A heart to heart letter for Mitt Romney

A heart to heart letter for Mitt Romney

Cleveland : OH : USA | Oct 27, 2012 at 10:30 AM PDT
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Final Presidential Debate on oreign Policy

Dear Mitt Romney:

I write this letter, not because I am liberal, but mostly because I am a human being first, female second and patriotic last. Ever since I was a child, I grew upon the value system, that character and trust were two of the most important traits of any human being. And while you might see this as trivial, I insist that you should think it’s important, if you are a serious candidate for president in these United States of America.

Over the past months, the respect I had for you as a former Governor, businessman and citizen have turn from neutral to questionable. Simply put, I cannot rely on you to stick with what you say, after running for president for the last six years. Your stance on several issues has been altering my golden rule - to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Even though I am a liberal at heart, I was always willing to hear out the GOP contender, to see if he or she fits in with my moralistic views and their stance on the issues.

I have followed you Governor Romney, over the last election cycle, and I must say that while you were not well organized from a campaign standpoint, you held on to the core issues that you campaigned on during 2008. So fast forward to your 2012 bid, what on earth has happened to you.

America needs a leader, one who says what he means, and means what he says. Take the auto bailout for example, I could not believe, when I read about you not believing in it. You wanted managed bankruptcy for the auto manufacturers - and I was willing to listen and I am still listening, trying to figure how managed bankruptcy could have helped in these economic times. So when President Obama offered a solution that worked, saving over 800,000 jobs, you criticized him. Listen Willard, Americans benefited from this bailout, so cheer not jeer, as that would show bipartisanship for your cause. Instead you twisted the truth and even recently while campaigning in Ohio told another one of your signature “untruth” about Jeep moving their production to China.

About your binder full of women – here we go Governor. When are you going to tell the truth to the voting public, that you did not build those binders full of women on your own accord; yes tell the people that program was in place before you were sworn in. I am sensitive to this point, Governor as I am a female, who has been subjected to inferior pay grade over my male counterparts, even though I have never needed to go home early to make dinner and yes I have been a single mom juggling parenting, work and giving back to my community. No Governor, my kids have not contributed to gun violence even though, I have chosen to remain single. See Governor, this is not only my story, it’s a story anyone of my fellow single or married friends could tell.

There is no telling how the issues facing women in this country are overlooked, minimized or attacked as petty. While I know where your platform stood on the issue of equal pay – you have no comment, on abortion – the jury is still out and on contraception – let’s not mention your fumbling of the Sandra Fluke issue. You need to be clear about your endorsement for Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, tell the voters the truth, after all you picked Paul Ryan for Vice President, his views are similar to Akin and Mourdock. Governor Romney note to self rape is a crime.

What is your stance on foreign policy exactly, you were for all the wars but you never did get around to serve in the armed forces, you were never for the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, in fact you dismissed it calling it hopeless, but now you want to embrace peace. In a turncoat fashion, you pondered yourself as a fellow of the American exceptionalism, declaring that “we can’t kill ourselves out of this mess…we don’t want another Iraq.” Mitt Romney GOP nominee for president, you ought not to pander to swing voters in this manner. You are no centrist, admit it you are a neo-conservative, who yields to Rush Limbaugh, endorses on Mourdock, is not even gaffe-free on a trip to the Olympics and call yourself a “wonna-be” leader of the free world.

By the time this letter reached you Mitt, I hope you will find it in your heart to come clean with the American people before the November 6 election, on all your gaffes, untruths, no comments, and lastly must repudiate your lead surrogate John Sununu, for his racially charged statement about former Secretary of State Colin Powell. See Governor, Mr. Powell is a good example of bipartisanship, he is without question a leader and a former war veteran. Here is what you can learn from Mr. Powell, he speaks from the heart, subjecting himself to all that vitriol and race bating and people trust his instincts.

Win, lose or draw this election, always be true to what you believe in and never think you can just change the tune in the middle of the dance just because you losing to the competition.

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Final Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy
AliceMagretMeikle is based in Miami, Florida, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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