Viewpoints 2012: A lesson from the past

Viewpoints 2012: A lesson from the past

Washington : DC : USA | Nov 09, 2012 at 9:42 PM PST
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What Happen To Benghazi

It seems that ever since Tuesday, Nov. 6, all that I've heard is more of the same from both sides. Well, let me tell you what I am thinking. It doesn't matter, anymore, what you voted for, whether you voted for the idea of the United States of America or for the radical and failed idea that government should have all power. The choices of the few now affect the destiny of us all.

Oh, many won't even see it coming. They'll be looking at it through the rose-colored glasses they were watching the major news networks on. It didn't matter, to them, how manipulated they actually were into believing that the news held it right.

I've never been one to say I'm right. I've always tried to point out how these articles are only my opinion, nothing more.

And the fact is that unless something is done, fast, this nation will rip itself apart.

There is one hope. The actual ballot totals won't be officially entered in until December, and, hopefully, the military ballots will come in before then without any more lame excuses.

For those of you who don't know, the military, serving overseas, were effectively stripped of their right to get absentee ballots, meaning they, too, get to vote, simply because the majority of the military vote for a better military, meaning Republican.

And then they're given sub-standard equipment to arm themselves with.

In 1869, this country was torn apart by the idea that certain groups could own people. These were, of the most part, liberals. How would it feel, I wonder, if they knew that, even though there was no legal way they could be owned, the liberals still own a large percentage of their descendants by turning them against the conservatives and the "white guys." If that truly entered their minds, minds that gave us such remarkable devices as the stoplight as wll as many others, minds that dreamed dreams, minds that saw not just the black racr or the white race or the oriental race or the Arab race but the human race, and they contemplated the new slavery, the slavery of citizens to politicians, how long would those elected "leaders" and self-appointed rulers stand?

Just as an example, today, the director of the CIA resigned mere days before the first of the Benghazi hearings are to start because President Obama had a lead on his having an extramarital affair. Others are leaving because of the same thing, as if their leaving protects the president.

And all this because he was stupid enough to not order cover for the two Navy SEALs.

And let's really face it, folks. President Obama is one class A idiot.

He continued to blame Bush, even though all the things Bush stood for and accomplished for good remained unremarked unless Obama himself could take credit for it.

And I still hold this one to his credit. He was in office when a gulf oil rig hit a bit of frozen methane, blowing it up and causing loss of life and millions of gallons of oil to leak into the ocean, and for over a month he sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing about it.

He has repeatedly sent the exact same bill to congress, hoping, when it gets through, it would somehow magically be different, but the same happened.

He has repeadely blamed the economy on sending jobs overseas, something he really hasn't done that much in, and then, instead of drilling where the richest pockets of oil in the world are, namely in North America, he has sent to South American countries, paying them to drill, while sites here are being shut down, including the maligned Keystone Pipeline.

He has befriended many who have openly vowed war on the United States of America, up to and including the Benghazi attack that he must answer for. I have worked that item in every angle, and the only reason I can see for the drones being in the air around the Embassy is because he wanted to see how much he could really get away with. Why not? He's already built up the death of so many others.

He continued to cripple the economy even more by driving up the national debt with such assinine projects as a "turtle tunnel," so that turtles could get to the other side of a freeway safely, a "study grant" to Chinese students to study the mating habits of fruit flies, and many, many others that are equally as trivial.

He has lied on numerous occasions, hoping nobody catches it, and then turned right around and smiled and patted them on the back, then went golfing.

I was going to mention the golfing, and the many vacations and shopping trips. Were you aware of who actually paid for these things? Did you think it was a "perk" of the job? No, each golf trip and vacation are paid for by us, The American Taxpayer.

He has committed not one, but many impeachable offenses, up to and including the aforementioned Embassy attack and, again, a list of orders and equipment and supplies in case martial law was declared.

Martial law is the status where a policeman's former boundaries are lifted and they are set at liberty to do "what they must" to "protect the peace." But, in reality, it's a police-state, where anyone stepping out of bounds summarily hauled away and penalized by whatever means are necessary.

It brings to mind the "prison experiment" in a certain University. In this experient, conducted by a psychology professor, certain volunteer students were given a classification of being either a prisoner or a guard. The study was supposed to have lasted two weeks, but something remarkable happened. The guards were using their authority to punish prisoners for any minor set of crimes. They weren't allowed physical harm, but the "prisoners" fell right in line as if they were real prisoners, and the guards just got scary.

The experiment was canceled on the first day.

That, to me, is what is most frightening about martial law. If these "guards," mere college-age kids, could get the idea that they could do whatever they wanted within the rules, what if the rules, for all of us, were taken away?

I mentioned earlier some facts about the Civil War, how it took people with guts and the idea that "all men are created equal " meant that nobody should be a slave. Well, we have certain folks among us who think that there should be masters, and, if there are masters, there are slaves. There are those of us who are ready, now, to do whatever we have to do for the idea of a food stamp card or a free phone or whatever else there is.

Let me ask: Are we really willing to sell ourselves for a few trinkets and card? Are we going to fall to our knees, praying not to any particular religion's God, but to those who think they are gods because they sit in certain offices in Washington DC?

When the Civil War started, many of our states seceded from the Union. We then had many battles, each one very bloody, until the states were ready to re-form the Union as before.

I don't advocate the use of violence. I also do not suggest that we get any state to leave. Instead, this Civil War must be a different sort of war, a war of information.

Especially the information about the commander-in-chief. In looking at the upcoming events at the White House, the hearings over Benghazi and other facets are not available to be checked out, yet we know the information is there.

We all should send a letter to the White House regarding these oversights, not just regarding the Benghazi attack. Most of this is available on and the sites for the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity shows on the radio.

Here's the address, and I do suggest writing him directly at this address.

President Barack Obama

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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People walk past the US State Department building in Washington, DC in 2011
People walk past the US State Department building in Washington, DC in 2011
BenThurber is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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