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The hurricane in the Gulf, just as Katrina, was George W. Bush's Fault. So are sun spots and tsunamis. Democrats know that Republicans eat babies alive, beat their wives and dogs, that the Ryan Plan will destroy the economy which needs no improving, and the political right has been Waging a War on Women.

We know that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Lied and Barack Obama never lied.

We know that a man who had a $12,000 job - HIS ONLY JOB - organizing for food stamps, welfare checks and registering the dead to vote knows far more about running the world's largest economy, how to invest into great companies like Solyndra that are too big to fail, and is far more generous and kind to people than the damned Mormon who gave away his father's entire estate and keeps giving away his own every year; whose children and relatives do likewise, and who has factually created tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of jobs for multi-billion dollar multi-national firms like Office Depot and the Sports Authority.

Jobs that pay taxes, fill the treasury's coffers and house and clothe families. Lastly, we know that a man who has a loving wife, daughters, a mother and sisters is determined to wage a war on them.

That is why for the last seven years since the Democrats and Obama took control of Congress, and four since they took back the presidency, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, millions of women have lost their jobs, homes, livelihood, and sometimes lost their marriages and even their children; just as they had lost their opportunity to send their children to decent schools in decent neighborhoods. And to make them feel even better about themselves, this administration made sure they have lost the opportunity to get decent medical care from an Obamacare that provides the minimum care if they can find it. They should try to get a new OBGYN when they move to the next neighborhood!

Women have lost the opportunity to achieve the American Dream under an administration that celebrates underachievement, punishes success, bashes job creators, innovators, and excellence, and spreads not wealth, but POVERTY and MISERY.

Welcome friends, to OBAMA's AMERICA.

Go ahead, make my day and vote for four more years of it.

After all, you are satisfied with the results, are you not?

The RECORD of this administration's WAR ON WOMEN and CHILDREN has been:

1. the impoverishment of the vast middle class of America,

2. 23 million unemployed and counting,

3. Four million on disability because their unemployment checks had run out,

4. and countless others who long ago stopped looking or being counted as they enthusiastically enjoy the Fruits of DOPE and CHANGE.

5. While you college age boys and girls who had to move back into your parent's basement apartments, are you enjoying"staring at the fading Obama posters on your walls," as Paul Ryan has so astutely observed your reality?

You are?

Like a foreign invader Obama and PROGRESSIVISM has figuratively moved in with those of you who had recently earned advanced degrees with no hope for finding work, and has decisively and literally ruined your lives. Go on, deny it. Let me know how good it feels when you have to move to China to find a job.

As Dan Greenfield astutely observed about PROGRESSIVES parroting the words of bearded men in top hats, walking sticks and wire rim glasses of a 150 years ago as they shout through time to their Twitter-fingered ideological descendants: FORWARD!

The LEFT are a Time Machine. They are moving FORWARD so fast that they have just arrived 150 years BACKWARD in time hanging on to a 150 year-old failed ideology.

They have become a BUS STOP with the buses rapidly moving forward from stop to stop until the buses return fifteen stops BACKWARD behind them.

That is the nature of PROGRESSIVISM.

Hawking the ideas of a 150 years ago that had never worked anywhere on this planet but worked fine in another galaxy.

Do hang on to your HOPE Ladies, Gents, boys and girls. After all, that's all you're left with. The CHANGE left, all your change that is, has migrated into Obama's buddy's pockets.

You see, YOU had CHOSEN to put your future and LIVES in Obama's hands.

Never realizing it because your PROGRESSIVE teachers have never told you that YOUR FUTURE happens to be, and always will be, IN YOUR HANDS.

Progressivism is UNITY, TOGETHER, in SOLIDARITY, FORWARD, to poverty and misery.

Your teachers never bothered to inform you that THE DREAMS OF YOUR FATHERS - the American Dream - created the America you were born into. An America with a history, future and a destiny; an America that never ever resembled The DREAMS OF HIS FATHER in Kenya whose Founding Fathers were not Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and Adams; but Engels, Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Alinsky, Farrakhan and Cloward & Piven.

Every day the mainstream media, The New York Times for example will give you one more reason to vote for Obama and your local Democrat senator or congressman. Four More Years. Every editorial is just one more reason you can continue to ruin your life BECAUSE that is what you will reliably choose to do following the dreams of his father.

Remember what a smarter man that you had said about doing the same dance over and over and expecting different results? It is the DEFINITION of insanity, in case you've never heard about it.

America has been doing the same dance for seven years under Obama and the Democrats and America is broke -- and you are broke. Go for it! Give Obama and the Democrats another four years to really enjoy a deeper meaning of broke and down and out.

And ten years down the road, look your children, parents or spouses in the eye and explain to them why you did what you did.

(c) AGB100

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agb100 is based in New York City, New York, United States of America, and is a Reporter on Allvoices.
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