Life was cheap in S Yorks in 1997-8? Depends on your finances? Sheffield mother case reopen, murder?

Life was cheap in S Yorks in 1997-8? Depends on your finances? Sheffield mother case reopen, murder?

Sheffield : United Kingdom | Aug 13, 2012 at 8:32 AM PDT
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The Star says that the murder of vulnerable Sheffield mother Mrs Grainger is to be looked at again as a cold case. It goes back as far as 1997 but time flies. I was thankful not to be killed by similar myself in Barnsley in 98 as a vulnerable church attender on the dole like others helping with homeless meals and doing an adult update education course. Was it bad for respect for lower income life in 1997/98? What are police at?

I myself suspected police were bad with DNA and forensic. In case of my 98 stalker break in round a warden flat door in Barnsley they found a tiny blood trace where he cut me on the bed and also found a handprint on the door. No DNA was found, but they were not bothered anyway, and treated the statement 'I could have been suffocated if his hand on mouth pressed and took my breath' as marginal. The word 'kill' in terms of victim rights was a dirty word. I told them in 2002 gangs threatened to kill each other outside my new home and rang police. A police man tortured me as if it was me the gangs were after and when I told him I had had previous contact and been tortured with theories I had deluded my attacker and was mental, (but was really innocently attacked), they said I was 'no sooner born than gone'. They corrupted what evidence they had and treated me as a criminal offence to a permissive world, saying any more mention and refusal to tape I dreamed it,would, by implication, mean I risked prison. I told them in my insightful fear to patrol, saying that Worsboro was going downhill, and asked 'could there be murders?'.There were 3-4 and a drowned neighbour in 99-2002. The neighbour was a vicar's dad who dared not face court; they were so bad to vulnerable he felt that he too may become a criminalised victim and driven to suicide. He had been burgled- knife to neck- by a man who claimed to press he was repentant, S Sennett of Wombwell, who will now be out of jail I believe. Police and NHS had little respect I had sensibly told them to patrol and I had been so terribly correct, the area was going to murder.

I feel the DNA in the Sheffield mother murder enquiry now, on front page of Star press, is similar to mine in their concern to handle it as priority. This shows low respect for life for a lower income mother, along with distinct lack of concern to thoroughly investigate DNA,trying to make the small family feel they are lucky to get enquiry into a cold case, as if her right to life was marginal. They did similar filthy evidence handling and corruption with me. They used telly broadcasts like Tonite, and Calendar, as if I was important and fit to be put on telly, in 98,then back bit,saying to me torturously that I was deluded and fit to be mentally tortured for years- until 2010 apology letters came. They play a game for love and money where lawyers are in the money and where right to life depends on social popularity and what finance you have.

The lad concerned in the terrible mother murder now is begging for more telly coverage. They play cat and mouse with telly broadcast facilities. My coverage seemed was so marginal to those who tortured me, that after some supposedly professional consideration, the corrupt powers that be in the force shamelessly corrupted it. The attacker could one day surface and kill such as Mrs Grainger.

In relation to the above facts, I have heard irresponsible street gossip saying I am worthless, some people hardly being able to believe one like me- in years of immediate telly coverage for victims-was 'fit' to go on telly as a crime victim case. That is how they are. It sickens me that they are able to do this with corrupt churches and areas behind torture of victim, descrying individual right to have their common sense and concern for public safety respected if they are not in the money. The police who tortured me got massive salaries. I got nowt. If the public wanted to see someone tortured, like me, the police played it cool, linked to bad public money and did a dirty game of 'noblesse oblige', almost like creating very suspect parallels in a dirty social game of cat and mouse, with cases like Marie Antoinette, (let them eat cake) and Henry V111 and the chopping off the heads of a couple of wives in interests of love and money, striking me as relevant comparative cases.

You wonder if the police will ever be shamed. Why do they not respect right to life and opinion of anyone genuine? Also if church are to use police and law, which they used to avoid as public systems they diagnosed as secular, they should not use these systems to torture the innocent, doing in their lives. Instead at least in terms of my case, they tend to link to them with corrupt money and sleaze, making them obey corrupt church members' demands. Lincoln church knew a murder. Kluk was killed up Scotland. She never hit telly before her death like me. Who cares? They merely call it tragedy. How hard are they?

It is to be hoped it improves. People can leave their fellow men to die in the dirt if they can get away with it. A kid is murdered in London and hits headlines. Surely there should have been more concern for this kid's mother in Sheffield than merely making him the receipt of glib feedback, dispassionately stated, with promises that it will be only on regular case file review each three years. They deal with people not paper. Paper does not bleed and they are not making comic film strips with tomato sauce.

Tallott is based in Barnsley, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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