Fiction: Street Kids (2c)

Fiction: Street Kids (2c)

Cebu : Philippines | Nov 25, 2012 at 11:35 PM PST
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Skooter reports 11/26/12

Doc Fernandez shilly-shally at first to give the mayor a number but then he said, “Maybe an additional one or two?” Mayor Chiz said before he left, “make it a female next time, OK?”

Frank de Leon chose to remain in the lab to observe the newly develop subject, Ben, and was now dubbed as Sparky 1-a, his secret code. The new Ben or Sparky 1-a, is now a man of six-foot-six, hairy, wide blue eyes under thick eyebrows, pointed nose, wide mouth and crowned with bushy light-brown hair. More or less he got a Caucasian looks.

The subject was still stretched out half naked on the stretcher-like metal bed, was now unstrapped and free to move. He was ordered to sit up facing the doctor. “Do you know who you are?” Doc Fernandez started. The subject’s eyeballs moved dramatically from side to side and then shook his head. “Do you know why you are here?” Again, the subject shook his head.

The doctor who sat on a swivel stool turned around and told Frank smiling that he was sure the subject’s memory has been deleted. “Are you sure?” Frank dubiously asked. The doctor faced the subject and asked again, “Do you have friends?” The subject didn’t reply nor he shook his head but bobbed his head. The doctor’s swollen face was distraught when he saw the subject’s response. “Could you tell me, who are they?”

But the impatient Frank interrupted, “Hey doc, can’t he talk?” The doctor ignored him. In a little while they heard the subject’s harsh voice, “What friends? I don’t understand.” Doc Fernandez raised his hands in the air and expressed his favorite word of “Alleluia.”

He got off from the swivel stool and happily said, “We need a little finishing on him. We have to enhanced on his speech first and then his other capabilities as a human being before we could use him.”

“You mean, we have to retrained him, doc?” Frank said in disappointment. “How long will it take?”

“Relax, Mr. de Leon sir, we have all the time. We don’t have to rush. The subject should be perfect in another couple of months, otherwise…we have a failure and we don’t want it to happen. Do you?” He said rubbing his hands. “Don’t worry I’ll let you know in a matter of time.”

“But doc…” Frank insisted. “We can’t wait that long.” The doctor talked back and “Don’t rush me, just give me two months, OK?”

A month later, Fiona and the boys were worried to what happen to Ben, it’s been a long time they have not seen or heard about him. They tried to ask Clark and Ralph but they were snubbed. One quiet night, Fiona got up from bed, with guts she sneaked out from the dorm, and successfully got across to the boy’s dorm without being caught by the slithering search light beam.

She knew the room where her gangs were kept, on the second level. Before she climb up, she hid behind one corner, looked here and there, no guards, she smiled. Quickly she rushed to the steps, found the room, knocking on the metal door and whispered their names.

Caloy heard her whisperings, got up and peeked through the door’s small opening. In a minute three shadows covertly rushed down to the ground level and into the basement where the lab was. A sentinel they observed in front of the swinging doors and quickly they hid behind a curve. The corridor was well lit so they waited until the guard moved on to a far corner.

Leaning against the wall, they hurriedly moved towards the door’s lab before the guard could march back. Caloy looked inside the laboratory, finding no one, tip-toeing they entered. One more step, they could have been seen by the guard that was posted in the office of the lab chief. Immediately they placed themselves behind a bent. Fiona’s eyes watch closely the movement of the guard; she didn’t go any further.

The gang of three patiently waited, had to watch also the guard that was outside the lab just in case. Fiona peeked again; elated to see the guard was gone. She let the other two to stay put, she has to move alone, see what she could do and stole a look that was inside the doc’s office.

True to her expectation, she saw a huge fellow seemingly talking to the doctor. The teen docked behind a file cabinet, listening to their conversation. They were talking but wait a minute is the doc tried to teach the man how to talk and pronounce the words properly? Fiona wondering what was going on. She lifted up a little bit enough to find out who was the doctor was talking to.

She stared intensely as if she burnt her vision at the unknown man. Is there something familiar about the man? There is, she answered in her thoughts. But she couldn’t believe that the man is her friend Ben, although he looks like him; his over-size ears particularly. The most significant to recall was his mannerism, especially the way the man rubbed the tip of his nose every now and then. Well anyway, people have similarities and dissimilarities, she surrendered to her dubious thoughts.

But one thing she didn’t understand was the big difference between Ben and the man. Whatever his name is, he is an adult Caucasian man while Ben is an Asian teenager, she concluded. There was a huge gap indeed and the man, she was sure was not Ben. But where’s Ben?

to be continued...

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street kids 2c
A laboratory mouse cage. Mice are either bred commercially, or raised in the laboratory.
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • A laboratory mouse cage. Mice are either bred commercially, or raised in the laboratory.

    street kids 2c

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