Banana Kefir diet solution program

Banana Kefir diet solution program

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Banana diet is used as for getting rid of extra pounds, and for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers), biliary tract, obesity, kidney and liver problems associated with edema, circulatory disorders. This diet helps in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, bacterial dysentery. Canadian scientists have discovered that bananas help release mucus that coats the inside of the stomach and thereby prevents gastric juice (acid) damage the gastrointestinal tract.

Many believe that the banana can not be the basis of the diet because they contain lots of calories. But we can not forget the fact that bananas contain a large amount of fiber and natural sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose), which facilitates the rapid saturation of the organism. A small amount of fat in bananas helps to reduce cholesterol. A lot of useful substances helps glucose to enter the brain and ensures a good mood after a diet solution program.

Calories bananas for banana-kefir diet
Unlike other fruits and berries banana has a high caloric content: ripe banana, depending on the mass contains from 90 to 140 kcal, dried in a high-calorie fresh 5 times, 100 gsuhih bananas contain up to 285 kcal and 100 grams of banana chips - 531 kcal.But, despite the fact that fresh bananas calories and almost a half times more nutritious cooked potatoes, because of its beneficial properties are ideal for the diet program.

Despite the fact that bananas for weight loss contain a large amount of calories. Due to its beneficial properties and nutritional qualities, they are ideal for weight loss.

To maintain a beautiful figure, in a diet should be washed in order to become a way of life. You can not always use mono, because of such diets for a week you can get rid of ten pounds and, even more, but then their score, and even with a surplus. This weight loss is harmful to your body. But always stick to a balanced diet is also not easy, breakdowns are inevitable. Nutritionists, promoting the banana diet, offer to eat 2 bananas for twenty minutes before each meal consumption, which will reduce your appetite in 2 times. Since bananas and high-calorie, and nutritious. Bananas can be replaced with sweets (chocolate, cakes, candy, etc.). But there is nothing better than a healthy diet.

Benefits of Banana

Bananas contain high levels of carbohydrates 17.3 -18.4 STA 3 types of fruit and natural sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose), which provides instant and continuous flow of energy.

It is also necessary to note that bananas contain high amounts of vitamins (B, PP, B2, B6, C, A, E), minerals (sodium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, pectin), as well as fruit acids and enzymes and a half . But the biggest advantage of bananas is that B100 gsvezhih banana contains 376 mg of potassium, when the daily dose for humans is 3 to 4 day induction. Potassium reduces the risk of developing hypertension, and strengthen the heart muscle.

For women, bananas are particularly useful, as can improve mood, relieves premenstrual syndrome and depression, due to the fact that it contains the amino acid tryptophan, which, when ingested, is converted into the hormone serotonin. Therefore, if bad at heart often do banana drink and lift the mood.

Calories for a banana-yogurt kefir diet
It has long been known to all of the useful properties of yogurt. Positive effect on digestion, cleanses the body of toxins, is involved in creating a favorable environment bacterial intestinal promotes the development of digestive juices, has diuretic properties. Has immunostimulatory effect on the body. Helps fight chronic fatigue, with violations related to the nervous system, helps with sleep disorders.

According to the Russian biologist Mechnikov II, the cause of aging is directly connected with the process of digestion, namely, oxidation, rotting, decomposition of food and protein denaturation in the gastrointestinal tract. To prevent this process, the scientist suggested the use of lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt. Two cups of yogurt a day improves digestion and improves whole body and you can lose weight with the help of yogurt .

Kefir has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, has probiotic effect, normalizes metabolism. Kefir fungi - a collection of many symbiotic yeasts, acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid streptococci and sticks of various microorganisms.Due to its composition of yogurt prevents the formation and development in the gut of pathogenic, pathogenic, is able to restore microbiocenosis. The main medicinal properties of yogurt - is bactericidal against lactic acid microorganisms gastro-intestinal infections and tuberculosis.

It is safe to say that 2 cups of yogurt a day prevent intestinal diseases caused by bacteria overgrowth antibioterapiey.

Unlike milk yogurt is better usvaitsya body. Vitamins and amino acids, digestible why yogurt is recommended for children (8 months), the elderly and recovering from illness.

Effect of yogurt on the body depends on the duration of maturation (fortress). He was distinguished by the level of acidity (low - one-day, average - two-day, strong - three-day). It also differs in the accumulation of carbon dioxide, alcohol. Strength of the drink is directly dependent on how active yogurt cleanses the body and promotes the production of digestive juices. One-day (light) is used as a dietary yogurt, three-day (solid) - helps flatulence, diarrhea.

Kefir is distinguished by the number of bifidobacteria in its composition: bifidok, biokefir, bifikefir. Bifidobacteria lead to tone the body, improve immunity, improve gut, protect from the effects of antibiotics reduce the risk of cancer.

Banana Kefir diet - diets
There are two variants of banana-kefir diet:

Option 1 "rigid." This diet is designed for 3 - 4 days. On the day of your diet consists of three bananas and 3 glasses of 1% yogurt. These two products should be divided in equal parts by the number of meals. Products can be used separately or as a kefir-banana shake. Not in a limited number can drink water, herbal or green tea without sugar. With this diet you can lose up to 5 kg.

Option 2. "Gentle." Daily diet consists iz1 5 kgbananov and yogurt (unsweetened liquid) in unlimited quantities. It also allowed the use of porridge without butter (no more than 1 tablespoon) or a little lean meat cooked. With this diet you can lose weight by 1 kg.

For a long time, such a diet should not use it because it contains a meager amount of food. Thus, the banana-kefir diet is not balanced. It is better to use it as a fasting days. Before using the banana-kefir diet should consult a physician.

Many people still are afraid to eat bananas, so it's best to try kefir diet, buckwheat , buckwheat is known for its low calorie content. But such a diet will be less nutritious than bananas.

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Diet Solution Program
Calories bananas for banana-kefir diet Unlike other fruits and berries banana has a high caloric content: ripe banana, depending on the mass contains from 90 to 140 cal,
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