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By agb100
Washington : DC : USA | almost 2 years ago  
August 27, 2012, Issue Like a Boss When it comes to being a rich guy, Mitt Romney should own it By Kevin D. Williamson What do women want? Beautiful women want successful men. Successful...
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  • 'Mitt-igator' Ann Romney on a mission to sell the Republicans' man to the ...

      The independent | almost 2 years ago
    On paper, the most important speech of the Republican convention will be delivered by Mitt Romney on Thursday, as he accepts the party's presidential nomination. But the one that could make the most difference of all comes tonight. And it won't be...
  • Obama would romp home here

      The Age | almost 2 years ago
    65 per cent expect an Obama victory and 9 per cent a Romney victory...Myriad presidential polls mostly show the result is line-ball. In most polls there has been only 1 or 2 per cent between them for the last few months.
  • Republican convention needs to sell Mitt Romney's leadership

      Washington Post | almost 2 years ago
    The Romney campaign's convention game plan is to tell the larger personal story of hard-earned success, as Time Magazine puts it. They will tap an unusually large circle of others who will speak on his behalf, reports the Wall Street Journal, and...
  • Americans see Mitt Romney as candidate for the rich, poll finds

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    ments Americans see Mitt Romney as candidate for the rich, poll finds The problem is not that Mitt Romney is rich, according to a new Pew survey. It's that he is seen as being a president who would help the rich more than the middle class.  By...
  • Romney Says Obama's 'Absurd' And 'Dishonest' Attacks Are Working

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    On the eve of his formal elevation as the Republican party's presidential candidate, Mitt Romney acknowledged that a steady barrage of criticism from the Obama campaign has taken its toll. Romney decried the negative tone of a campaign that has...
  • Australian voters would deliver Obama landslide victory

      Sydney Morning Herald | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama was embraced by Chelsea Gallagher on his last visit to Australia in 2011. United States presidential election, they would choose Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 14 to one, a poll shows. Indeed, Australians prefer the US...
  • Romney draws level as pressure builds in Tampa

      Sydney Morning Herald | almost 2 years ago
    The President maintains a lead of 1.4 per cent in an average of polls maintained by Real Clear Politics, but Mr Romney's camp will be glad of the boost on the eve of the convention, especially since the selection of running mate Paul Ryan is yet to...
  • Poll: Obama vulnerable on economy, Romney weak on voter approval

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    President Obama faces an electorate with a bleak assessment of the American economy and the nation's standing overall, according to polling released Monday by the conservative group Resurgent Republic , yet voters are evenly divided on their approval...
  • US race a dead heat as conventions start

      The Courier-Mail | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama and the man who wants his job, Republican Mitt Romney, are locked in a neck-and-neck battle for the White House, with the challenger one point ahead in a new poll. As the two head into their parties' conventions, beginning this week with...
  • Mitt Romney's health care plan

      paging dr. gupta | almost 2 years ago
    CNN Senior Medical News Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen that helps put you in the driver's seat when it comes to health care...Romney said he would act to repeal Obamacare  on my first day if elected president of the United States. The Affordable Care...
  • Obama vs. Romney 101: 5 differences on education

      Education News | almost 2 years ago
    More From President Obama has used back-to-school season to make the case that his education funding and policy initiatives are saving teachers ' jobs, turning around failing public schools , and helping cash-strapped college students . Mitt Romney...
  • Behind the Mitt Romney paradox

      Miami Herald | almost 2 years ago
    Tampa Bay Times This week, Romney has the opportunity to show a more personal side at the Republican National Convention...This election is about the economy and the role of government, but voters also make decisions on trust and likability. Romney...
  • Romney: Obama 'dividing America'

      BBC | almost 2 years ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has accused his rival President Barack Obama of running a campaign built on "anger and divisiveness". Mr Romney said the Democratic campaign had hit a "new low" by trying to link him to controversial...
  • Romney pollster hopes for image, ballot boost

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    So if the idea by the Obama folks was to kill Romney by the time of the convention, that didn't happen. "Even more than a ballot bounce we are looking for an image bounce, we are looking for voters to learn more about who Mitt Romney is, what he...
  • Isaac could hinder GOP chance to define Romney at convention

      CNN | almost 2 years ago
    GOP officials already canceled Monday's planned first day of the Republican National Convention due to Tropical Storm Isaac, forcing them to condense a program intended to present Romney as the right leader for the challenges facing the country in...
  • Convention marks GOP opportunity to ratchet up Romney enthusiasm

      Fox News | almost 2 years ago No matter when the Republican National Convention officially starts, it still marks perhaps the best chance for party leaders to ratchet up what has until now been bridled enthusiasm for Mitt Romney -- as he and President Obama compete...
  • Mitt: Obama running divisive campaign

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney claimed the campaign high ground Sunday, saying he was the candidate of big ideas while U.S...Romney told "Fox News Sunday" that while he and the Republicans wanted to talk about the future and getting the United States moving forward,...
  • GOP chief: Romney is a likable guy

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    The head of the Republican Party said a poll giving President Obama an edge in likeability and compassion didn't mean U.S. voters were repelled by Mitt Romney . Reince Priebus brushed off the CNN poll as merely indicating Obama was favored in those...
  • Romney reinforces his support for women, points to record

      Fox News | almost 2 years ago Mitt Romney on Sunday defended his support of women, pointing to his record as Massachusetts governor and his stance on female health issues. In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News Sunday, Romney said the health care reform laws he...
  • Obama team unveils Romney-bashing 'movie'

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    The Democrats today released a preview of a mock movie they call The Do-Over , describing it as Romney's attempt to re-invent himself at this week's convention in Tampa. The moving is "rated N -- for not gonna work," the Obama people said. Among the "...
  • Romney says Obama to blame for sparking campaign spending war

      The Hill | almost 2 years ago
    Obama opted out of the public financing system in his first run for the White House in 2008, a decision that allowed him to raise more money from private donors. Obama argued at the time that the public financing system was broken.  Romney said Obama'...
  • Obama vs. Romney 101: 4 differences on Israel

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    4 differences on Israel President Obama made the Israeli-Palestinian peace process a priority from the first week of his administration, but his positions have rankled Israel 's conservative coalition government, while not advancing the parties...
  • McCain: Romney must appeal to women, Hispanics

      Kansas City Star | almost 2 years ago
    Sen. John McCain says Republican Mitt Romney has to sell his message about jobs and the economy to women and Hispanics this November if he is to win the presidential election.McCain, who led an unsuccessful bid against President Barack Obama in 2008,...
  • Barack Obama Disses Mitt Romney, Says His Policies Will Make Things Worse

      Showbizspy | almost 2 years ago
    Obama has lashed out at his would-be White House replacement Mitt Romney , saying his rival holds extreme positions. Speaking to the Associated Press, Obama also accused Romney of failing to own up to responsibilities...What I can say is that he has...
  • AP Interview: Obama calls Romney's ideas 'extreme'

      The Tribune | almost 2 years ago
    Obama on Romney's 'extreme' views AP Interview: Obama on Romney's 'extreme' views President Barack Obama said Mitt Romney has locked himself into "extreme positions" on economic and social issues and would surely impose them if elected, trying to...
  • Mitt Romney's Campaign Adopts A Harder Message

      The New York Times | almost 2 years ago
    Ryan introduced Mitt Romney on Saturday at a rally in Powell, Ohio. Having survived a summer of attacks but still trailing the president narrowly in most national polls, Mr. Romney's campaign remains focused intently on the economy as the issue that...
  • Storm Forces 1-day Postponement of GOP Convention

      Voice of America | almost 2 years ago
    VOA News August 25, 2012 Republican officials have postponed by one day the start of their party's presidential convention in Tampa, Florida, moving opening events to Tuesday in hopes of escaping the wrath of an oncoming tropical storm. A Republican...
  • Obama dismisses talk that he personally dislikes Mitt Romney

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    As Mitt Romney prepares to be officially named the GOP nominee, President Obama dismissed reports that he personally dislikes his rival, but said Romney has failed to live up to the requisites of running for president by not releasing more tax...
  • Romney and Ryan fault Obama's economic maneuvers; Obama jabs back

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    Ohio Mitt Romney  had a warmup for next week's convention speech Saturday, engaging in call-answer chant with an enthusiastic crowd of several thousand people here and comparing the faint sound of protesters in the distance to a Greek chorus.
  • Republicans pour into Tampa – along with hurricane fears

      Miami Herald | almost 2 years ago
    Will the Republican National Convention be viewed, at least at the start, as Isaac's convention as much as it is Mitt Romney's? The tropical storm churning towards the Tampa Bay area dominated news coverage and official talk Saturday as the first of...
  • Romney: Religious gifts should be private

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney , in an interview with Parade, suggested he has not released more U.S. tax returns because he does not want to publicize his religious contributions. Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, was interviewed by the magazine with his...
  • Romney's to-do list for the Tampa convention

      Washington Post | almost 2 years ago
    Convention planners are still tinkering with the nightly schedule. They were forced to shift Ann Romney's speech to Tuesday night because none of the major broadcast networks was planning any prime-time coverage on Monday. They are still editing the...
  • Barack Obama: 'Romney's policies would make things worse'

      The Guardian | almost 2 years ago
    Obama attacked Romney on positions the candidate has taken that tie him to the right wing of his party. Photograph: Carolyn Kaster/AP President Barack Obama has laid into his would-be White House replacement in a fervent attack on Mitt Romney 's...
  • The Caucus: Romney Compares Protesters to a Greek Chorus

      The New York Times | almost 2 years ago
    Ohio Mitt Romney had a message for the protesters who greeted him and Representative Paul D. Ryan, along with 5,000 supporters, here on Saturday morning: This is kind of like the Greek chorus in the background, he said, in a reference to President...
  • Obama: Romney is taking 'extreme positions'

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    In an interview with the Associated Press , Obama also says that Romney's refusal to release more tax returns reflects an unwillingness to "take responsibility for what this job entails." Obama also rejected media reports that he has a personal...
  • AP interview transcript with President Obama

      SF Gate | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney is about to have the biggest political stage of his life at the Republican National Convention . What do you expect to hear from him, and how do you plan to counter it when you speak at your convention just a week later? Obama: I suspect...
  • Romney tries on the warm and fuzzy in Parade interview

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    The weekend magazine supplement to scores of newspapers offers the perfectly vanilla, nonthreatening platform for political candidates to introduce themselves. Mitt and Ann Romney get their turn in the comfortable weekly's lap this weekendthe...
  • Clouds gathering over GOP convention

      The Globe & Mail | almost 2 years ago
    The Globe and Mail Published Saturday, Aug. 25 2012, 8:00 AM EDT Last updated Friday, Aug. 24 2012, 11:42 PM EDT If this were a typical race for the Oval Office, we would already know the outcome. Economic indicators, the most reliable predictors of...
  • Obama vs. Romney 101: Women's issues

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    Women's issues President Obama won the women's vote four years ago, and he'll need to again to win reelection, given Mitt Romney 's strength among male voters. The Obama campaign has long argued that Mr. Romney is waging a war on women. Team Romney...
  • 'It's for religious reasons': Mitt Romney says he won't release tax records ...

      Mail Online UK | almost 2 years ago
    24 August 2012 Mitt Romney has said that the reason he doesn't want to release any more than two years of tax returns is that he doesn't want to reveal how much he has tithed' to the Mormon church. Romney had previously said that he didn't want to...
  • PRIEBUS: A convention and candidate for a better future

      The Washington Times | almost 2 years ago
    As Republicans take the stage in Tampa, we have a message for Americans: Elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan , and we can get this country working again. America can do better than the last four years, and with the proven leadership of Mr. Romney and Mr.
  • Romney touches 'birther' issue he avoided before

      The Tribune | almost 2 years ago
    Romney makes 'birther' joke during Michigan stop Romney makes 'birther' joke during Michigan stop Campaigning today in his home state of Michigan, Mitt Romney stepped into the birther controversy, telling a crowd he's never been asked where he was...
  • DECKER: 10 Tips: How Romney beats Obama

      The Washington Times | almost 2 years ago
    Every day brings more good news for Mitt Romney 's presidential campaign. As Republicans gather in Tampa, Fla., for their national convention, their standard-bearer is ahead of President Obama in most national polls. The incumbent's approval rating...
  • Romney rebuked over 'birther' dig

      BBC | almost 2 years ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has referred at a campaign rally to a discredited theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the US. Speaking near his childhood home in Michigan, Mr Romney joked that no-one had asked to see his...
  • Why Mitt's Money Matters [America's Screaming Conscience]

      Gawker | almost 2 years ago
    Why Mitt's Money Matters People get hostile when you want to ask critical questions about someone's money. If it's a profile hailing an entrepreneur as a genius, then things are okay: we're only inquiring about the accumulation of an implicit good...
  • The Caucus: Romney Makes a Birth Certificate Joke on the Stump

      The New York Times | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney, who has decried the nasty personal tone of the presidential campaign, seemed to make a joke about President Obama's birth certificate while speaking to voters here Friday, re-injecting the issue of the president's birthplace into the...
  • Poll: Obama more likable than Romney

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama has a lead over Republican hopeful Mitt Romney in most personal characteristics, including "likability."...When asked whether Obama or Romney is more likable, 54 percent of the 1,033 poll respondents chose Obama while 31...
  • Romney Camp Denies Mitt Made ‘Birther' Joke

      New York Observer | almost 2 years ago
    At an event in Commerce, Michigan this morning Mitt Romney referenced his roots in the Great Lakes State by making a comment  that the Obama campaign denounced as an allusion to the persistent, discredited questions about President Barack Obama's...
  • Bloomberg Defends Obama on ‘You Didn't Build That'

      New York Observer | almost 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama drew headlines across the country when he said If you've got a business you didn't build that, a remark that has been interpreted by Mitt Romney's campaign as an insult to all business owners. After being asked if he disagreed...
  • Romney could be nominated early in convention week

      The Tribune | almost 2 years ago
    Romney promises energy independence by 2020 Romney promises energy independence by 2020 Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney promised on Thursday to aggressively expand offshore oil drilling along Virginia, North Carolina and the Gulf of...

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