T J Jackson removes Michael's Kids from Grandma's Home

T J Jackson removes Michael's Kids from Grandma's Home

Calabasas : CA : USA | Jul 26, 2012 at 2:33 PM PDT
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I was glad to hear that TJ Jackson acted like a full grown man and took the reigns to remove Paris, Prince Michael, and "Blanket" from Katherine Jackson's household.

They have gotten so gosh-awful with their arrogance and trifling ways that even Gladys Knight, who has been a "godmother" of sorts for the original Jackson kids since they were children, has come forward and said Paris Jackson wouldn't have any "teeth" left in her mouth if she were in her household. On the day that Gladys comes out of respite to speak out about something, it has to be pretty darn bad. Gladys is usually a quiet homebody type who doesn't say much of anything in public unless it is on a very formal basis.

It's been out in the public airwaves for awhile now that Michael's surrogate kids were causing trouble in the Jackson household, and one event even culminated with Prince Michael II "Blanket," ending up being tased by his "cousins." But what has developed with Paris is even worse than that.

She has been coming off lately like the whole Jackson family owes her something and it is typical behavior predicated upon nothing. Paris has not even earned her keep with the Jackson family, and I'm almost certain they can't wait until she turns 18 so they can get her spoiled behind out of their home.

Janet and Randy went to the house to confiscate her cell phone because she's been tweeting their family business all over the Internet. And apparently she is getting on Mother Katherine's last nerve and causing disruption with their entire family.

They've had their issues, as all families do; but Katherine has had her share, and at her age, Paris is the last thing she needs in her life -- until she can go someplace and conduct herself like a decent young lady.

The Jackson family has always been close-knit in spite of the outside influences, especially with that 'derring-do rescue' of Latoya from under her abusive and now-deceased ex-husband, Jack Johnson.

Now that the brats that Michael adopted are out of Mrs. Jackson's home, the next thing they are dealing with is the probate of Michael's will and estate. According to Al Sharpton, he has proof that Michael was not there, and that his attorneys forged his signature on the executed will.

With their kind, if it isn't one thing it's another. They are typically all about high drama and money.

They couldn't drive Michael into bankruptcy due to jealous antics over accusations of him being a pedophile, which he was not ... he wasn't even gay. They couldn't take away everything he owned and turn it over to their control while he was alive, so they are working overtime to defile him into bankruptcy even in death.

The true fear for Mother Jackson is that those greedy unscrupulous lawyers are grinning their butts off to the tune of more than $1,000 an hour in billables and none of the Jacksons are going to be left with anything when all is said and done.

The attorneys are getting rich at their expense; and as has happened in the past and all along the history of black Americans who made their own way in the world, their wealth ends up being transferred to the "powers that be" over conflict.

The attorneys are even shrugging their shoulders and laughing it off, calling Tito and Jackie and the brothers who were onstage with Michael from Day 1 and helped raise and watch over their younger brother, "those others," when they are his flesh and blood and the original members of Motown's The Jackson Five. They are hardly "those others," except in the mind of 'those others' who are grinning and pulling a 'Mitt-Romneyesque' move through the transfer of Michael's wealth to their own coffers.

THOSE OTHERS? Really?! The attorneys need to be fired.


Michael likely did not sign that will because he loved his family too much to leave them high and dry in the event of his death, not that his brothers are "hurting" for money. They still tour and do concerts overseas and make their own livings, but everyone knows it wasn't as much as Michael made. For people like me who watched those young men every moment as they went from kids and teens to young men to grown men who are now grandparents themselves, their family love for one another in spite of all of the rough patches will not allow for Michael to not have remembered his brothers in his will.

To paint Michael out as the "sole breadwinner" for the whole family is just as untrue in his death as it was when he was alive. Janet, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon are all still working and making their own money to this day. They have not done a lot of touring in America, so the bulk of their work today involves leaving the United States. They may be more loved in other countries, but they have continued to work even since The Jacksons went back on their first tour TOGETHER since 1984. Just because Michael was the star of the show doesn't mean his family relied on him 24/7 to support them.

One way or another, especially when it comes to a black man or woman, someone on the outside eventually gets jealous enough to try and rob them of everything they've worked hard for all of their lives; it is the way black people in America have always become disenfranchised.

As Paris and her adopted brothers get older, she is going to be no different. Just a "high drama artist" like others of her ilk, who is after nothing but money that she didn't even earn.

Regardless of the obvious attorney deceit and theft that is going on behind the scenes as they laugh and move Michael's money into their pockets --which they also do not earn--; it was good to see that the children and grandchildren got together and got those insolent spoiled brats out of Kate's house for the time being. Michael would never have stood for them to cause his Mother grief in this manner.

It's par for the course in America for African American people to consistently be robbed of their earnings, and the Jackson family is no different.

But here is hope that they will treat it differently before it gets any more out of hand than it already is. Five decades of hard-earned legacy is at stake, and those who are trying to take it from them are not the ones who worked for it -- or even deserve it.

Getting those surrogate brats Michael adopted out of Mother Kate's house was a good/great/fantastic first move.

In the meantime, Paris needs to slow her roll, because America has become the "invisible" guardians of Michael's mother in his stead, as well. She doesn't just have her blood family and kin on her side, but the rest of us out here who vicariously cared as much for Michael's mother as he did before, during, and after those kids of 'dubious heritage' came on the scene.

Paris' insolence and 'teenaged bugging' is not going to be tolerated by die-hard Jackson family fans and the public backlash will be hers, and hers alone, to hear out and bear.

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MJ and mother, Katherine Esther Scruse Jackson
Michael's mother, Katherine Scruse Jackson, was born on May 4, 1930 in Rutherford, Alabama, and married Joe Jackson on November 5, 1949 in Crown Point, Indiana. A devout Jehovah's Witness and devoted mother, Katherine was Michael's prime influence and inspiration offstage. Michael love his mother to no end, would move heaven and earth for her, and he would never have stood for his adopted children to mistreat and be insolent to his precious Mother. It seems they should know that.
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