"We will never Yield"

"We will never Yield"

Manila : Philippines | Sep 21, 2012 at 8:46 AM PDT
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Why do those who are old enough still commemorating despite attempts to undermine it?

As most people started reading papers, watching documentaries to joining in protest marches in a day of hatred against what proclamation 1081 did from 1972 and its long term effects, it all expressed concern, disgust, sympathy or perhaps even apathy upon recalling every account that comprises both horror and praise in Philippine history.

However, despite all these expressions, the legacy of having the entire Philippines under Martial Rule is fast reducing into a mere fragment of history such as pictures and anecdotes while disregarding its long term effects such as having debts, of trigger happy military men and a prevailing poverty that is worse than the movies made by Lino Brocka. For sure everyone had read history yet leaving it without knowing its lesson such as upholding freedom and realizing calls for social change. Or even admittingly thinkingthat in a society wherein still ruled by a rich clique, and a culture that is decadent and near idiotic, struggle for change is fast becoming difficult in terms of numbers of people committed for a cause. And yet despite these how come struggle continues evenly?

Quite strange to think of, especially on why should everyone remain apathetic to heed the call of the people or even assail every demonstration as a mere noise? A bottle, case, or even a barrel of beer while dancing to the tune of KPop and House music is not enough to forget a decades-old noises of harassment and atrocity made by a group of barbarians in uniform, nor justifying achievements such as edifices being made during those times is not even enough to solve a crisis such as shantytowns and garbage dumps.

Once, this writer read Marcos's book regarding the so-called revolt of the poor, at first it is quite amazing that he speaks onm behalf of the poor, that he made attempts such as encouraging everyone to create cooperatives and the like, of food distribution centers as substitute for existent markets, yet how come the revolt of the poor still continue in a form of protest? Those who are even accused of torture and extrajudicial acts in one of the appendices of the book made by Marcos are perhaps even at large and even silent regarding their atrocities without regret, or thinking of it as a policy despite being noticed and given punishemnt as stated in the appendices in a book made by the dictator.

Or even expressing ridicule especially after what Human Rights Commissioner Etta Rosales had stated regarding everyone wanting to join rallies to read books instead in the library, that seemingly made people think that she had given up her protest backgrounds for a bureaucratic seat with pleasure. And perhaps as an official of good rank, despite recognizing popular hatred against Martial Law atrocities and its long term effects, even assuming as a victim, also tends to reduce sentiment with its youth be instead "reading books on the library" or "study lessons", reducing affairs into academic matters instead of going to a protest at Mendiola last September 21 or any other issue such as education crisis and social welfare.

That perhaps made this writer think that a once activist who had given up mass struggle by having a mere government position and forgetting struggle and the people itself undermines struggle for social changes, and even worse by compelling the young confined in the four corners of the room, reading books and waiting for their fate reducing their aspiration into a mere figment of an imagination doomed to be forgotten.

After all, in reading the said remark taken by the commissioner would say is obviously indifferent from a mere individual who comments reegularly in a forum in Facebook or any social media about the rallies and mass struggles by telling the youth to stay at classrooms or libraries and merely watch documentaries or read writeups about the horrors and successes of Martial Rule in the Philippines? Yes, these people who are studying may've appreciate the infrastructure, the cost of living, as well as abhor the atrocities and the crimes made by those barbarians in fatigues and insignia, but despite recognizing, how about its long term effects? Studying it is not enough nor thinking about those serious matters as mere academic requirement that is, different from advancing peoples struggles through rallies and promoting pro-people bills such as Genuine Agrarian Reform and a pragmatic foreign policy.

And since that since the system wanted it, of rreducing matters, aspirations into a mere statement or drama, while encouraging people to remain apathetic and thinking as if nothing happened, then are they rather tolerating idiots than realists? Of intellects rather coming from their scrotum than their mindsets? Such sheer tolerance given by the system whilst persecuting those against its anti-people policies in the pretext of peace and order aggravates the rotten nature of the society all despite modern edifices, technology, and even the massive influx of imported consumer goods and pop music that made everyone forgets its roots, heritage, and even yearness for social change.

After all, despite all odds, whether be tyrrany or crisis, the people, with its lessons learned, will never yield to another wave, perhaps worse than what happened starting in 1972.

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Day of Hatred
Students, Youth Organizations and trade unions united in a day of hatred against Martial Law as well as fighting for Education and Civil Rights in the Philippines (Source: Quillrose)
QuillRose is based in Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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  • Students, Youth Organizations and trade unions united in a day of hatred against Martial Law as well as fighting for Education and Civil Rights in the Philippines (Source: Quillrose)

    Day of Hatred

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