Syrian regime names 142 slain foreign fighters from 18 countries

Syrian regime names 142 slain foreign fighters from 18 countries

Damascus : Syria | Nov 28, 2012 at 9:23 AM PST
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FSA rocket shoots down Assad helicopter - Truthloader

Since the beginning of the revolution against the Syrian regime, all the Syrian media of the regime in Damascus or the media of its allies, such as Iran, continuously publish news of slain foreigners who were fighting with the Free Syrian Army. The reason is that the Syrian regime wants to convince the international community that what is happening in Syria is a war against terrorism, in particular al-Qaida and Islamic groups.

For the regime to complete the play, a pro-regime newspaper "Al-Watan" published the names of 142 foreign mercenaries from 18 countries who fought for the Syrian opposition and were killed by regime forces.

According to the paper, the list includes 47 Saudis, 24 Libyans, 10 Tunisians, 11 Afghans, nine Egyptians, six Qataris, five Lebanese, five Turks and others from Chad, Chechnya and Azerbaijan. Most of the fighters were killed in October and November in Aleppo, Homs, Idlib, Deir Ezzor and Hasakeh.

The newspaper did not show how the Syrian regime will be dealing with the dead bodies, but added that it had submitted a complaint to the United Nations denouncing the presence of these elements on Syrian territory. At the same time, according to a source in the regime, among the dead there are members of al-Qaida. Adding that this is proof that Syria lives a dirty war against terrorism and that the people adhere Assad's leadership, whom he and his regime have exposed to a conspiracy by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Also Iranian media outlet Press TV, considered to be one of the Syrian regime supporters, claimed that Free Syrian fighters burn the bodies of their dead comrades killed during clashes with government forces to prevent the disclosure of their identities.

It is important to mention that the popular revolution against the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, did not turn into an armed revolution until several months after it erupted, following a severe regime crackdown that so far has killed more than 40,000 people in 20 months.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Free Syrian fighters for the first time have shot down a helicopter with a surface-to-air missile at the strategic Sheikh Suleiman army base near Aleppo. A video posted on YouTube shows the helicopter on fire and falling to the ground.

Moreover, witnesses and the Syrian Observatory said the rebels captured the pilot of the downed warplane.

According to Reuters, one Syrian analyst, who asked not to be named because he remains in contact with Syrian officials, said the Syria conflict had undergone a "dramatic change in dynamics" in the last few weeks.

"This is a regime engaged in a fighting retreat. The more the opposition wins over regime bases, the more they acquire weapons. I think it's self-sustaining," he said, predicting a showdown within weeks.

Another analyst said that Assad is increasingly relying on militiamen and members of the Alawite community to defend his regime as Free Syrian fighters advance in Syria's north, east and inevitably toward a final showdown in Damascus.

He also said the regime now relies on some 120,000 experienced fighters and conscripts forced to stay on after completing their military service.


This is a funny report, which was published by the Syrian regime newspaper Al-Watan, because this story has been repeated many times during the past 20 months. But what is new is mentioning the following nationalities:

Chad, Chechnya and Azerbaijan.

I think if the fight continues for a long period of time, we will see the names of other countries such as Pakistan,Somalia...etc. However, it is impossible to mention countries like Sudan, Iraq and Algeria because these countries still consider the regime legitimate.

The other funny part is that mentioning Chad was deliberate, as it is currently experiencing a substantial presence of al-Qaida. But, who thinks well about this matter will find out that the Chadian will prefer to fight in his country, as he does not have to fight another regime in Syria that is thousands of miles away from Chad.

I sent a letter today to Al-Watan newspaper and asked them why they didn't mention the story of Hezbollah leader who was killed by unknown people in Damascus. Al-Manar TV, related to Hezbollah, mentioned this incident, then this news was blacked out. Nevertheless, I expect not to receive a response. As these kinds of fighters from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah defend the regime, thus the regime respects them a lot.

I think that political analysts have seemed to understand that the regime is about to fall. That is clear from the comments that have started to be issued by political analysts inside Syria. I guess that the victories of the Free Syrian Army, which were differentiated during the past days in liberating a number of military bases from the control of the regime, gave indications to the Syrian people and the Syrian political analysts that regime will be eliminated soon.

All the media focused on the shooting down of a regime forces helicopter, knowing that champions of the Free Army had previously downed many helicopters, but this is the first time it fel by a missile and not bullets as usual. Obviously, if the Syrian regime is sane, it will stop the massacres. What I expect and await for, is that a lot of pilots will defect the regime and leave for another country, because the presence of such missiles simply means that the Free Syrian Army was able to create a no-fly area, or even many no-fly zone areas, despite all allies of the Syrian regime rejecting that.

Awaiting more victories and I am confident that the battle of Damascus and the Syrian coast will witness the end of Assad's regime. All cameramen need to focus their cameras on any sewer pipes, as they will be the last shelter for Assad.


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Champions of the Free Army have released footage that shows the shooting down of a helicopter in Aleppo. A second piece of video seems to show the same helicopter slowly descend before crashing to the ground.
saleh1966 is based in Gaza, Ġazzah, Palestine, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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