Neurosurgeon to share NDE with Oprah on OWN-TV

Neurosurgeon to share NDE with Oprah on OWN-TV

Chicago : IL : USA | Nov 28, 2012 at 2:21 PM PST
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Oprah on Dr. Eben Alexander's Near Death Experience

You won’t want to miss a special interview on OWN TV this Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 11 a.m. ET/PT. Oprah Winfrey will interview Dr. Eben Alexander, the neurosurgeon who’s views and life changed dramatically following a near death experience (NDE) in November of 2008.

On Oprah’s Emmy® Award-winning series Super Soul Sunday, the once purely scientifically minded doctor will talk about his foray into another realm during a five-day coma induced by bacterial meningitis of the brain.

During a telephone interview on November 28, Dr. Alexander said he first found himself in a “monotonous murky underground of mud that seemed to go on for centuries.” Then slowly “a spring of white light” appeared along with a “lovely melody” and an entirely different vista unfolded in front of him.

“It was like the rip of the fabric around me,” he explained.

He found himself – with no sense of a physical body – in a “verdant green valley” and stuck on the wing of a colorful butterfly. Then a young girl with “a beautiful smile, sparkling blue eyes and brown hair” came up to greet him. She did not speak in words but Dr. Alexander sensed her reassuringly say, “There’s nothing to worry about.”

More butterflies appeared and below him, souls were happily dancing. In this consciousness state, he said he had no memory of his life or anything that had happened to him but knew there was no judgment there.

“It was pure love in this realm,” he said.

Overwhelmed by this state of being, Dr. Alexander was then aware of a “tremendous infinite void” out of which a “brilliant orb of light appeared.” This light, he explained, had “an awareness beyond all things.” On his website entitled Life Beyond Death he calls this light “the Divine Source of all things,” that told him he “could not stay” but taught him much about the meaning of life, death, reincarnation, unconditional love, free will and more.

“There was so much information,” he said adding, “It took me several years to unravel it and to understand what it all meant.”

One theme that he has found in many NDEs is the concept of “unconditional love,” which he said is an infinitely powerful force that is vital in all aspects of life, including an ability to heal our selves as human beings.

“It is such a consistent message,” he said. “I am astonished by the fact that so many people say the same thing but it makes perfect sense. If one hurts, we all hurt,” he added.

And important aspects of unconditional love are forgiveness and compassion,” Dr. Alexander said.

“We do have free will and can choose to be greedy or mean, but (with reincarnation) we end up on a much tougher path. I learned how we are all connected,” he said. At some point, “we will “feel the pain of our victim.”

He added that for the victim, the lesson learned has the potential to be a great one.

NDE was a ‘Great Gift'

Dr. Alexander said his near death experience was a “great gift” that has changed his life, his views and his faith completely.

“It is such a gift,” he said adding, “I needed that awakening.”

Before his NDE, the 54-year-old was a man of little faith in anything other than science. He explained that in the year 2000, his son needed information for a genealogy project but there was little information he could give him. His mother had given him up for adoption and he had no idea who she was. However during research, he found her.

“Because of this I found out where my birth mother was but it was not a good time to see her,” he explained. “It crushed my last hope in any belief or in prayer.”

For 25 years, Dr. Anderson worked as an academic neurosurgeon at such places as the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. During that time, he dealt with many patients who suffered “severe alterations in their level of consciousness.” He always believed that if the brain died, so did the patient and death was the only result.

He also thought anyone who related a near death experience must have been hallucinating due to the brain being under such extreme stress. Since his NDE however, the doctor has had a change of heart in more ways than one.

“Death is only a transition” and “our soul is eternal,” he said adding that like many other NDE experiencers, he no longer fears death.

On his web site Life Beyond Death he notes: Consciousness is the most profound mystery in the universe.” He noted that during his illness, his brain was “severely sick” and certainly not working properly. Nonetheless, he had a real experience that is as clear to him today as when it happened.

“We are consciousness in spite of our brain!” he exclaimed.

When he came out of his coma a week later, his doctors were completely surprised.

“I should not have come back at all,” he said. “I had about a two per cent chance of surviving and in two months, I had a complete recovery.”

Although he still believes in the value of science, he said it is important to “extend its boundaries” to include the spiritual aspect of existence.

“Materialistic science is a false pathway,” he said because it does not take into account the human spirit.

“We do have free will and can choose to be greedy or mean, but (with reincarnation) we end up on a much tougher path. I learned how we are all connected,” he said. At some point, “we will “feel the pain of our victim.”

He added that for the victim, the lesson learned has the potential to be a great one.

A Message for All

Dr. Eben Alexander has written a New York Times best seller entitled Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife that recounts in detail what happened when he slipped into a coma and found his consciousness alive and well on the other side of what we call reality.

And that alternate reality of infinite love, he said is “available to everyone.”

Since his near death experience, Dr. Alexander has practiced meditation and has come to realize that when in a deepened state, he can connect with the “Infinite Source.”

“I want to let people know that they don’t have to almost die to have this experience,” he said.

He explained that during meditation, he has learned to put his self and his ego in a “time out.” When those aspects of self are dormant, our being is free to make that connection.

“This is such a gift and is in each and every one of us,” he said. “Everyone can do this.”

Dr. Alexander would like to hear from others who have had near death experiences. To join the discussion, go HERE.

Dr. Alexander also has a Free Newsletter. Go HERE to sign up.

Dr. Eben Alexander’s upcoming Events:

Dec 1, 2012
1:45 PM arrival 2:00 – 3:00 PM Talk/Q&A/Signing
11025 Carolina Place Mall, Pineville, NC 28134
P: 704-544-9985 North Carolina Barnes & Noble Charlotte
December 15-16, 2012 -
Hampstead, NC. Book signing - “Decorate Your Soul” Retail merchant, owner Adonna Pipkin <>
January 25-27, 2013 -
Chester VT - New Voices Conference, Misty Valley Books.

For more events, go HERE.

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Neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander shares information with Oprah about a near death experience that changed his life forever.
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