Embassies and pasture fields

Embassies and pasture fields

Washington : DC : USA | Sep 15, 2012 at 5:36 PM PDT
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As someone who grew up on a farm in Southeastern Ohio, I learned many things about animals and how they generally behave.

Most of the cows on my dad’s farm were Polled Herefords, which are usually pretty docile. However, the bulls can be a different matter altogether.

Weighing close to 2,000 pounds, a Hereford bull can do a lot of damage to you if he’s so inclined. Quite often, they get the idea that they should remind everyone inside their fence that they are indeed the bull of the herd.

That applies to you as well.

The bull will usually telegraph his hostile actions by blowing and huffing at you. This is usually followed by the animal pawing at the ground with his hoof.

When this happens, there are only a couple of courses of action left to you.

Most people will choose to run for the safety of the fence line.

The biggest problem with that first option is that the Hereford bull is blessed with four-wheel drive and the human body only has two. Even if you have the speed to outrun them, the ground is often unlevel. The pasture field is littered with animal droppings that can make your footing uncertain and cause you to stumble.

Then you would be at the animal’s mercy.

As a child growing up around farm livestock, you learn that there is another choice, a much wiser and more viable option. Your father, a man who wisely understands the threat and is concerned for your safety, teaches it to you.

When you enter the pasture field, in the bull’s domain, you look for a stick to use as a club. Or, failing to find that, with or without the club, you find your deepest and most threatening voice.

Summoning every ounce of anger and hostility you can muster, you chase the bull over the hill, reminding him, while he may be the bull of the herd, you own the herd.

Bulls are strong and tough; in working around them, you mustn’t ever forget that. If you get in a foot-race with one and come out in second place, then they can and will ultimately hurt you.

However, while bulls can often sense fear, they clearly respect strength.

The same can be said of the animals of the Middle East.

I am not talking about the general Arab citizen; they are not animals.

I am talking about the forces of Radical Islam, the cowardly, diseased and depraved animals that attacked our embassy, the ones who sodomized and murdered our ambassador.

These are animals and should be treated as such!

When Obama became our president, he immediately traveled to Cairo, apologizing for America and claiming that our country would end our hostile actions and become a friend to Arabs everywhere.

He claimed that his Muslim upbringing would give him a special insight into the concerns of Muslims all around the world.

To the weak steers of the media, it was a beautiful thing.

However, while the cows were listening, the bulls of the herd were unimpressed.

The bulls of Radical Islam, who are constantly pawing at the soil, failed to see the speech as conciliatory. They saw Obama’s speech as weakness; they saw it as fear.

President Obama, the man who ought to be running the herd, is being chased out of his own pasture field.

Either Obama doesn’t care or he has deliberately chosen to surrender the world’s pasture field to the animals.

My father, who never saw a day in college, is obviously much smarter than the President of the United States.

Dad never apologized to the bull. He didn’t make speeches to them. He didn’t make excuses for their actions. Moreover, if one of his bulls ever harmed any one of those he cared about, you can be certain that the bull would soon be a hamburger patty.

That’s how a real man manages to rule the herd.

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Bull by the horns
Sometimes, you just have to show the bull that you're the boss. (By User Robert Merkel on en.wikipedia, US Department of Agriculture, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)
R.G. Yoho is based in Marietta, Ohio, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • Sometimes, you just have to show the bull that you're the boss. (By User Robert Merkel on en.wikipedia, US Department of Agriculture, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

    Bull by the horns

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