Slapping the GOP with a feathered quill: 'Yes, Veronica, it's disheartening as hell'

Slapping the GOP with a feathered quill: 'Yes, Veronica, it's disheartening as hell'

Washington : DC : USA | Aug 21, 2012 at 10:57 AM PDT
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Yesterday, I have to admit, I wanted to slap a Republican - right across the face! Slapping a Conservative would have slightly appeased me, but for true satisfaction I would have liked nothing more than to walk up to that smarmy cold-eyed misogynist Todd Akin for his obscene 'rape legitimacy' statement, and slap him, hard, on behalf of every single woman on the planet. Oh I know that violence isn't the answer, and slapping a man's face is a silly, antiquated typically female response, but just for the pleasure of seeing that smug look disappear for one moment, the thought of it crossed my mind, fleetingly, and surprised me with it's vehemence.

But it didn't stop there. As the day went on I read more articles that caused an even deeper anger to simmer - articles about young black sons being shot in the head in the back of police cars while handcuffed. I read about how these heinous crimes are being covered up and labelled as 'suicide' - not just a joke, but an insult to anyone's intelligence.

How dare they? I thought...'How can these people so blatantly get away with this?' How must the families of these young men feel I wondered, knowing that the system is working against you, not for you, knowing that your child was murdered just because of the colour of his skin? I screamed inside, wept silently in my mother's heart for the families of the young black boys who are so blatantly murdured by firing squads in uniforms, for their sense of injustice, for their rage, for their anger.

Anaheim, San Francisco, New York City, have all born witness to black men shot in broad daylight at the hands of police in the last month alone, all of them unarmed black men, shot in the back, shot with their hands cuffed..Yes. It is true. I know we can't believe this is America in the Twenty First Century. But it is happening. It is real. It is true.

The day was not yet over - next came an article which reveals that Republicans are trying to suppress the black vote - confirming the undeniable truth - that nothing has really changed in America - that there are places there that are so steeped in hatred, bigotry, and misogyny along with that terrifying sense of 'entitlement' so seemingly inherent in wealthy white Americans of a certain status.

Now I felt sick to my stomach. If it wasn't bad enough we have Republicans trying to label rapes into categories of 'legitimate' or 'illegitimate', countless blatant murders of young black men by the police, and now these GOP monsters have the nerve to come out and blatantly admit it? Shocked to my core, I felt compelled to share the article on my Facebood feed, with the following status accompanying it:

"I want to slap a Republican - any one will do at this point!"

GOP Official Says Early Voting Process Should Not Accommodate Black Voters An Ohio GOP election official who voted against the weekend voting rules that enabled thousands to cast ballots in the 2008 election said Sunday that he did not think that the state's early voting procedures should accommodate African-Americans. "I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort t...

Michelle Devlin or a Conservative would work for me too...any offers?

That's when a fellow writer from New York City came on, to make the following comment. Veronica is a top writer consistently on Allvoices, and as a black woman and mother, the Trayvon Martin murder was a topic she covered extensively, so it's a topic she is all too familiar with. As her comment pointed out, she is also familiar with it on a personal level.

Veronica " Me too....especially some on AV! (Allvoices) Can't bear the hypocrisy and thinly veiled racism and bigotry. These days I don't even want to interact with some in the comments section... I just delete their hate speech, flag them or ignore them!"

Isn't it funny how my own confusion and anger suddenly crystallized into a moment of clarity? Suddenly I knew that all was not lost. Suddenly I had to communicate to Veronica, in her own moment of the same feeling of despair, that even though these people still exist, that even though their voices were loud, that they were hollow nonetheless..and that though they were loud, the sound they made was like an echo in a canyon... an empty death rattle.

  • "...yeah it's disheartening as hell Veronica" I responded " - all I can say is God will surely strike them all dead soon! (a little attempt at right wing GOP-style Christianity humour)

    I honestly am shocked to hear of these attitudes - it is in fact a huge wake up call to us all!

    We are not going to let these fear driven low IQ rednecks turn the clock back a century! They are a dying breed, and it seems as though they are a majority because of the inordinate amount of press these jackasses get every time they open their mouths but that is because the sane rational people of the world are still a larger number by far....don't let their vociferous yapping lead you to believe that they are the attitudes of most people - they are not!

    Most people believe in equality, freedom and democracy. And as the human race evolves we will have to move towards unity as a species, for many reasons, not the least of which is going to be survival of the human race.

    The louder they yap it's because they are falling off the mountain of hate - it's the sound of their voices echoing up from the chasm but listen closely and you will hear the splat! as they hit the pavement one by one! Oh listen! Did you hear that?

    That was the sound of Todd Akin as he self-implodes!

    As for those on AV - that blowfish Pollardodo told me I was of no consequence as I was just a dumb Canadian - I mean who is racist towards Canadians for the love of God? Canadians are every race so he might as well say he hates everybody - which of course is the point! Pay them no nevermind and yeah who says we have to discuss - let them comment and ignore - your best revenge is that wicked pen of yours! I imagine it has a gorgeous feather on it and is dipped in ink of gold!

So for those of you who feel despair, as I did, when you hear of such travesties as these, remember that there are so many more who care for all mankind, that feel a sense of goodwill towards people of all races and nations.

The Olympics is an example of this which we have recently enjoyed. An enormous Awakening is occuring across the planet, as we can witness in the alternative media and on social media sites everywhere.

And for now I will refrain from smacking anyone across the face, except symbolically, with my words, and like Veronica, my dear friend, with her spectacularly feathered and gold-inked quill pen.

“Beneath the rule of men entirely great,

The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873)
British politician, author and playwright
In his play Richelieu (1839)

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'The pen is mightier than the sword'
Will the Republican Party go the way of the Do-Do bird?
MichelleDevlin is based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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