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Norfolk : VA : USA | over 1 year ago  
Romney gave his VP pick an accidental promotion when he introduced Paul Ryan as the next president of United States. He quickly corrected himself, calling him the next “Vice...
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  • Ryan returns to alma mater, Miami U., as VP candidate

      The Columbus Dispatch | over 1 year ago
    Ohio He was here 20 years ago as a student, and three years ago as a commencement speaker...Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin returned to his alma mater, Miami University, as the man running to be the next vice president of the United States. Ryan, a 1992...
  • Biden sticks to script, goes after Ryan plan on Medicare

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    Joe Biden isn't going to change his brand, even a day after his comments spurred a Category 3 storm of outrage. I know I am sometimes criticized for saying exactly what I mean. And it's not going to change, the vice president told a crowd of...
  • Biden Refers to Ryan as ‘Governor' | over 1 year ago
    Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday referred to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the running mate of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as Governor Ryan. During a campaign stop at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Va., Biden said, Congressman...
  • Romney steps away from Paul Ryan's Medicare cuts

      Chicago Tribune | over 1 year ago
    First of all, Congressman Ryan has joined my campaign, and his campaign is my campaign now, and we're on exactly the same page, Romney said in response to anchor Anthony Mason's question. And my campaign has made it very clear: The president's cuts...
  • Biden's 'chains,' Romney's welfare sloths add race to campaign

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    Select a date range Create a custom date range Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Mitt Romney 's tax policy would put y'all back in chains, and Campaign 2012 spun off into the outrage zone once again...Democratic ticket in his speech before a...
  • Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare sets stage for campaign debate

      The Tribune | over 1 year ago
    In selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has taken the unusual step of embracing a man whose deficit-reduction plan is far more detailed than his own. Romney taps Ryan as running mate Romney taps Ryan...
  • Low taxes, smaller government, but not a balanced budget?

      The Christian Science Monitor | over 1 year ago
    Our tax expert crunches the numbers of the Paul Ryan financial plan. end result? While Romney's pick for vice president is often called a deficit hawk, in fact balancing the budget is not one of his high priorities...And while he regularly talks...
  • Biden confident American people will reject Ryan-Romney vision

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    Vice President Joe Biden said the American people would reject Paul Ryan 's vision for the nation. In remarks to about 800 supporters in this southwest Virginia city Biden escalated the Democratic ticket's push to tie Republican nominee Mitt Romney...
  • Obama team runs ad linking Romney to Ryan budget

      Kansas City Star | over 1 year ago
    A new television ad from President Barack Obama's re-election campaign is linking Republican rival Mitt Romney to the education cuts in a budget plan by GOP running mate Paul Ryan.The ad doesn't name Ryan. But it criticizes Romney for backing plans...
  • Romney's bizarre Medicare defenses

      NY Daily News | over 1 year ago
    Mitt Romney 's selection of Paul Ryan provides an opening for a fundamental debate over entitlements and health care policy...Campaigning this week, the former Massachusetts governor is already downplaying the one thing that made Ryan famous: His...
  • Biden: ‘They're Gonna Put You All Back in Chains' | over 1 year ago
    Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a rally at the Institute for Advanced Learning in Danville, Va., said GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), are going to put the American people back in chains.
  • Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the risk of getting upstaged

      Washington Post | over 1 year ago
    Others have called the move daring or evidence that Romney is going nuclear . View Photo Gallery :The best and the worst leadership moments of recent U.S. presidents.
  • Obama-Biden, Romney-Ryan hit the campaign trail

      USA Today | over 1 year ago
    President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan , Mitt Romney 's pick for his running mate, hit the trail in Iowa, while presumptive Republican nominee Romney stumped in Florida and Vice President Biden spoke in North Carolina all states carried by the president...
  • Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan to Make Election a Budget War

      Money Morning | over 1 year ago
    In naming Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, as his vice presidential nominee, Mitt Romney ensured that the 2012 election will be mainly about how the country ultimately deals with its massive budget deficits. Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential...
  • Romney won't volunteer budget differences

      Associated Press | over 1 year ago
    Mitt Romney says there may be differences between his own budget plan and running mate Paul Ryan's, but he isn't volunteering any of them. Instead, the Republican presidential candidate said Monday that he and his running mate are "on the same page."...
  • US presidential campaign heads to Iowa

      The Age | over 1 year ago
    Obama accused Ryan of blocking a congressional farm bill in Washington while Midwesterners cope with a crippling drought, the country's worst in decades. Both the president and Ryan were campaigning on Monday in Iowa, a state at the heart of the dry...
  • Poll: Romney gets no instant boost from Ryan pick

      Jerusalem Post | over 1 year ago
    Reuters/Ipsos poll finds VP pick failed to change opinion on Romney; 44% to 29% think Biden more qualified than Ryan. US Republican Mitt Romney received no immediate boost to his White House bid by naming US Representative Paul Ryan as vice...
  • Biden takes aim at new Romney-Ryan team

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    It's no longer two against one, with Romney and Ryan now matched against Obama and Biden . But in his initial salvo against his Republican counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden argued that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were indistinguishable when it...
  • Obama, Biden link GOP rivals to Congress

      North Valley Suburbanite | over 1 year ago
    Iowa   President Barack Obama and Joe Biden moved quickly Monday to link GOP rivals Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to House Republicans who Democrats blame for causing gridlock in Washington and pressing policies to protect the wealthy. Campaigning in...
  • Romney running mate confronts Obama

      News 24 | over 1 year ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sent his new running mate to the Midwestern state of Iowa on Monday, testing his campaign mettle against Barack Obama as the president began a bus tour of the battleground state that launched his...
  • Decision 2012: New GOP VP Nominee Ryan Stumps In Iowa

      NY1 | over 1 year ago
    summary+' After campaigning together in several states over the weekend, Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going their separate ways today. Romney will head to Florida and Ohio while Ryan travels to Iowa.
  • In joining Romney, will Paul Ryan get his 'clear choice' campaign? (+video)

      The Christian Science Monitor | over 1 year ago
    Washington In selecting Paul Ryan for the GOP ticket, Mitt Romney appears to agree with one of the Wisconsin congressman's long-standing beliefs: If you aim for sweeping changes, you must run a campaign that clearly states your case to the American...
  • How Paul Ryan pick by Romney can alter campaign

      The Christian Science Monitor | over 1 year ago
    The plan's key element is more choice in health care a useful debating point for the presidential campaign.
  • Sikh memorial led to delay in Ryan announcement

      Zee News | over 1 year ago
    The Friday memorial service for Sikh worshippers, who were killed in a shooting incident inside a Gurdwara in the US, forced Mitt Romney to delay announcement on his vice presidential pick Paul Ryan by a day.
  • US: Barack Obama describes Paul Ryan as decent man

      Zee News | over 1 year ago
    US President Barack Obama on Sunday welcomed Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to the presidential race but said he fundamentally disagrees with his vision, which if implemented would take the nation backward. "Just last morning, my opponent chose his...
  • Romney says he's running on his budget framework not Paul Ryan's

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has long praised the budgets Ryan has spearheaded as chairman of the House Budget Committee, and has even said he would have signed the GOP budget into law. But since Romney tapped Ryan on Saturday, his...
  • Romney and Ryan hit Republican campaign road

      Al Jazeera | over 1 year ago
    07 Thousands of people lined a highway in High Point on Sunday to greet Romney and Ryan [AFP] Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has taken on a celebratory tone, as Romney and his new vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, basked in...
  • Romney: Paul Ryan ready to become president

      SF Gate | over 1 year ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says Paul Ryan has the experience needed to become president. Romney says he considered a number of people to be his running mate, but readiness to be president was the first and most important factor he...
  • Romney says he's running on his budget, not Ryan's

      SF Gate | over 1 year ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he's running on his budget proposals, not the more controversial plan authored by his running mate. Romney is pushing back against Democrats who say that by picking Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice...
  • Republicans rally behind VP-pick Ryan

      MarketWatch | over 1 year ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduces U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice-presidential running mate. MarketWatch) Republican leaders took to TV and Twitter Sunday to praise Mitt Romney's selection of Wisconsin Congressman...
  • Obama welcomes Ryan into election race

      The Courier-Mail | over 1 year ago
    Barack Obama has welcomed Paul Ryan into the US election, but warned the Republican vice-presidential pick is an "articulate" spokesman for a vision he fundamentally opposes. Obama gave a measured first public reaction to Republican presumptive...
  • Romney gets a Twitter bounce from Ryan

      USA Today | over 1 year ago
    Ryan gives Romney a Twitter bounce Updated Whatever else Rep. Paul Ryan may do for the GOP ticket, he had an immediate impact on Twitter, generating a more positive tweet stream about Mitt Romney than President Obama for the first time since July,...
  • Romney, Ryan vow US comeback

      The Daily Telegraph | over 1 year ago
    Romney and his new running mate Paul Ryan have taken a re-energised Republican presidential campaign to North Carolina, vowing to fix the US economy and restore American strength. "I've got good news for you. And that is that this nation is going to...
  • Obama campaign targets Romney`s running mate

      Zee News | over 1 year ago
    US President Barack Obama's campaign on Sunday described Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential pick Ryan Paul as a "right-wing ideologue" who believes in giving tax breaks to the millionaires and holds extremely conservative views on abortion.
  • Romney VP search took place under radar

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    Mitt Romney ran a tight ship as his campaign narrowed down the choices for his running mate, the campaign aide in charge of the search told reporters. Beth Myers said all of the discussions about the field of potential vice-presidential candidates...
  • Romney, Ryan Hit Campaign Trail

      Voice of America | over 1 year ago
    VOA News August 12, 2012 U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his new running mate are casting themselves as the duo to bring back America's economy during a multi-state tour. Romney and Representative Paul Ryan are sweeping through the...
  • Romney and Ryan tour key states

      BBC | over 1 year ago
    Romney tours key states with new running mate Paul Ryan Ryan's selection as vice-presidential candidate has been seen as a sharply ideological choice The US Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, and his running mate are touring key states...
  • Romney, Ryan pack a punch: ‘Hope and change has become attack and blame,' ...

      Chicago-Sun Times | over 1 year ago
    Va.Standing on a stage together at a rally in this historic Civil War town, Mitt Romney clearly displayed chemistry with Paul Ryan whom he tapped to be his running mate on Saturday a risky pick by a man known for his caution. The two teamed up...
  • Analysis: Paul Ryan's inclusion on GOP ticket draws stark fiscal battle ...

      Fort Lee Suburbanite | over 1 year ago
    Mitt Romney set up a stark choice for voters Saturday by picking Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, resetting the campaign in fundamental and potentially risky ways. After months of trying to make the contest a referendum on President Obama's...
  • Democrats, GOP agree: Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan energizes race

      Miami Herald | over 1 year ago
    The presence on the GOP ticket of Ryan, the House of Representatives Budget Committee chairman, whose plan to cut taxes, reduce spending and revamp Medicare is regarded as a Republican Party road map, ensures that two very different visions of the...
  • Ryan selection shows Romney camp eyeing Midwest states for win

      The Hill | over 1 year ago
    And the selection of the House Budget Committee chairman also addresses two nagging concerns for the Romney campaign: the tepid support among influential conservatives and the need to shake up a presidential race that polls show favor President Obama.
  • Democrats charge at Ryan, targeting his budget as expected

      Fox News | over 1 year ago Democrats wasted no time Saturday attacking GOP vice presidential pick Paul Ryan, launching a familiar and expected assault on the Wisconsin congressman's tough-love budget proposals, which Democrats suggest would help millionaires and...
  • By the numbers: Paul Ryan

      CNN | over 1 year ago
    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney used an event at the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia, Saturday to announce Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, as his vice presidential pick . Romney's choice of Ryan is considered by political...
  • Local analysis: Sam Popkin on Romney picking Ryan

      San Diego Union-Tribune | over 1 year ago
    Also of interest Sam Popkin Sam Popkin is a political science professor at UC San Diego. He is the author of The Candidate: What It Takes to Win and Hold the White House. This is his take on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney...
  • ­A selfless man? Romney introduces veep Ryan as 'next US president'

      Russia Today | over 1 year ago
    US presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Saturday introduced running mate Paul Ryan as the next president of the United States. He quickly retracted his statement, saying he made a mistake but not in choosing Ryan. After the audience applauded Ryan's...
  • Romney names Paul Ryan his No. 2; Christie likely GOP convention keynote ...

      Edgewater View | over 1 year ago
    The Record Sorry, your browser does not support iframes Mitt Romney announced this morning that his vice-presidential running mate will be U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, ending months of speculation buzz that peaked in the last few days that...
  • Romney VP pick sharpens focus on economy

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    Mitt Romney 's selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate signals he wants to change the focus of the presidential campaign just months before the election. The choice, announced by Romney Saturday morning from the deck of the retired USS...
  • Dems blast Ryan as Mitt running mate

      United Press International | over 1 year ago
    Dems blast, GOP praises Ryan choice Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks after being announced by Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his running mate on August 11, 2012 in Norfolk, Virginia...Rep. Paul Ryan as his...
  • Pros And Cons: Ryan As Romney's VP

      National Public Radio | over 1 year ago
    Erica Ryan GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate seems to be uniting both Republicans and Democrats. The GOP is embracing the young, wonky addition to the ticket, while the left seems happy to be taking...
  • Romney's bumble, Ryan's hair and all the really big news

      Los Angeles Times | over 1 year ago
    Mitt Romney botched his introduction of his vice presidential running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan , on Saturday morning, but the Republican has good company. Candidate Barack Obama also gave his running mate, Joe Biden , an inadvertent "promotion" four...

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