Dear Conservatives: Let’s chat about abortion (and some other girl stuff)

Dear Conservatives: Let’s chat about abortion (and some other girl stuff)

Fort Collins : CO : USA | Oct 29, 2012 at 8:00 AM PDT
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This here’s the thing: As thoughtful humans, we are all pro-life; no one is “pro-abortion." I point to that particular conservative issue-related logistical flaw because it’s a perfect lead-in to oh-so-many others.

This "debate" should be a non-starter and yet, mere days before the presidential election, we remain in dispute over tedious issues of women’s rights, knowing that the result may well impact the dignity of American women for Lord-knows-how-long. Conservatives, you’ve chopped this whole thing up but good. You took it from abortion to birth control, to women’s healthcare in its totality, to “legitimate rape,” to ad nauseum. ... You’ve effectively pressurized it all into one so we’re now back to women’s rights – all over again. You would have us without universal health care and not earning equal wages (without benefits) to allow us to afford it for ourselves. You really know how to jam a girl up.

Conservatives, you still cling to the ideal that you are truly opposed to the government getting into your personal beeswax, yet you overtly declare that same government’s authority over a woman’s personal options. That you irresponsibly (and simplistically) use religion as your shield defies the most basic sense of the common: If you must cite religion to make a political point, it's probably not a valid argument. (I wonder if God ever feels used. He probably wishes He’d granted us the brain-power to invent the morning-after pill a long, long time ago. Mere human that I am, I guess I can’t know.)

In terms of abortion, do you really think any female would want this procedure? I don’t care if the woman’s been raped, her life is otherwise on-the-line or if she is under grave circumstances that require meditating the abortion route: It is a heart-wrenching and deeply life-altering decision in any case. That we live in a nation where so many would seek to slather additional shame – wearing their Pro-Life buttons like merit badges (see above), no less – onto another’s already profound personal pain is a direct reflection of the profound antipathy of our society. And you’re confused about saving the mother? By this way of thinking on abortion, I presume you’d rather not prevent an equally painful, though medically avoidable, miscarriage?

I don’t think this is really about abortion, per se, and that is probably the reason for the spill-over into all other areas female. Ironically, just as with the rapist (legitimate or otherwise), it is about maintaining an element of hostile power and control over women. Simmer down now, lose the defensive attitude and just think for a calm moment on this. Consider the recent conservative "idea" to curb abortion by requiring (mental note: need new regulation) a trans-vaginal ultrasound under the ‘methodology’ that this cruelty would cause a woman to rethink her decision. The procedure is already medically required up to 12 weeks of gestation (after which an abortion cannot be performed legally), so the attempt to use it toward other means is a blatant exercise of unnecessary intimidation and manipulation.

Conservatives use the same female antagonism repeatedly, guised under their "relevant issue" cloud. How does one reconcile a mutual opposition to abortion and the very birth control that could prevent said pregnancy in the first place? It doesn’t have to make sense – if it abides the small-government conservative authoritarian Christian mantra.

Conservatives, you shouldn’t give a rat’s vagina about our God-given claims to our own bodies in general, much less our female parts in particular. Nor should you suppose accurate mindfulness of our emotional statuses under your intentional provocation. And, if you think I’m somewhat "bitchy" now, you’re fortunate to have missed out on my mood prior to the “snip-snip” of my shriveled ovary, the zapping of my scarred external uterine wall and the power-stripping of my bloody endometrium. Still wanna get all into our business?! I thought not. But, should you remain ardent, I’d kindly inform you that we’re not retro-powerless yet and many of us chicks don’t personally think it to be “God’s will” for men over the age of 50 to be fathering (speaking of parenthood) children. (“Snip-snip.”)

I seriously try not to get too emotional (lest it exacerbate the premenstrual syndrome symptoms or aggravate the perimenopause) over these ludicrous distractions. To my thinking, that abortion thing has been resolved for decades. That women have the right to birth control is a no-brainer. That we deserve full health coverage, regardless of body part, along with equal wages is unquestionable. These should-be non-issues over women’s rights that only gain momentum whenever some attention-seeking moron proffers fresh "political" discourse on some punch-drunk, religiously biased rant singularly intended to throw the public into a convoluted uproar. We all actively participate in the insanity: Conservatives amass in untethered jubilation of boosted camaraderie; non-conservatives unwittingly heighten their reveille by hollerin’ for yet another thoughtless, trite and remorseless apology. We’ve come a long way, baby.

As far as I’m concerned, opine away; no apology required. I figure the more the stupefied continue to blast their kooky-talk, the better off we all are. Let’s just call it an Awareness Campaign and leave it at that. We need more honesty in politics anyway and, the more frankly these radically irresponsible and intellectually negligent speak, the more we will lend our standard cognizant gravity to the real topics of progressive concern. That we should presently be so seriously bothered with such extraneous backwards blather is ignoble, but. ...

I imagine you conservatives are just getting warmed up and, now that you’re rollin’ on this hells-blaze-o’-fire, ain’t nobody gonna stop ya now. Prediction: Just as surely as the frivolity of your antics will lose their spike for us, so this trendy exhibition of asinine-ism will equally erode for you-all. In the meantime, as you prance along to your next pro-life/anti-abortion social, could you please try to remember that there is no such thing as "pro-abortion"? It’s really too pointless to sing to the choir, particularly when the one chorus performs from a dais built on ignorance.

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Victoria Lee is based in Denver, Colorado, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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