Breivik's lunatic 'lesser evil' logic touted at UK-EU Christians meeting

Breivik's lunatic 'lesser evil' logic touted at UK-EU Christians meeting

Norwich : United Kingdom | Aug 19, 2012 at 4:04 AM PDT
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No - it couldn't be!

Butcher Anders Breivik's warped "lesser evil" logic was advanced publicly, by a mature adult at a Christian meeting in England?

No! That sort of thing only happens in other countries - like the Czech Republic, where police yesterday arrested a man calling himself “Breivik," who was storing a rifle and explosives in his home.

There are no such right-wing extremists in England, right? No British Christian would endorse Breivik’s lunatic “lesser evil” logic!

Think again. One British Christian did just that.

It happened last November during a conference hosted by an England-based conservative Christian charity. That charity had teamed up with a European Christian political group to stage the event.

The speaker was Caucasian and dressed formally in a light blue-grey suit, if I remember correctly. He had a shiny bald head – prompting me to think that he might be a member of the British National Party or another far right entity.

I don’t recall his exact words, but the gist of his argument has remained with me.

He suggested to delegates at the conference that the threats being faced by the Christian peoples of Europe may justify or warrant actions ordinarily considered off-limits to Christians: actions they would instinctively consider not only sinful, but repulsive in the extreme.

He likened these acts and/or the effect they might have to a military, fire-fighting or similar defensive strategy, where one “overreacts,” recognizing that some of the advantage or “territory” gained by overreacting would be lost ultimately.

That eventuality, he suggested, would still leave the aggressors or over-reactors in a better position than they would otherwise be.

Notably, this extremist suggestion was deplored by the majority of those attending the conference.

But the anxiety, exasperation and hostility with which one or two other persons spoke of the “Muslim threat" and other perceived religious and secular affronts to the UK’s and Europe’s assumed Christian identities suggests to me that this kind of “lesser of two evils” logic may be more widespread than more moderate thinkers are inclined to believe.

The chilling church counsel of the speaker at the meeting last November is in fact reminiscent of comments by Christian apologist Oz Guiness (Oz Guinness, according to Wikipedia) which I reported in another Allvoices story

From where I stand, the difference between Guinness' view - that some people abuse and therefore do not deserve the freedom that Western democracies afford them - and the Breivik-like logic of the bald man in the blue suit is only a question of degree.

From where I stand, the essential fascist logic is the same. And it is frightening.

Actually, I have refrained from publishing this story until now because of concerns for my own safety.

I have been concerned that my critique of far-right, racist Christian extremism may lead someone in that camp to try to silence me, permanently.

I worry about what the kind of anxiety, exasperation and/or hostility Guinness and others have expressed toward Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams - because of his belief in the compatibility of some aspects of Sharia law and Christian beliefs - could lead to.

I worry when I think of the irrationality of the blatant antipathy that some supposed Christians express toward U.S. Predident Barack Obama because of his race and ethnicity - particularly the Islamic elements of his family history.

The rabid, resolute refusal of some of Guiness' Christian compatriots and others to respect President Obama's declared Christian beliefs inclines me to think that they would consider killing him the lesser of two evils.

In my mind, the rise in far-right, racist sentiment across Europe is intimately linked to Obama's ascendency to the U.S. presidency.

I see Anders Behrig Breivik's slaughter of young Norwegians who apparently shared President Obama's liberal political ideology as an attack on all such people - including me.

I was in fact prompted to write this story by yesterday’s news about the Czech who calls himself Breivik.

I have a hunch that there may be a link between that man and another who was also arrested yesterday right here in England.

Investigations are ongoing after suspected explosives and firearms were found when Shropshire police executed a search warrant at a house in Leonards Close, Telford (

Could it be the bald man in the blue suit now in police custody?

How many English Christians share that man's belief Breivik's violence may be justified to protect their apparent Aryan supremacist understanding of Christianity?

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Anders Breivik
Anders Breivik - Pool / Reuters
Junior Campbell is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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