I Just Want a Candidate I Want to Vote For

I Just Want a Candidate I Want to Vote For

Washington : DC : USA | Aug 02, 2012 at 5:14 AM PDT
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I made myself a promise a while back that never again would I waste my vote by simply voting against a candidate and would only reward those candidates I believed in and whole-heartedly supported with the preciousness of receiving my vote.

When you think about it, your vote is probably one of your most precious possessions yet so many simply throw it to who the morning paper said would win or the candidate they would most like to spend a night out on the town with or some other puerile reasoning. Even utilizing your vote against a candidate by voting for the person who offends your positions and sensibilities the least is still a compromise which I have chosen not to descend to doing ever again. Now that poses a problem for me in the coming elections this fall, and it goes well beyond the Presidency. I got fortunate in that the Party favorite and incumbent for the House of Representatives was unseated by a relative unknown. Much of this I like to think was due to my actively voting for that candidate.

There were three reasons I cast that particular vote, I could no longer support my previous Congressman as he had supported the Quantitative Easing as well as the initial bailout among other sins. The opposition ran on a platform of Constitutional principles which is likely my highest rated qualification for any candidate, especially my long-time favorite, Tenth Amendment, one of the principle tools which can return the United States to sane and proper leadership if only we choose to have the fortitude to rightfully apply it against all area where the Federal Government has transgressed over the decades.

The reason I decided to take such a drastic position was due in part to President George W. Bush who I supported in his first run mostly as I was voting against Vice President Gore. Unfortunately, President Bush proved to be a big government Republican liberal, some say progressive. Actually, none of these people are true liberals in the Jeffersonian definition of a liberal, so let’s call them what they are, Statists. I cannot support any more Statists unless we whittle, preferably chop, the Federal Government back down to its proper and Constitutional size, otherwise our country will forever wallow in the mire of debt and profuse invasion of all areas of our lives by an over-bloated Big Brother style State.

Obviously, with my extremist position I could never vote for President Barack Obama as he is the antithesis of everything I believe politically. I happen to be virtually ecstatic with our Constitution of negative liberties, as he referred to our blessed and inspired framework document which expressed a new theory for governance, which explicitly stated that each person was responsible for themselves and would be provided with the maximum freedom to fulfill their hearts desires and to strive to attain everything they truly desired with one limitation, that such pursuits did not interfere or prevent any other from executing actions towards their similarly driven desires.

Simply put, one’s freedoms and liberties end when they contact the next person’s nose. I do not wish to have a government that is required to interfere in my life even to offer assistance as often what the government might view as assistance I would perceive as a hindrance. I really do believe in having it my way, even if I also avoid fast food. Unfortunately, the other major party candidate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney has a track record of also being a Statist, even if at a considerably lesser level than the incumbent.

The current choice offered by the two major parties will likely send me into the vast land of presumably wasted votes where the third party candidates roam often proposing virtuous standards which will never be allowed to see the light of day. Perhaps this is the best reason for agreement with George Washington’s admonition against the existence of political parties.

Some of my friends, both those enthralled with the virtues of the Republican Party and my fellow independents, have already begun to attempt to dissuade me from my principles and curry my favor to assure that President Obama does not manage to be reelected. I have assured them that despite their overwhelming fears that my one vote will decide the election, living in a state that is very likely in the top ten, possibly five, of non-swing states where our Electoral representation is nowhere held in doubt, this does free one to be as adamant a nonconformist as the heart desires without risking any of those evil little demons known as consequences.

Actually, even if I lived in the most swing of swing states, I would stick to my guns. My aim is to get everybody else to become a complete and total ideologue such that we break this vice-like grip over the election process currently held by two parties, the Democrat and the Republican. Sometimes I see the plethora of parties which dot the political landscape of those parliamentary governments in Europe and the rest of the world and wish we could adopt their party structures without also adopting their parliamentary forms of governance.

Needless to point out that to do so we would need to adjust our method of elections to facilitate a two-stage format with a primary to reduce the field to three candidates, or whatever would be decreed, and a final election to choose the actual people to sit in government. It’s a dream but not very likely as it seems that the vast majority is happy with the current system which is straight forward and very much a choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum against the vast range of characters prevalent in the multi-party extravaganzas evident throughout Europe. It’s like the difference between a petting zoo and a safari through the Amazon rainforest. Viva la difference.

Now to go off to the hinterlands of third party insanity where there is occasionally found a candidate, who agrees with everything I believe, like back in the year 2000 when a third party candidate actually made ballot access in the Maryland eighth district House of Representatives race with whom I had an uncanny amount of agreement with. Imagine that.

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