Ron Paul's final speech, a legacy for the ages

Ron Paul's final speech, a legacy for the ages

Tampa : FL : USA | Aug 27, 2012 at 12:19 AM PDT
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Despite what the mainstream media tells you, Ron Paul may have "lost" but he has not dropped out of his campaign, he has at least 250 delegates, and 250 more stealth delegates behind him, with a total of 500 delegates behind him and going into the facts presented by the website "";

Romney only has 430-ish delegates, far from what the MSM predicted. Had everything "Gone as Planned" Ron Paul could have actually won the nomination, or forced a brokered convention where he could have won. Sadly, that was not to be. Romney's team and the RNC screwed up the legal process and "pushed" a few buttons around, "deleting" some delegates...............and with these unjust acts, secured his nomination not through popular vote or the will of the delegates, but through fraud and "playing" the system. The final defeat of Ron Paul was one of the greatest blows to the liberty movement. But in today's speech Ron Paul has shown that his legacy will continue, with or without him.

On August 25, 2012. Ron Paul had his own pre-convention rally, it was called "We are the Future" and featured most of the Paul Family, as well as friends and campaign contributors such as Doug Wead, Congressman Justin Amash, Barry Goldwater, Jr., Jack Hunter, SC State Senator Tom Davis and Senator Rand Paul. This event included musical performances by Jimmie Vaughan, Aimee Allen, Jordan Page, and John Popper of Blues Traveler.

However, the best event was when the good doctor himself showed up. And boy, was his speech epic! It clearly demonstrates how his legacy will always live on.

Ron Paul mentioned that he actually was offered a slot to speak, but because of his morals, he turned it down, as it means he will have to endorse Romney. That just gives a whole lot of respect to the man for refusing such powers on moral and ethical grounds------and whatever you have to say about Ron Paul, you will have to admit that he does stick to his beliefs no matter what, a virtue almost unseen in the corrupt American politics.

Instead, he chose to speak to his friends and supporters at no moral cost in the Sun Dome Pre-Convention rally. And it highlighted all his points.

He talked about ending the fed, ending the wars and everything that made him what he is. He found that many found his fiscal policies appealing but his foreign policy unappealing, and he continued to elaborate and explain why his foreign policy is appealing and MUST be accepted by America if it must exist as a nation.

In fact he even pointed out some of his detractors, such as an article by Matt Johnson on Political Fiber called "The Rest of the World: Ron Paul Revelations". in which the original writer claims that in the liberty movement’s ideal world: Osama Bin Laden would be alive and dictators would run amok in the world. However, the truth is, we don't really do a great job at preserving democracy around the world, we support the opposion to tyranny in one country but support tyranny in another, ignoring crimes done in these countries. Throughout history, the US has supported brutal regimes and overthrew democratically elected leaders. And that is why so many hate them, not for their freedoms, but for their actions.

Why should we intervene in Iran and Syria anyways? They hate us not for our freedoms, but because we're over there.

In a Paulbot's ideal world, Bin Laden would still be alive, but so would the victims of 9/11.

And this can be seen in "what-ifs" of US history, had we have had Paul-minded candidates over Eisenhower as president, it would have been the same golden age of peace and prosperity---------but even better. The US would not have overthrown Mosaddegh in Iran 1953, and Arbnez in Guatemela 1954. And thus in Iran the Shah would never have been reinstated, the Iranian revolution would not have happened and the Middle East would have been a wholly different, hopefully better place. Had we had a Paul-minded candidate in the Oval Office over Nixon and Ford in the 1970s, we would still have pulled out of Vietnam, perhaps as soon as he/she came to office, and never bombed Cambodia. We would have never intervened in Chile to remove the democratically elected leader and installed Pinochet as leader. We would never have been complicit in General Videla's Argentinean "Dirty War" and Operation Condor, which resulted 60,000 deaths in South America. There would not have been a Watergate and said candidate would have served his/her full eight years. And finally, had we have had a Paul-minded candidate in the 1980s over Carter and Regan, the US would have not trained the Mujahedeen, the future members of Al-Quada in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and thus 9/11 would have never happened. Finally, the US would have not played Iran and Iraq against each other in the Iran-Iraq war, which would not have led to Saddam getting the power he once had. There would have also been no Iran-Contra affair either because we would not have decided to intervene in Nicaragua.

Ron Paul mentions the lessons of history, on how the 20th century's problems and dependence on government led to the rise of "utopian ideologies" like Communism and later, Fascism, which lead to the deaths of millions, as well as explaining how hubris and short-sightedness in government led to the World Wars. He traces the history of the Fed, of Keynesian Economics, and explain why they do not work in the long run. He mentions the failure of Breton Woods in the 1960s and how it was seen as a disgrace by Austrian economics. Ron Paul also points out the greatest flaw in government is not pressure from 99% or the 1%, despite what the GOP or the Democrats say, but the corporate welfare state, AKA corporatism-----a system in which the government gives money to big banks and corporations to bail them out, then the banks reward the government when they prosper, and the cycle continues. It has been this way since the dawn of the fed, which gave a small, wealthy elite over the government through the printing of money, as well as concepts like "inflation" and "deflation". And this is why everything is so screwed up. He says that if businesses earn their way to wealth, it is correct, and that's capitalism. However, if businesses attain power through special interest groups working with the government, that's corporatism and it's wrong.

In fact, Paul's greatest scene in the speech is the fact that he claims that the Paulbots will be the "GOP tent" one day. Perhaps he is right, perhaps both parties have gone so far to the right that it's finally time to find some balance. At the moment it may look like nothing is happening, but the Paulbots are running for small district and congressional spots. As they win more and more local-level victories, it seems that Paul's vision is slowly but surely coming true.

At the end of the day, Ron Paul reflects on his own life and how his life as a doctor helped in his presidential campaign, he encourages his supporters to be idealistic and spread their message..............and gives this message:

-"When we do this, we have to aim high, we have to be very idealistic, we have to use reason and we have to have passion, we have to have passion for this because this will convert people instead of grabbing people and say: "Don't you listen to me!" It just doesn't work, I tell ya, just doesn't work. Soft answers sometimes sound a lot better, doesn't work in Washington perhaps but when talking to your friends soft answer is a bit better". This idea of describing this as one's all one issue, and when they don't understand, just tell them.......freedom it's popular, that's the reason! And if they say "Who!", that drives the philosophy is the rejection of violence, you don't kill other people, you don't take their property. Freedom should bring us closer together, it should not be divisive. You might want your freedoms for personal reasons, economic reasons, religious reasons, intellectual reasons. But when we all agree on liberty, we don't have to worry about what the other guy is doing..............we should all come together to defend liberty! Giving up this initiation of force or violence is very important, we live with a lot of violence, state violence, police violence, individual violence."

He warns us to look out for the seeds of authoritarian society, and that “Every one of us has a responsibility.”

Finally, he praises human individualism and self-esteem, saying that we all have it in each other to be different from one another, to do what others might not excel at in one area, warning that the root of all violence comes from a lack from self-esteem, and how all can benefit from a free society. and this he closes his speech, his campaign, and his career with these inspiring words:

"So instead of seeing this as a continuation of the era of the twentieth century that gave us so much death and destruction undermining our liberties and the conditions are dangerous". Let us think that we are now moving into a new era, a new era where we are going to concentrate on liberty and freedom and property and peace. I believe that is the cause we should lead and I thank you very much for being part of it!"

And with that, so ends the final speech, the final campaign, and the career of Ron Paul. Many claim that he has faded into obscurity. Instead, through the movement he inspired, he has simply walked into history. He has left a great legacy for us to take, and it is now up to us to carry on without his guidance.

One day the liberty movement will have it's triumph, whether Rand runs in 2020 or not. The many failings of government and of corporatism is the guarantee that the liberty movement will expand and flourish. No one knows when they will win. No one knows how. In fact, 10 years later, it may not resemble what we see today!

The genie is out of the bottle, and n one can put it back in.


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Ron Paul's legacy
Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, pictured during a Missouri campaign stop in March of 2012, spoke to thousands of supporters Sunday in Washington. (Image: Wikimedia Commons/David Carlyon)
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  • Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, pictured during a Missouri campaign stop in March of 2012, spoke to thousands of supporters Sunday in Washington. (Image: Wikimedia Commons/David Carlyon)

    Ron Paul's legacy

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