So Abbas Wants to Cancel the Oslo Accords

So Abbas Wants to Cancel the Oslo Accords

Nablus : Palestine | Sep 22, 2012 at 5:42 AM PDT
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Palestinian Authority considers trial of Israel for terrorism

Mahmoud Abbas has reached his Nirvana moment of infinite awareness and has decided that if he cancels the Oslo Accords with Israel then he will automatically be able to declare the Palestinian state of Palestine and keep everything and never need to bother with anything as silly and superfluous as negotiating with Israel, which has proven messy at best. Unfortunately for President Abbas there is the other side of any cancellation of the Oslo Accords; namely that he is only allowed to be the President of the Palestinian Authority because he was brought back from exile in Tunisia as a result of the Oslo Accords. If the Oslo Accords were to be cancelled, then he and much of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, the PLO and other groups within the Palestinian society could and should be exiled right back to Tunisia, providing they could be convinced to take them in again. Sometimes one need watch what they ask for as they just might receive more than they bargained for.

It appears that Mahmoud Abbas would like to pursue anything he can come up with in order to circumnavigate around having to reach a negotiated compromise with Israel. He has also realized that some of the world has begun to catch on to his game and that the time may be growing short before he no longer will receive endless goodwill and cash from the rest of the world. There are already some signs that some are realizing that it may not be completely the Israelis fault that negotiations have stalled and always seem to hit some snag derailing them before they start. It just could be that Mahmoud Abbas has cried wolf a few too many times and the gullible world is catching on to his routine and refusing to continue to pay him for excuses instead of results and any improvement of the conditions for the Palestinian people. The ever-present cry of late coming out from Ramallah has been pleas for more money and many countries have reached the point where they are refusing to throw even more money down the drain supporting the Abbas and friends’ cleptocracy. This latest demand that countries need to honor their promises to send more hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority so that they can pay the salaries of their employees might be wearing thin, especially after the recent publication of the slightly uncomfortable fact that the Palestinian Authority was paying the terrorists held in Israeli jails for everything from simple terror attacks damaging property to multiple murders by terrorism and not only paying them before the actual PA employees, but paying them far higher salaries. Such items have not sat all that well with some of those who have born the funding of the Palestinian cause with near endless piles of monies being wasted with little if anything to show for their investment.

The Israelis aught offer to cancel all of the items from Oslo if Mahmoud Abbas actually desires such a move. They should then load him and all those who are higher ups in the
PA and give them a one-way plane trip to Tunis, Tunisia. Should the economy in Judea and Samaria return to the healthy levels of growth they enjoyed before Oslo destroyed every gain that had been made, within a year or two of drastic drops in unemployment and double digit economic growth and the Palestinians may actually rejoice in their newfound good fortune. The West Bank, as Abbas calls it, led the world in economic growth and had among one of the lowest unemployment rates of the developing world. Infrastructure was being built at a near dizzying pace and life in general was improving. Many of the older Palestinians who remember such times are among the leaders of those who are now rebelling against the Palestinian Authority because of economic conditions and lack of a decent economy in those areas solely under Palestinian Authority control. One could bet that a majority of the younger Palestinians would likely realize the improvements that would come from such an increase in the economy and the resultant increase in jobs and other opportunities. What many in the rest of the world are finally figuring out is that Area A is under total control, politically, economically, and security, of the Palestinian Authority and Area B is under joint security control between Israel and the Palestinian Authority while the majority of the political and all of the economic control are the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

So, should Mahmoud Abbas succeed in having the Oslo Accords negated, he and the rest of the PLO and PA leadership should be returned to Tunis and Israel simply annex the entirety of Judea and Samaria. Their claim to these areas is far more legal and secure from a historical aspect and a legal aspect under every form of International Law. Whether one wishes to use the Geneva Accords which allow for a nation that gains lands due to a response to being attacked, which Israel was by Jordan in June 1967, then they may retain these lands and the residents may choose whether they prefer to relocate into areas still under the control of the previous country or stay as legal aliens of the new country who has gained proper jurisdiction. Those who stay would not be guaranteed legal rights as citizens by the new state and would remain citizens of the previous state. The new country could grant them citizenship or place requirements for them to receive citizenship, but such is not a requirement.

Should one choose to claim the patrician plan offered by the General Assembly in November of 1947 which would have established an Arab and a Jewish State between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, that deal was advisory and nullified as soon as the Arab League rejected the offer leaving all of the land in question to be under the previously standing treaties. The final condition of these treaties is summarized by the Churchill White Papers (also known as The British White Paper of 1922) which promised the Zionists that in exchange for allowing seventy-eight percent of the British Mandate Lands to be set aside for the formation of a Palestinian Arab State known as Transjordan (now simply Jordan) to be placed under the rule of the Hashemite Family as their monarch, the remaining twenty-two percent of land which includes all the lands from the Jordan River west to the Mediterranean Sea which would never be further divided. This treaty was signed and approved by Britain, the Zionist Ruling Body, and the League of Nations and subsequently included under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.

Going back any further than this would lead to the entirety of the British Mandate Lands being reserved under the protection of the British Crown solely for the formation of a Jewish State once Britain had assisted and facilitated sufficient resettlement by the Jewish People making a functioning state possible. This in and of itself was not executed in good faith by the British who did everything in their power, including stealing off over three-fourths for an Arab state, to prevent Jewish settlement within the Mandate Lands and to empower the Arabs at the Jews expense weakening their ability to defend their state once it was declared in May of 1948. The war the British did all in their power to bring to a successful conclusion and Arab victory is what produced the real occupied lands of Gaza and the West Bank. Gaza was occupied by Egypt while the West Bank was occupied by Jordan. Egypt never claimed Gaza and Jordan’s annexing of the West Bank was only recognized by Britain and Pakistan. Even the rest of the Arab and Muslim Worlds did not recognize the West Bank as belonging to Jordan. So, that begs a question of to whom did the West Bank and Gaza belong if they were occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively? The truth is they belonged to the Jewish State which had been newly formed called Israel. That is the truth. So, please quit from Oslo Mahmoud Abbas and enjoy your flight back to Tunis, Tunisia. We will not be missing you.

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