Complex herbs heal of thyroid and diabetes.

Complex herbs heal of thyroid and diabetes.

Valga : Estonia | Aug 12, 2012 at 5:00 AM PDT
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When thyroid damage or complicated of diabetes 2 th. Type we wait and stressed, that in use of hormones. Yes, it's not positive minds and in our redaction. we get letters about natural help. Thus, Endocrinologist enjoys for help us, answering for your letters.

Ekaterina s mail about, that suffers from autoimmune thyreoditis chronic is gone with hypothyreosis, and doctor prescribed hormones, but she read, that to use of Endonorm, Thyreo balance, but is I taking of that herbal remedies with base medic pills?

In low function thyroid gland and with thyreoditis chronic and without his, we prescribe of Eutirox or L-thyroxin, dose's ads of own doctor, and from herbal remedies add Endonorm, were enters of herb Potentilla white, take of a capsule of three times/day to a meal, to two months, after four-week rest and repeat. Drink his of many years, he is save and helps good. Alternatively, you can self-cook of 10 gr.dry root of Potentilla white chopped ad for 100 ml. vodka, infuse two weeks, and drink of 30 drops three times/day to meal, drink month, after week rest, and repeat course. However, from leafs, you can cook remedy of tbl.sp. dry leave's ads for 400 ml. hot water, infuse in a thermos of eight hours, drink of 100 ml. three times/day with a meal.

Natalja s mail about, that suffers from nodule goitre without of thyroid gland function disorder, which goitre was the healing on?

Here are a few healing methods from use of Thyreobalance one pill in breakfast time and after for 6-12 months, and in our hospital, we have of Uncarin -cat s claw, drink of two pills of three times/day in meal time for 6-12 months, but Uncarin not mixes with other remedies. His use before another remedy use or after, parallel take of Calcimax of two capsules in dinner time, he restores calcium in organism, here ads and Complex ferments plus for pill of three times/day to a meal for two months. That remedy is natural, were enters of herb's echinacea, root licorice, Bifido bacteria for mixing with and for normalizes organism work.

Other stages of healing in Endonorm use of a capsule three times/day with a meal to two months, after in a week rest and keep a course. Such course is a need for nodules down, and Potentilla white enters of course in remedy, but also enters and Bidens tripartita herb, licorice root, laminaria.

Third stage for healing in use of Transfer factors edvance for three capsules in breakfast time and dinner to 12 months, for better effect ads of Transfer factors plus of two capsules, three times/day for 12 months. And also turn in herb Xanthium of tea.sp. chopping mass ads for glass hot water, steam for 10 minutes, filter and drink of 1/2 glass three times/day

Ljudmila s mail about healing for toxic nodule goitre.

Drink of course remedies Endonorm, but of two capsules, three times/day with a meal to two months, in a week rest, and repeat to year, or more, depends from hormonal testing checking. Furthermore, course drink of transfer factor classic of a capsule begin/day and every a of three days rise to 6-9 capsulles/day to year, parallel drink of herb Stellaria, were grown in every garden, of tbl.sp. herb add for glass hot water, infuse 30 minutes, filter, use of 1/3 glass three times/day of the meal to two months.

Valentina s mail about in sugar diabetes of 2 th stage displayed for ulcers trophic not healed and in a first use of diabetic herbs, calls remedy Arfazetin .But you cook self from rom 50 gr. leaf's blueberry, 25 gr.pods kidney beans, herb galega curative, leaves mint, and 2 tbl.sp. mass ads for 300 water, infuse hour, filter, use 100 ml. of three times/day with a meal for three months.

And 20 gr. of leave's bearberry, root dandelion, chicory, shoots blueberry, pod's kidney beans. And 2 tbl.sp. mass chopping ads for two glasses hot water, infuse hour, filter, use of 0.5 glass four times/day for three months. And third stage for help is the use of Transfer factor glucouch drink of two capsules four times/day in meal time to six months and more, also adds transfer factor cardio for blood microcirculate improve ulcers' display is talks about blood s vessel disorder for work, and use of two capsules of two times/day in breakfast and dinner time to six months. And for effectively result in ads for transfer factor plus for three months use or more, he is fighting infection, were ulcers in risk of abcess, and remedies that all use in complex. Alternatively, drink Tsiigapan from North deer s horns for ulcer's heals, for immunity recovers and heals's ulcers of one pill take two times/day to breakfast and lunch to three months, not pause.

However, powder Tsigapan selling you can sprinkle ulcers or Malavit s for apply, were enters of 37 Altai s herbs and colloid silver, were dilutes in boiling water of part powder and 20 parts water.

Alternatively, drink natural remedy of Glucoxil two pills of two times/day to three months, were enters of root's ginger, inula helenium leafs through raspberry, blueberry, birch, artichoke. Restore immunity helps for Lactusan drink of 10 ml. for breakfast, dinner for the month. Normal bowel s microflora with Probinorm of a capsule two times/day to meal breakfast and dinner, for 1-3 months. Liver restores complex hepar formula or Hepaton, enters globe thistle, curcuma, Salsolla collina and more herbs, were uses of a pill three times/day for a meal for 1 to three months.

Zoz press, 2012, August.

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