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By agb100
Washington : DC : USA | almost 2 years ago  
OBAMA, ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE By J.B. Williams August 18, 2012 NewsWithViews.com Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate’s most famous scumbag since Ted Kennedy, floated a story...
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  • Romney says he would replace Bernanke

      The Courier-Mail | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney says he would replace Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke if he wins election to the White House in November. Romney told Fox Business television that he wanted someone to lead the US central bank who is more in tune with his own...
  • Mortgage Tax Deduction Remains Touchy Subject For Romney, Ryan and GOP

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    Articles The mortgage interest deduction allows homeowners to deduct their mortgage interest payments from their tax returns, limited to up to $1 million of a mortgage's value. The deduction is considered sacred by many Americans, and the Republican...
  • Poll: As conventions open, a more negative view of politics

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    In an electorate that is evenly split, the survey shows President Obama with an advantage in the intensity of his support, but Republican Mitt Romney with an edge in voter enthusiasm. Obama is preferred on handling Medicare and taxes, issues in the...
  • Romney Touts Business Background in Presidential Bid

      Voice of America | almost 2 years ago
    August 23, 2012 Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will be formally nominated next week as the Republican Party's presidential candidate at the party's convention in Tampa, Florida.  The Republican ticket for 2012:  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
  • Should Romney's faith keep his taxes out of the public eye?

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney believes that one of the downsides of releasing information about his finances and presumably more than the two years of taxes he has been willing to reveal is that it would reveal how much he has given to the Mormon church, the...
  • Parade to feature Romney Q&A

      The Journal Gazette | almost 2 years ago
    Our life was not characterized by financial stress as much as it was by health issues. I served as a pastor of a congregation and saw people with various challenges and did my best to help them. I believe my experience in the private sector, the...
  • Nevada voters no longer have 'none' choice

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    Nevada can no longer give voters the option of selecting "none of the above" in elections, a federal judge says...District Judge Robert Jones ruled Wednesday in favor of a challenge to a state law adopted after the Watergate scandal, The New York...
  • Presidential Candidates Pick Up $1.1 Million From Overseas Donors

      OpenSecrets.org | almost 2 years ago
    It's not an unusual step for a presidential candidate, and President Barack Obama has tapped into his popularity around the world to bring in cash for his own campaign. While only U.S. citizens and green card holders can make contributions to...
  • Romney: Mass. health plan better than Obama's

      SF Gate | almost 2 years ago
    Obama's plan was modeled on Romney's, which has made some conservatives wary of the former Massachusetts governor. Some GOP activists were angered when a Romney spokeswoman touted the Massachusetts plan on Fox News earlier this month. In Thursday's...
  • Two different conventions, very different goals

      SF Gate | almost 2 years ago
    Barack Obama needs to remind voters why they loved him in 2008. Mitt Romney needs for voters to get to know and like him better. With polls showing the presidential race so close, each candidate wants badly to host a flawless political convention in...
  • Mitt Romney Reveals Reason He Will Not Release More Tax Returns

      Vanity Fair | almost 2 years ago
    A clue as to why Mitt and Ann Romney are refusing to release more tax returns . In a forthcoming interview with Parade Magazine (?!), Romney explains : Our church doesn't publish how much people have given. . ...One of the downsides of releasing one'...
  • US Press Treats Obama, Romney Equally Bad: Study

      International Business Times | almost 2 years ago
    In a U.S. presidential campaign marked by an unprecedented level of negativity , journalists have not been immune -- and they've turned their acrimony equally on President Obama and Mitt Romney. Share This Story Political journalism usually relies on...
  • Romney trying to return campaign focus to economy

      Suburban Trends | almost 2 years ago
    Ark.  Republican Mitt Romney, seeking to refocus his presidential campaign on the economy after days of distraction, is promoting energy proposals aimed at creating more than 3 million new jobs and opening up more areas for drilling off the coast of...
  • Report: Obama, Romney get equally bad press

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    Obama, Romney get equally bad press Updated President Obama and Mitt Romney are getting equally bad media portrayals in what has been "as negative as any campaign in recent times," says a new study. The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in...
  • Abortion Issue Casts Shadow Over Republican Candidates

      Voice of America | almost 2 years ago
    VOA News August 23, 2012 Democrats are trying to take advantage of the controversial remarks of a Republican U.S. Senate candidate on abortion, but presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is seeking to refocus the campaign debate on...
  • Poll: Obama maintains lead over Romney in Pennsylvania

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    The first poll of Pennsylvania voters since Mitt Romney selected Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) found the new Republican ticket did nothing to improve Romney's chances in the state, whose 20 electoral votes make it one of the biggest election-night prizes.
  • Zero—Literally Zero!—Percent of Black Voters Support Mitt Romney

      Vanity Fair | almost 2 years ago
    ZeroLiterally Zero!Percent of Black Voters Support Mitt Romney 9:15 AM, August 23 2012 A total of zero percent of African American voters support Mitt Romney, an NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll reveals...But oh, just wait until the convention, when...
  • Obama has slight lead over Romney in new nationwide poll

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    With his running mate in place and his nominating convention looming, Republican Mitt Romney narrowly trails President Obama , according to a new nationwide poll of likely voters. Obama leads 48% to 45% among all registered voters in the survey and...
  • Obama slams Romney in vicious attack over education (but then tells crowd ...

      Mail Online UK | almost 2 years ago
    23 August 2012 President Barack Obama accused Mitt Romney of despising teachers and preferring to fund billionaires rather than students but when the crowd booed Republicans he issued a high-minded call for them to stop. Obama was speaking in a high...
  • COMMUNITY COMMENT: Romney, Ryan can restore leadership, accountability

      Courier & Press | almost 2 years ago
    Its decadent denizens pursue money and power like they are the Holy Grail. Members of Congress, their staffs, and the bureaucrats in Washington put their own interests before the interests of the people who hired them to protect and defend...Did you...
  • Middle class earning smaller income piece

      The Olympia | almost 2 years ago
    Middle class share of America's income shrinking Middle class share of America's income shrinking The middle class is receiving less of America's total income, declining to its smallest share in decades as median wages stagnate in the economic...
  • Romney says his Mormon tithing shouldn't be public

      The Salt Lake City Tribune | almost 2 years ago
    One of the downsides of releasing one's financial information is that this is now all public, but we had never intended our contributions to be known. It's a very personal thing between ourselves and our commitment to our God and to our church."...
  • Romney, in Iowa, Tries to Refocus Campaign on Economy

      The New York Times | almost 2 years ago
    From the signage in the backdrop (We Did Build It!) to the shirts the company employees wore (navy blue Government didn't build my business I did T-shirts, courtesy of the campaign), Mr. Romney's campaign tried to return attention to comments Mr.
  • America decides: Can Romney get his groove back?

      The independent | almost 2 years ago
    Right now, everything should be going his way: a highly vulnerable opponent, forced to defend the most anaemic recovery from a recession in three-quarters of a century, and excitement building ahead of one of American politics' defining rituals, the...
  • Millionaires Prefer Romney Over Obama as President, According to ...

      PRWeb | almost 2 years ago
    Want to know why Romney is raising more money than Obama? The answer may lie in which candidate do millionaires prefer in this upcoming Presidential Election. SeekingArrangement.com, the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website, posed this...
  • Romney scores with ad on Obama's character

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    Geer's data have shown that some of Obama's ads had a measurable impact on moving voters away from Romney. One particularly effective ad , the data indicated, featured Mitt Romney singing America the Beautiful as the screen filled with clips of news...
  • Romney shifts back to focus on the economy

      Los Angeles Times | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney took a break Wednesday from his frenetic national fundraising tour for a campaign rally in Iowa. Just as telling as what he talked about were the topics he avoided. The Republican presidential hopeful was silent on welfare and Medicare --...
  • AP Pair Lets Obama 'Distance Himself' From Soptic Ad, Despite Known ...

      Newsbusters | almost 2 years ago
    Yesterday, James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web had this to say about the title of an Associated Press report ("Obama Defends Tenor of His Campaign, Slams Romney") covering President Obama's four-question "press conference" -- "...
  • NBC gets no Romney campaign help on Mormon special

      Associated Press | almost 2 years ago
    NBC News is having no luck getting Mitt Romney to participate in its prime-time special on the Mormon church this week. The show's executive producer, Rome Hartman, says the hour-long episode of "Rock Center" will air as planned Thursday evening. NBC...
  • Swiss protest Obama attack on Romney accounts

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    Swiss protest Obama attack on Romney's Swiss accounts Updated President Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's Swiss bank accounts are popular with the Democratic base...A spokesman for Switzerland's embassy tells Politico that his country "has...
  • Romney Is Still Hiding The Ball

      Big News Network | almost 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney shared with the John McCain campaign but will not share with voters is information about the millions of dollars he has made in foreign income. Between 2005 and 2010, while Governor of Massachusetts and a candidate for President of the...
  • Mitt Romney in Iowa tries to return to economic message, following Akin ...

      Washington Post | almost 2 years ago
    President Obama, bless his heart, has tried to substitute government for free people and it has not worked and it will never work, Romney said...He said he'd get people good jobs; instead, we've gone 42 straight months with unemployment over 8...
  • Obama knocks Romney education policies as ‘foolish for our future'

      The Hill | almost 2 years ago
    Appearing at a high school gym in Las Vegas, Obama lambasted Romney and his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for wanting to slash the number of teachers and education programs by nearly 20 percent across the country as part of their economic...
  • Which party the middle class favors

      CNN | almost 2 years ago
    ET Percent of the middle class who say Obama/Romney policies would help the wealthy, middle class and poor. President Obama and Mitt Romney both say they are focused on improving the lives of middle-class Americans, but a new poll suggests that the...
  • Obama leads Romney by four points: Poll

      Zee News | almost 2 years ago
    US President Barack Obama maintains a four point lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, a latest opinion poll has said. The latest results, according to a leading media outlet, makes the Republican challenger within striking distance of the...
  • Illegal immigrants could reap more than $7B in tax credits this year, ...

      Fox News | almost 2 years ago
    FoxNews.com Illegal immigrants could receive more than $7 billion this year in federal tax credits, according to one estimate, thanks to a loophole in the law that allows people not authorized to work to reap the government payments with no questions...
  • Remember Afghanistan? The war makes rare appearance in Obama-Romney race.

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    Politics junkies could be forgiven for not realizing that US soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan, given how rarely the word passes the lips of either President Obama or challenger Mitt Romney. The Afghan war made a rare appearance in the...
  • Pelosi aims for Dems to retake House, eyes old speaker post

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    Ohio Standing before a room of donors at a breakfast fundraiser for Rep. Betty Sutton , one of her party's vulnerable incumbents, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defined the stakes of the 2012 election this way: "Everything is at stake.
  • CBO projects $1.1T deficit for fiscal year

      USA Today | almost 2 years ago
    CBO projects $1.1T deficit for this fiscal year Updated The Congressional Budget Office made it official today, projecting a $1 trillion-plus budget deficit for the fourth straight year. The CBO said this year's red ink will total $1.1 trillion for...
  • Poll: Americans favor Obama over Romney for strengthening public schools

      Christian Science Monitor | almost 2 years ago
    The Gallup and Phi Delta Kappa poll also found that Americans identify funding as the biggest problem facing public schools.
  • New Romney ad accuses Obama of 'raiding' Medicare

      The Hill | almost 2 years ago
    Obama is raiding $716 billion from Medicare, changing the program forever. Raising taxes on families making less than $120,000," says the narrator in the ad. The ad goes on to tout the "Romney-Ryan" plan, saying that it will restore and protect...
  • Obama campaign blasts Romney on classroom size, public education

      The Hill | almost 2 years ago
    The 30-second spot accuses the presumptive GOP nominee of disregarding classroom size and supporting cuts to education funding. "The Romney-Ryan plan could gut investments in education by 20 percent and risk as many as 65,000 educators' jobs to pay...
  • Romney raises record $2.2 million from Oklahoma residents

      Tulsa World | almost 2 years ago
    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has raised more than $2 million in campaign contributions from Oklahomans, breaking the record for the state set by fellow Republican John McCain in 2008. According to Federal Election...
  • Romney pushes on with discredited welfare attacks

      Telegram & Gazette | almost 2 years ago
    Texas  —  Mitt Romney claims he's got a winner with his criticism that President Barack Obama is giving welfare recipients a free ride. Never mind that aspects of his argument against the Democrat are factually inaccurate. Those flaws aside, Romney's...
  • Ryan had higher tax rate than Romney

      United Press International | almost 2 years ago
    Likely Republican vice presidential choice Paul Ryan released U.S. tax returns for 2010 and 2011 Friday that show he paid at a higher rate than Mitt Romney . Ryan, a U.S. congressman from Wisconsin, who filed joint returns with his wife, Janna, had...
  • Ryan paid 15.9% tax rate, returns show

      The Herald | almost 2 years ago
    Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released two years of tax returns on Friday that show the Republican vice presidential nominee paid an effective tax rate of 15.9 percent in 2010 and 20 percent in 2011...Like Mitt Romney, Ryan has agreed to release only two...
  • Ryan Paid Higher Tax Rate Than Romney in '11

      Asian Wall Street Journal | almost 2 years ago
    Rep. Paul Ryan and his wife paid a higher tax rate for 2011 than Mitt Romney and his wife on significantly less income, according to tax returns that the Romney campaign released late Friday. The Ryans also had to pay more in tax than they originally...
  • Ryan Tax Returns Show 20 Percent Rate in 2011

      The New York Times | almost 2 years ago
    The couple reported an adjusted gross income for 2011 of $323,416 about half of which came from Mr. Ryan's salary as a congressman from Wisconsin and chairman of the House Budget Committee and paid $64,764 in federal income taxes. In 2010, they...

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