Obama Believes in America; does Mitt Romney?

Obama Believes in America; does Mitt Romney?

Charlotte : NC : USA | Sep 06, 2012 at 12:04 AM PDT
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Mitt Romney's Shining Moment at RNC

Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton presented to Americans the first week of September at the DNC just who President Barack Obama really is, and what he really believes. There were no surprises. They have also made clear how Obama will lead America forward and how they proudly stand with him. And they are beckoning Americans to follow.

What about Gov. Mitt Romney? What is Mitt's interest in the presidency? What is his vision? Does he really “Believe in America”? Why does he want, as he says, to “take the presidency"?

Mitt's jobs mantra is about the only specific thing he has tabled. I think that is a no-brainer though; everyone knows that is a central issue for Americans. Obama and the Democrats have been doing everything they can to grow the economy and jobs. The Republicans have done everything to thwart them. Mitt is not sharing much – its all “just trust me." However, he has thrown voters a bone in the way of a promise of precisely 12 million jobs. Of course, if that is real, then precisely 6 million of those could have been created already, had the Republicans not decided to stock pile them for Mitt until after the election.

So, maybe Mitt's just doing what he does best – taking personal advantage of an opportunity. He's looking to buy the White House as his new home office. Maybe he thinks it fits in with his other properties. This one comes with high voltage power as a valuable benefit. And it is certainly a nice colour. He will raise the purchase price via mortgage from his SuperPAC friends.

The Presidency can help create greater fortune for himself, for his family, for his friends and perhaps his Church. Once these super wealthy people corner America's money, they'll decide whether to trickle it down. Emphasis on trickle. They might possibly decide its better to keep it as trickles tend to evaporate anyway; what a waste. This fits in with Mitt's classic high leverage Bain strategies. Of course, he will be paying back his SuperPac mortgage at America's expense – another classic, the reverse take over. Or, maybe he won't pay it back; just leave the tab to a bankrupt America.

Which reminds me, is Mitt still involved in Bain? It is clear now that he was involved beyond 1999 in a serious way. He was Chief Executive and sole owner and director into 2002. Mitt took such a huge part of it with him in his “retroactive retirement package” that he must have an interest in it still today. We may never know for sure. But I digress...

Truth is, Mitt is not the right man for the Presidency. He is not the business man he advertises. He is a pirate, dressed in a business suit! He started Bain to bust and raid the treasuries of umpteen hundreds or thousands of companies. Draining their cash, and tossing the human bones in the street. And he's buried his treasure in the Caribbean. Under the Romney skull and bones; except – them's your bones!

And then of course, further off shore piracy too. Romney and Bain are the bane of America's finances. His Caribbean money might as well not exist for America. Not just the lost income for the IRS, but also the lost investment and jobs – nothing trickling down here. Its sunning on the beach. This reflects on Romney's character. First, it shows his ruthlessness in achieving his interests. Second, it shows he does not believe his own campaign slogan – Believe in America. Its more “I Believe in Me” or “I Believe in Money”. Otherwise, his tax returns would be public and underlined in the right places to easily see exactly how he paid his fair share. And, he would have put his millions in America. Investing in GM @ Janesville. Alongside Rep. Paul “Lion” Ryan's missing money too, I suppose.

Speaking of Mitt's side kick, Lion Ryan has developed enabling ideology to do more of this Bain and tax piracy thing on a much larger scale. We know Ryan's deeply held philosophy and policies reflect Ayn Rand's fictional novel Atlas Shrugged. Of course, there is no real theory as it is all fiction – not even possible. But hey – it helps support the greater narrative! Aside from growing their noses, these fictional principles will also grow their existing wealth, principally by eating America's lunch. And by night, Ralph Reed will supervise the bedrooms of the nation, personally limiting your personal freedoms.

This is so disheartening and Unbelievable in America! Consider for example Todd Akin's stunning comments on rape and abortion. And he made them as though everyone in America agrees with Dark Ages science and social mores. What is so Unbelievable in America is that Mitt did not deal with any of this at the RNC last week. Republicans assumed no one would notice, or that no one was entitled to know. Instead, they were trying to attract the women's vote with “We have women too ya know! Look here in the convention centre – you can see them everywhere! We even have a few on stage. We respect and love them, so long as they “legitimately behave.”

The GOP seems to think its acronym stands for God's Own Party. The Party won't change its view. Instead, its trying to cut its exposure – Todd Akin; just "abort" him if you will. Karl Rove, always pushing the envelope, is suggesting even worse in his message to SuperPac'ers. And Mitt's modus operandi is to just not talk about it until after the election! The fall back is to lie in the interest of the greater narrative. Whatever happened to truth, justice and the American way?

Consider also for a moment Mitt's desire to kill health care. Consider Ryan's fiscal plan, based on his ideology. Bill Clinton made it clear at the RNC what that plan means. Less education, less social security, and less of pretty much everything for the vast majority of Americans. Plus – bye bye to your mortgage deductibility. All in favour of more tax cuts for... ahem, well for Romney, Ryan and friends. Again, no elaboration on these details at the RNC – just “trust me”. We also know Mitt will first have to pay back his SuperPac mortgage to his friends.

The Republicans in this era are really just looking to shackle Americans to bad policies. You know! Let them die sooner and younger. Just apply Dark Ages religious ideology, stir it in unhelpful social policies including “for profit” rather than “for life” health care. Especially for older people and anyone that is "needy" or "weak". Republicans today believe in an America with every man looking out for himself. The weak, the old, and the poor should just go to Heaven early. God can take care of them. Too expensive here. Gets in the way of tax reductions, wealth accumulation, and the superiority of the w(h)ealthy class.

Mitt's rallying cry is "Let's take the Presidency!” and “Let's take the country back!". Mitt, let's remember, these things belong to the American people, not to any one man or party. Do you recall "government of the people, by the people and for the people"? In any event, if elected, Mitt and the GOP will no doubt take the country back. Indeed. Way back! Back to before women's rights. Back to before human rights. All the way back! To cave man days and to an early grave.

Is this Mitt's Republican vision for the greatest nation on earth? One that is too poor to care for its old, too heartless to care for its weak, too biased to treat women equally, too judgemental to "allow" them freedom to choose, and too self righteous and “Godly” to actually do any good?

That is no vision Mitt; that, is a tragedy!

Post Script: If Romney becomes President, look for his hundreds of millions to turn into billions in his so called "blind trust". Indeed, it is more like a one eyed trust. He gets to look in and call the shots on his money, while his money can't be seen.


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Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
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