.e., conservative; with only one major flaw, he scrupulously trusts people at their word. While Lucy is a mean-spirited, unprincipled, mendacious and dishonest power-hungry, power-grabbing megalomaniac, i.e., a Democrat liberal-progressive and or socialist.

A further, more accurate analysis by Pat Caddell

Pat Caddell, one of the very few traditional liberals alive today has characterized the Republicans as “the stupid party” and even more accurately, Democrats as “the evil party.”

Today’s liberals are light years away from the traditional liberals of the past. In fact, I go a step further; today’s liberals are closer and more akin to ideological and polemical fascism than they are to traditional liberalism. Today’s liberals are politically correct fascists and statist and collectivist crony capitalists who promote and support the power of big government over individual liberty and freedom, are anti-religion (anti-Christinaity in particular) and utterly intolerant of anyone with a dissenting or differing viewpoint other than their own.

And this administration not only incorporates all of the former, but it has governed in an utterly extra-Constitutional manner through presidential decree, ukase and fiat; and has side-stepped congress and the courts though the massive appointments of “Tsars” which in itself is the creation of a shadow government. But all of this is moot and fodder for another essay.

But back to the future again

As for Charlie Brown, Lucy and the fiscal-cliff football, we all know what is going to transpire for it is utterly preordained. Charlie Brown is going to negotiate in good faith while Lucy is going to reassure him with great sincerity, that she is going to hold onto the proverbial football firmly and unflinchingly, indeed with her very own life; as he prepares to kick it through the goal-post uprights for the winning score.

But we all know that Lucy is a creature of irreversible habit and of utterly predictable behavior. For we all know for an absolute, ontological certitude, that as Charlie approaches to kick the proverbial football, and is only inches from doing so; ole faithful Lucy is going to snatch up the football and ole Charlie Brown is going to fall hard and land flat on his back in complete frustration.

Sooooh, one must conclude that there will be no compromise whatsoever by the liberal Democrats and that we will go over the fiscal cliff like a barrel over Niagara Falls.

Now, am I saying that President Obama and Nancy Pelosi (Lucy’s alter ego) and Harry Reid (Lucy’s masculine alter ego) and Patty Murray et al, et al; would absolutely and eagerly prefer to go over this looming, fiscal cliff, with all of its possible, nay make that, with all of its very likely and probable dire consequences of catastrophic, economic and financial ruin and destruction; in order to maintain their power and to remain ideologically pure; rather than to be smart, fair and willing to sacrifice small bore “nothings” in order to save our nation?

The rhetorical proposition and response

Allow me to answer this question with another question (actually a rhetorical question): Does a wild, untamed and feral bear defecate in the woods?

And oh BTW, for all of you brainwashed, poorly educated liberals with an utterly worthless and feckless public school education thoroughly steeped and immersed in ignorance, conformist political correctness and utter stultification; the word “defecate” which is wholly borrowed from Latin, literally means “to take a shit in the woods.”

Or allow me dear readers to express it thusly: Does a Leopard change his or her spots? Of course not, for you see dear readers, liberals, and especially liberal-progressives and socialists are thoroughly wedded and physically welded and fused to their ideological nonsense.

In fact, so much so, that they are absolutely unwilling to compromise one iota - even for the sake of the public good, sanity and rationality. That’s right, they’d rather defend their own propaganda and score talking points and spin in their political gamesmanship; rather than to do the sane, rational and right things in order to save our nation.

In fact, compromise is a dirty and salacious, four letter word for liberals. Their concept of compromise is simply unconditional surrender and to take no prisoners. Simply stated, they get everything they want and their loyal opposition gets absolutely nothing. Sort of what they do in Chicago. Oh yes, it’ called political and intellectual thuggery as well as Democrat machine politics, which is also thoroughly steeped in moral and political corruption, one-party-rule and tyranny.

Counter proposition and response

However what is so damn laughable is that liberals rather sanctimoniously pontificate and accuse conservatives of holding America “hostage” to doing the right thing as in saving the nation from economic ruin.

As if sane, rational and responsible spending and living within one’s own means is evil and so austere as to be a thoroughly harsh hardship beyond human endurance and dignity. While for these liberals reckless, uncontrollable and profligate spending is a virtue. Their solution for all things fiscal is essentially Santa Claus on steroids with lots of credit cards without any limits whatsoever.

Just for the record

The liberals have not offered one dollar in specific spending cuts and or fiscal tax reform. It’s all been smoke and mirrors, vague talking points and empty speeches. While the conservatives have actually passed two budgets in the House of Representatives which address these issues just in this last year alone.

Need I remind you dear readers that the Senate liberals have not passed one budget in almost four years. And every budget proposal from President Obama has been overwhelmingly rejected. And oh BTW, they are required by law to do so on an annual basis. Well, so much so for the liberals’ respect for the rule of law.


Expect lots of tax increases, no spending cuts whatsoever, in fact not one dime. Also expect lots of additional spending in the guise of new stimulus programs, more printing of money and borrowing, and of course, no entitlement reform whatsoever either.

If you think the past four years were economically and financially ruinous, well, pahd-ner, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Copyright © 2012 by Irvin F. Cohen

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