Mitt Romney's sins find him out: No liberty movement, no presidency

Mitt Romney's sins find him out: No liberty movement, no presidency

Washington : DC : USA | Nov 09, 2012 at 6:56 AM PST
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Freedom Movement Winning!

Ding-dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead--the lying, cheating, deceitful GOP is dead! Republican, synonymous with religious fanatics who try nonstop to beat their beliefs over other's heads. Who look the part, but are not to be trusted. Those who are slick, slimy entrepreneurs with their conniving tongues who pander to their audiences just like their mighty leader, Mitt Romney.

Oh wait, you say "all Republicans" are not like Romney? Why pray tell would anyone crown him the choice candidate to run against Obama? Perhaps most Americans were duped by the Republican in Democratic clothing?

If Mitt Romney was supposed to be representing the conservative Republican party then we best be scribing the obituary right now. RIP GOP. I mean really, how many people think highly of the "buy it, strip it, flip it" one as the representative? Isn't the selected candidate supposed to unify the party?

What a joke! Romney's tricks just in my county convention proved his ground troops were well-trained. From the beginning of the gathering, one could glance over and see a Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich supporter with the same beautifully typed-out list initiated by the Romney camp. As a curious citizen's journalist, it only took a few questions to find out the scam. It was clear their unity slate was created with one strategy in mind: Get Ron Paul out of the race.

In "The Ron Paul Effect, How the GOP threw the election by disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters," Policymic's Hamdan Azhar wrote: "Instead of welcoming the passion and dedication of the Ron Paul movement, the party chose to alienate an entire generation of young Republicans, scorning the sensible message of limited government and non-interventionist foreign policy."

Romney's strategy worked for a short time, but even the Bible says, "Your sins will find you out." Yes, Mitt the truth always comes out. And while, the Goldman Sachs corporate puppet pushed so diligently, successfully to keep Paul off the ballot, he forgot one crucial detail. It apparently slipped his mind how mighty the liberty campaign had risen up. He forgot there was a serious grassroots r[3VOL]ution watching his every move. He forgot that without Paul's students of sound money, limited government, and "bring the troops home," he was doomed.

Romney did way more than shoot himself in the foot, he shot himself in the heart, lost the campaign, and gave the Republican party a bad name, a death wish. Who wants to be associated with Romney, even with the party, if he was the "chosen one"? Apparently not a soul from the Austrian economics, constitutionalists, "we are not the bullies of the world" camp.

Yes, Mitt Romney's sins found him out, and as he fought hard the last few weeks of his campaign, those Paul supporters peacefully decided they agreed with Gary Johnson and would not "vote for someone they didn't believe in."

The liberty campaign did not even have to unite because while some voted for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, or Virgil Goode, others wrote in Ron Paul which did two things: 1. Gave voters the freedom to decide with their conscience 2. Made sure Mitt Romney lost the election.

Will the Republican party be able to be resuscitated? Perhaps as America learns the truth about Romney, they will see that "after death" white tunnel and come back to life, changed forever. Only time will tell...

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Ron Paul
Ron Paul
Stephanie Ealy is based in Tacoma, Washington, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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