Is it a full moon over America every day?

Is it a full moon over America every day?

Washington : DC : USA | Sep 20, 2012 at 6:14 PM PDT
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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that it has become a full moon every night in the United States?

Don’t they say the crazies come out of the woodwork every time there is a full moon? I didn’t think it as humanly possible to have a presidential candidate who was a bigger fruitcake than, ohhhhh lets say, the LAST Redumblican president!

And then there is the last Redumblican candidate John McCain who ran against President Obama, who tanked his campaign with the selection of the “I can see Russia from my front porch” “pit bull with lipstick” as his running mate. And we all know he could have picked the current presidential candidate Mittens Romney as his running mate, but his campaign still would have tanked.

The current Redumblican candidate Romney picks a holiday nut log, Paul Ryan, as his running mate, who is a consummate GOP serial liar. But will that alone be enough to tank his candidacy? I mean let’s face it, Romney has some rather bizarre religious beliefs, and he has financial backers that run the gamut from the Mormon church, to a billionaire casino owner, Sheldon Adelson, to two brothers who’s name sounds like a popular soda, who want to gut the EPA so they can continue and further their pollution of our country and the planet, just to increase their bottom line. And then appears the secretly recorded tape showing Romney not only dismissing 47% of the voting public but also shows he will just “kick the can down the road” when it comes to Israel and Palestine. His new ad says he wants to help the middle class get jobs. But last month he defined middle class as anyone who makes over $200k. That is NOT middle class, and to trash 47% of the voters, many of whom are seniors and those making less than enough to require filing a Federal return is inexcusable, callous and frightening.

Now of course we all know that with fruitcakes, you have got to have nuts, and the nuts have been coming out of the woodwork since, ohhhhh lets say, the LAST Redumblican president! In fact, they’re no longer even trying to hide the fact that they’re nuts. The dais for the debates looked like the inside of a nut store. Every conceivable kind of nut was available.

666 Herman Cain, oops I should have said 999 but then again it depends on which way you’re looking at it. He holds it up to you as 999 but he’s the one who is really looking at it and from his angle it is 666.

He didn’t last long, because most of America hadn’t heard of his pizza. Yes I said pizza. It is just nuts to think that anyone would believe a pizza CEO had what it takes to run an entire nation and also handle foreign policy decisions.

And then there is closet gay, Rick Santorum. Yes I think he’s really gay because of the old saying, “He doeth protest too much, me thinks.”

His outrageous claims about families, politics, sex (especially gay sex, I think there is a theme there) have left most people, even many Christians, scratching their heads in wonder. And his latest line is that as people get smarter (which implies educated) the less likely they are to vote Redumblican. How stupid do you have to be, to call your base stupid for voting for you? And how much more proof do you need that intelligence, not only in book learning but also common sense, causes you to vote Democrat? Is it any wonder that Redumblicans want to cut funding for education?? They want to hang onto their dumb voting base, and breed future dumb generations of voters. And sweet Rick is not the only Redumblican to have recently said that the smarter people are, the more they’re going to swing towards voting Democrat. So we have a whole bunch of Redumblicans saying they need to keep voters dumber than dirt, in order to maintain their base.

And we saw “The Pillsbury Doughboy” serial cheater, Newt Gingrich and his whore Callista. Let’s face it, marriage does not legitimize the fact that she started out as a whore. She was Gingrich’s mistress while he was still married to his late wife. Great American values there Newt…….NOT!

He still, to this day, continues to open his pie hole and spew the Redumblican lines. He called Mitt Romney all kinds of truths, bad truths, during the campaign, but then chalks it up to ‘Oh that’s just the kind of mud -slinging you do during campaigns’.

And what can you say about the mixed bag of nuts named Rick Perry? As Governor of the Great state (in size only) of Texas, he has also told bad truths about Mitt Romney, but he has also tried hard to hide the fact that he has dumbed down Texas education and even gambled teachers pensions on wall street, based on taking bets on how long each teacher would live. He claims to be a Christian but attends a church that plays Lynard Skynard. Even I, as a Christian have a problem with that.

He thinks it is ok for government to be all up in a woman’s vagina. He called Social Security a ponzi scheme. I could say more about him, but I’m afraid I would digress into the abyss.

Next is Ron Paul, the crotchety old OB/GYN congressman from Texas. He has a lot of views I agree with, and proof of that is that they just wouldn’t let him speak, especially at the RNC. I think he is actually a progressive liberal, though I doubt he’d agree with that. But just like with GOP voter suppression attempts, they suppressed Ron Paul from raining on the GOP parade of lunatics. I think they secretly hope he gets Parkinson’s and then goes back to examining women’s naughty bits full time. Wouldn’t that be a trip? (for the patient anyway) Lol

John Huntsman, also a Mormon, who has foreign policy experience unmatched by any of the other candidates, just couldn’t gather the support, partly because he IS a Mormon. Most people deep down inside; and whether they’ll admit it or not, are concerned that the Mormon religion will fulfill the “White Horse” Prophecy of Joseph Smith and turn the government into a Mormon theocracy. But even though John had the foreign policy experience, he didn’t have the church “creds” or the church’s blessing to be “the one” to help the church overthrow the government. He wasn’t a direct descendant of a church founder. While he has always been a good and loyal Mormon, he was not the chosen one. And that also says a lot about the church’s intent. If the Mormon Church really had the country’s best intentions, it would support someone whose calm demeanor and ability form complete meaningful sentences. We wouldn’t have a pandering flip flopper as the GOP nominee. I’d still be highly concerned about the church’s plans getting in the way of government if Huntsman was the nominee, and he became president, but I’m even more concerned about it with Romney as the nominee.

Oh, and let’s not forget Michele “pray away the gay” Bachmann, who not only rages against gays but also minorities. She has launched her own “McCarthyism Witch Hunt” against Muslims. Every time she opens her mouth, something else comes out that leaves people wondering what planet she came from, AND wishing she would go back there.

And oh, what can we say about Todd Akin? Not only does he not know anything about female anatomy, (which makes me wonder how he even found his wife’s genitals to reproduce) but he opens his mouth and spews forth total bull crap. The whole GOP disavows his existence and says he’s on his own. If he wins, that means he is going to be totally ineffective as a legislator if he doesn’t have any GOP support. Yet he fights on, to win his seat.

Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and especially McConnell, vowed to make Obama a one term president, even though they’d have to deliberately tank the economy in the process. The goal was to lay all the blame for the lack of recovery on the President so he’ll lose re-election. I’m sorry, but these actions should be considered an act of treason.

Governor Christie, the only governor who can stand on the New Jersey board walk and look proportionate to the Ocean, gets his chest puffed out and spews lies at the RNC. He should shove a Krispy Kreme in his mouth and shut up. And we have too many governors to mention, attempting to suppress voting because they know the only way they can win anything for the GOP is to lower the voting numbers. Between the lies and the attempts at voter suppression and the billions raised by super pacs, they think they can buy the election. This isn’t democracy in action, this is a treasonous coup.

NOT ONE of the GOPs or their supporters is following the constitution which says we shall not foist religious beliefs on the general public.

In old English, Freedom of religion actually meant freedom FROM religion. The settlers came here looking for freedom BECAUSE The Church of England was telling the government what laws to make regarding the behavior of the public. Many of those laws were too restrictive, so they up and left for the new world. The separation of church and state doctrine was put in to keep the new government here free of church interference. Now we have the religious right wing fanatics trying to influence government to make laws governing everyone else. The GOP platform promises every moral value the right wingers want to see happen, but not because they plan to enact anything in the platform, but simply to attract the right wing voters. Part of the proof of this is that they’ve had anti-abortion on their platform since the 70’s and they still haven’t overturned Roe v Wade.

I’ll be quite happy when the GOP and Tea party both fold up their tents and go away. If Romney, Ryan and the rest of the nuts get what’s coming to them, we just may see the end of the Redumblican party. As Rick Santorum said, the more educated people become, the more the educated will outnumber the dummies the GOP is pandering to.

JimMartin is based in Statesville, North Carolina, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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