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Obama said that Romney and Ryan have no plans.

Obama does.

Other than a speech written for a teleprompter, are you wondering about what these plans may be?

Romney had no plans - that is history according to Clinton, Biden, Obama and Wasserman-Schultz:

That's why while at Bain Romney had employed millions of people; 90,000 at Staples alone, more than that at Steel Dynamics, America's largest steel plant.

While all other steel plants in the United States closed down and are rusting away in the steel belt, while others went to China, Romney had created America's largest and most modern steel industry.

And dozens of other companies.

Because Romney had no plans?

That's why, for ZERO salary, he had single-handedly saved the Olympics Enterprise from total, irrevocable failure.

You see, ROMNEY did that with no plans. Imagine what would have happened if he had actually drawn up some plans?

How many people did Obama employ and at which company? I'm just wondering. Stupid of me to ask, eh?


Romney's life and history is the history of SUCCESS.

Obama's life is the sum total of America's History for the Last Four Years.

Last night Obama said to the audience: "My fellow citizens, YOU were the CHANGE!"

In other words, the CHANGE are the glazed-eyed True Believers you saw at the convention. Nothing else. Obama said it with his own words.

"Yes, our path is harder, but to a better place," said the O.

"I have a Dream," said his predecessor, the Republican Martin Luther King Jr.

King is dead. What is the Better Place, Mr. President, for the rest of us Americans? Where King ended up?

Winston Churchill: "No matter how beautiful the STRATEGY, occasionally one should look at the RESULTS."

Obama didn't want to hear that, so as his first act upon walking into the Oval Office in 2008 was to return Churchill's bust to the UK's ambassador.


What happened to all the promises, "I'll cut the deficit in half; "I'll cut unemployment in half, "I'll raise the sea level?"

He said earlier, not this speech, that he'll double average gas mileage for cars in four years to 54 mpg.

And HOW is he going to do that? Repeal the laws of physics?

Or by walking on water? How thick can the people be who actually believe this drivel?

He said that he promised to withdraw troops from Iraq in two years. Sure he will - unfortunately for the history books and the historical facts, someone beat him to it before Barry got elected.

The Man Who Withdrew American Troops from IRAQ was President Bush. Otherwise known in leftwing circles as "The Chimp." And Hitler.



President CLINTON said:

NO PRESIDENT COULD HAVE CHANGED THINGS IN FOUR YEARS - referring to Obama's failure to reverese the economic downtrend.




REAGAN REVERSED JIMMY CARTER'S ECONOMIC BOONDONGLE of high unemployment, misery and poverty and 16% inflation wiping out senior citizen's savings and the value of the dollar.


THE NARRATIVE - the mantra - from THINK PROGRESS, MEDIA MATTERS, HUFF PO and COMMON DREAMS, the NY Times and the MSNBC crowd and the AllVoices Team of Stalinists; Biden, Obama and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz:

"Romney and Ryan have no plans"

- And -

"They want to end MEDICARE as we know it."

Ryan has no plans? See this: http://tinyurl.com/9glmtxo

Actually Romney and Ryan spoke mostly about policy, the economy, how to deal with job loss, and showing their plans. See link above to REASON Magazine.

These speeches from people who have by themselves employed millions without government help or interference.

Creating in the process prosperity for people who pay taxes filling the Treasury's coffers to pay THE FAIR SHARE of those who pay absolutely nothing and who demand for others to pay everything.

People who buy homes, furnishings to fill their homes with, send their kids to schools and put food on the table for their families. THINKING about that, exactly the OPPOSITE of what Obama has done for HIS people who are experiencing the worst POVERTY this nation has experienced since the Great Depression.

Government does not create prosperity and jobs.

People do.


The Romney Team spoke about how to fix what Obama and the Democrats have been "fixing" for seven years.

Any more fixing now that we have 23+ million unemployed, 4 million on disability and uncounted others no longer counted because they no longer receive government checks, 50% of Americans don't pay ANY taxes, for whom I pay their FAIR SHARE; and 47 million are receiving food stamps.

And that ignorant man Churchill
wanted to look at RESULTS?

What for?

Let me explain the results using MATH and the media's interpretation of the math - which at the convention became Bill Clinton's math:

Bush - 5.5% average unemployment - FAILURE

Obama - 10% average unemployment - SUCCESS

Bush - 2 million on disability - FAILURE

Obama - 4 million on disability - SUCCESS

Bush - 7 out of 8 years of economic growth - FAILURE

Obama - 44 months of economic stagnation and depression - SUCCESS

THAT'S MATH for you.

It is the math you won't find on Huff Po because they can't afford calculators.

Or as Winston Churchill might remind us: that math constitutes the RESULTS.


Remember, the Democrats had the house, senate for two out of six, and the white house for four out of four years. The purse strings for almost seven years was controlled by the Democratic Party!


REPEAT with me The MANTRA:



Meanwhile Obama produced no plan at all during his speech except as paean to the Teacher's Union. Education? That's why the Democrats are killing private colleges -- see the stocks (look at the charts) and read about them on Yahoo Finance. Totally anti-education - but pro teacher's union - cutting the ability of vets to get loans, slamming students. Here are the stock sumbols, look them up at Yahoo Finance, read the reports: APOL, CECO, COCO, EDMC, STRA.

You'll find out exactly how much the Democrats care about education and students and student vets looking for financing of their education. THAT, will be YOUR education!

It was the Empty Speech from An Empty Suit. Truly an American Unexceptional rant that went nowhere from an unexceptional man good with a teleprompter, phrasing of sentences, a great voice box and better speech writers.

REMEMBER: All the while BUSH CHIMP rarely used a teleprompter. You know, the dummy, idiot, moron Bush as his enemies called him. You know, that guy who ended the Iraq War that Bill Clinton started.

REF: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Iraq_Liberation_Act_of_199


Take the chutzpah of telling the American People what American Exceptionalism means when the man who is the very model of American Exceptionalism the Democrats dismiss and diminish, The American Exceptional Man: Mitt Romney, whose very life is the model for what the term means!

In other words, American Exceptionalism is not THEIR model the one they pay lip service to.

American Failure is.

Was it not Obama who said that American Exceptionalism is just like Greek Exceptionalism? Have you seen Greece lately?


The RECORD of the Obama Administration's RESULTS is the RECORD of American Failure, and their followers are the clear examples of American Failures and American Failures to Become. See what Bob Woodward, one of their own says below in his book!

It was an inept, totally uninspiring and unexceptional speech. Boring?

Biden totally outclassed Obama last night.

And Clinton? Yes, his numbers were fact checked (below), medical cost premiums ran up big time under Obamacare, for many small businesses 54%; Clinton's fingerprints were all over the global economic collapse, redlining, the Glass-Stegall Act to deregulate, on an on... but...Clinton had performed a great act revising history once again. The Magician's Crooked Finger and direct stare into the camera lecturing The American People once again:

I did not MAKE WAR ON (that) WOMAN!

er, I meant to write:

"I did not have SEX with that woman."

Moist mouths yes, kneepads yes, and Cuban cigars, yes. Sex no.

Admittedly a great act directed at the bottom feeders of society.

Click LINK:



As Obama raked WALL STREET over the coals, read this about which candidate got the more money from the Street:


Where has the Greek Temple gone? Did the oceans rise, the moon turn from a quarter to full?

Were there meteor showers? I have a pitch black night sky here, and I didn't see any.

What you've seen last night are independents and womenfolk turning toward Romney as the HOT AIR eventually dissipates along with the HOPE that had never materialized.

THESE INDEPENDENTS and women want CHANGE and they want it now.

They, like I, sense the loss of energy and conviction. The MOJO's gone because there was no foundation on which Obama's House of Cards was built.

Independents and women see NO RESULTS. Hoping for results is like hoping for your wealth to increase by praying.

I can see Romney face Obama at the upcoming debates in October, like Reagan said to Carter before RR's landslide win:

"There you go again!"



Like Clinton and Biden with a litany of BS, Obama won't get away with HOPE & CHANGE with a Romney who knows his facts.

As for Ryan debating against Biden the Brain Dead?

I can hardly wait.


The only ones who had any energy are the faces of RELIGIOUS CONVICTION you saw at the convention. High on a fantasy, on themselves, JULIA's in the HOPE that Obama will buy them a house and a car and four flat screen tv's with YOUR money.

They are, as Obama told them, The CHANGE. Get it?

These losers - as left liberal Bob Woodward described them in his latest book after having interviewed Obama - are America's HOPE.

Woodward, the man who outed Nixon/Watergate wrote in his latest book about Obama -- and Woodward had FULL ACCESS to The Oval Office:

Obama squandered a good hand he was dealt with and only managed to organize and energize the losers.

The MOJO's gone.

Obama seems to have given up...and he should have as soon as he became honest with himself that he was totally out of his element and skill level - the difference between a president and a man "playing" a president.

Barry went to G8 summits with world leaders, added nothing, and came back with nothing. He went to DAVOS, added nothing and came back with nothing.

Everybody knows this except his fans.

While predecessors had achieved dozens of trade agreements across the board, Obama had not achieved a single one in four years.


While Obama had more golfing outlets the first year of his presidency than Bush in eight, and Bush was constantly being harrassed by the leftist blogosphere, Huffington and others for it, Obama has not met with his jobs cabinet in six months.


He's the Absentee President just as he was absent from the Senate chambers for his entire term - only interested in himself and his power and running for an office he was entirely unsuited for. And Michell goes on shopping sprees in Paris on the taxpayer's dime. Bush's wife never once had.


Barack Obama, the MONUMENTAL FAILURE should just resign a day before Election Day and do the nation a very BIG favor.

“I think Bain Capital has a good and solid record,” Romney said in a CNBC interview. “I was happy to see President Clinton made a similar statement today and called my record superb.” [Romney smiles at Clinton compliment, CNN]

NOTE: Knowing what's coming down, Bill Clinton never once slammed Mitt Romney.

Clinton, for himself as well as for his wife, wants access to Mitt Romney's WHITE HOUSE.


FACT CHECK BY THE WASHINGTON POST...the paper that had first endorsed Barack Obama:


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