Conservative-Corporate America: Let us laud our patriotic ‘job-creators’

Conservative-Corporate America: Let us laud our patriotic ‘job-creators’

Fort Collins : CO : USA | Nov 25, 2012 at 11:57 AM PST
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Conservatives protest health care reform

This is precisely what I expected of Conservative-Corporate America upon Obama’s eminent re-election: Impractical decision-making based on irrational conclusions drawn from exaggerated claims of that all-be-damned Obamacare breaking its very bank. Give me a God-forsaken break. This epicurean, woe-is-me Conservative-Corporate whining has run its gamut. Multi-millionaires ranting that Obamacare will send them to the poor-house and wealthy companies with 50-plus employees obstinately refusing to hire full-time workers at decent cost-of-living wages –citing Obamacare, and Obamacare alone – for their sure-as-fire ill-fated profit-margins.

Are you kidding me? What has top-level management been doing for the last three-odd years? Other than maintaining its pre-recession revenue levels and its exclusive top-level salaries while executive-decisioning lower-level lay-offs and wage decreases, that is. Conservative-Corporate: Sitting on its collective head claiming it just doesn’t know what the future holds under Obama even after the Supreme Court ruling of the Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality. Conservative-Corporate (you know, those "job-creators," right?): Downsizing every this-and-that as it moans of the economy and high unemployment rates, as if it were remotely effected and ducking its own responsibility for the state-of-affairs.

I love how these anti-big Government, corporations-are-people cads expect Obama to alone (no gratis to our esteemed senators) fix the faux pas of conservative-led recent yore. Hating on his progress (in spite of their self-constructed and highly applauded road-blocks) this continued Conservative-Corporate blatant refusal to advance, while not astonishing by any means, is beyond preposterous. These "leaders" opt to deflate their own business in preference to towing the anti-Obama party-line, simultaneously expecting him to perform economic miracles, then maliciously ruing his accomplishments.

Throughout the economic crisis, Conservative-Corporate America has been using the recession as an excuse for doing the wrong thing by its employees. The blatant refusal of these companies to take due responsibility for the condition of our economy, as it presently rests comfortably in their own employment practices, is an apt display of the perfect balance of ignorance and asinine-ism both typical and essential to this brand of egocentric profit-monger. Under their superficial sense of impending Obama-doom (which must compete splendidly with their prevailing delusions of grandeur), these pompous, self-nomenclatured ‘job-creators’ have been living just as high-on-the-hog as ever while they pinch lifelong employee retirement savings after-the-fact. And they have the audacity to bicker about Obama and his positive efforts toward our rather expedient economic recovery.

I would say that, if the leaders of these conglomerates so imprudently think that this one thing – Obamacare – poses such a major threat to profitability, they’ve likely been oblivious to a much greater problem for some time now–namely the poor management of those top-heavy high-salaried-and-health-insured executives. If the CFO can’t effectively run the numbers, there’s the first person that should be axed. The next to go would obviously be the CEO who doesn’t comprehend the need for a healthy and, therefore, present workforce to run the ground-level business. Should the Human Resources Director fail to get that benefits packages increase employee loyalty and, thus, decrease the added costs of churn, well. ...

These business owners and leaders ought to be ashamed of themselves for not offering healthcare benefits to their employees from the get-go. I recall when, not too long ago, a benefits package was customarily offered as an added incentive to draw the best job contenders but, then, it was also standard to offer full-time employment at a decent cost-of-living wage, too. Shoot – back in the day, one could also expect both an annual wage increase and bonus.

Profitability was once contingent upon having the finest employees at the helm. Time was, employers at least assumed the guise of caring for their employees and their families: Every company offered up some slogan of a promise like, “Here, we’re family.” Good old values in the workplace made for cheerful employees which translated to quality products and services which, in turn, rendered a content repeat-customer base equating to profitability and growth. Employees were once an asset to be valued and were paid commensurate to that obvious worth. Remember all that jazz? Seems to me, it worked.

Nowadays, I see the Wal-Mart business model gone mad in Conservative-Corporate. Struggling, disgruntled employees are expected to perform the work once demanded of two (or more). Meanwhile, their low wages force them to rely on the same government “handouts” their conservative employers so loathe. And then these poor folks are threatened daily with job loss – told, even, that they should be thrilled to have work, as they are quite replaceable. Conservative-Corporate is seemingly heedless to the inevitable eventuality of employee strikes and consumer boycotts. It’s no wonder that these companies hold unions in such disdain: They consciously breed the culture and climate of which such extreme measures are born.

Conservative-Corporate chews its own patriotic pro-American ass-flesh to the pelvic bone with its laments against Obamacare and its avoidant proclamations. Conservative-Corporate has taken wholehearted advantage of the recession throughout and, now that recovery is a foreseeable future, it concentrates on the means of which it may further repress its workforce by refusing to adopt – much less put on a show of acceptance – progressive employee measures. It is this “Me, Myself and I” attitude that will drive these companies out of business – not their ill-contrived, seriously convoluted correlation between Obamacare and decreased profitability.

So, Conservative-Corporate, limit your employee numbers to forty-nine. Hire only part-timers. Or, you could simply pay that $2,000-per-worker fee, knowing that your employees will resent you to the bitter end for your utter lack of valiance and potent indifference. That’s cool. But remember this: If you’d stepped up to the plate and done the right thing in the first place, you likely wouldn’t be forced to do so now. And know that, while you sit and trifle over Obamacare, conniving a myriad of ways to avoid it, we of the communities in which your businesses produce and thrive are keenly watching your every move.

Obama’s laid the groundwork for solidarity: It’s time Conservative-Corporate gets with the program and fulfills its patriotic (ethical), much self-lauded "job-creator" part.

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Bank of America is one of America's biggest banks
Bank of America is one of America's biggest banks
Victoria Lee is based in Denver, Colorado, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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