Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (21c)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (21c)

Cebu : Philippines | Jul 13, 2012 at 6:28 PM PDT
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Skooter reporting 07/14/12

Just as the yellow orange sun appeared on the usual time and place, RJ eventually woke up, sat up, surprised to see the totally devastated island, he didn’t even know where he was. His eyeballs rolled wondering what had happened, all around him were barren like Mar’s landscape, only two or three trees standing about to fall. Then he smiled as his sight met the loveliness of Kim who was still asleep right beside him. He saw TJ too peacefully lay a few feet away from him.

He didn’t see anyone else around. Suddenly the earth began to shake and rapidly it became a massive temblor. Pushing his hands hard to the ground, he held on tight. A few charred trees remained standing before him after the wildfires. It started to shake in tune to the quake waking up Kim and TJ. Then they started toppling to the shuddering earth one by one. They were astonished to see RJ but instead of being glad to see the boy, their fears of the gyrating earth overwhelm them. They can’t do anything but to stay where they were and wait till the quake stopped.

At the center of the lake, the waters began to bubble much like a volcano ready to burst. Kim and TJ at this moment were looking for the archangels from Kalaonia. They kept on looking for them and it was RJ who said, “don’t worry, they are just behind you…I could see them, they are waiting for the next episode to happen.”

They kept watching the bubbling water before them and something odd rose dramatically from the water. Their eyes widened in amazement, a huge creature, a colossal structure, some thirty feet in height. It got scaly body, complete with arms and feet, gills and fins on top and spikes on back running through the end like a crocodile’s tail, bulging eyes, protruding thick lips, overall its appearance looks like a fish.

The creature took one step at a time moving towards them, continuously growling. The archangels reappeared to meet the oncoming enemy. They knew this was no ordinary creature from the lagoon but it was actually Antiriah using his new trick. Chokmaiel as usual was in the forefront, he’d been waiting for this, the ultimate battle between him and the Mojul.

But what he didn’t know the creature got back ups. As they looked up to the inky skies, two to three motherships hovering above ready to send down an undetermined medium size spacecrafts making the holy forces on the ground busy fending off them. Chokmaiel looked at RJ, worried the boy lost all his powers and had nothing whatsoever to defend himself. So he raised his arm and pointed his finger to the boy. In the next moment the unknowing RJ turned luminous as bright as the stars. Chokmaiel issued a flashy grin as he relaxed his hand, confident now that the boy can defend himself.

There was already a war going on long before Chokmaiel chased Antiriah to Earth . In planet Gleise 2, Kokawiel overcame the rebel forces, booted them out, and were scattered in outer space only to regroup in the surviving motherships. There was no explosion, no booming sound unlike a conventional war dominated by loud ear-splitting sound, much like the common Earth conflicts. But the clash of the angels was unique for you can only hear the twitting sound of laser, paralytic and shockwave guns. Yes, you could see explosions followed by a brilliant light, but no sound as if you were deaf and that’s makes it distinctive.

At this moment the holy forces of Chokmaiel began shooting at the creature with no name. At first the gigantic thing was not bothered at all from the effects of their weapons. It kept on growling while fending off the bombardment with ease. Together Chokmaiel, Savaniah and Ghedoria fling their fisted arms in the air, and in seconds, out came a fatal electrical current striking the creature on the head. It twisted, shivered, and cried as if in extreme pain.

They kept on sending deadly electrical current to the creature until it dropped to its knees but incredibly it regained strength, it rose and back to its toes. The scales that were attached to its massive body began soaring towards its opponents. Caught by surprise, many Kalaonians were hit, bodies exploded, turned to pieces and were gone.

When the mortals saw what happened, TJ started flinging the magic vials at the creature’s feet, exploding, but those have little effects. TJ looked at Kim and urged her to expose the cobra head cane before the huge thing and she did. The stick glowed, the creature noticed the bright light on the ground, it weakens, compromised, as if the cane commanded the creature to stop fighting.

At this instant, RJ puff cold air from his mouth, frozen the thing turning into a block of ice. Then the whole lot of angels soared in the air, and started clubbing on it with heavy duty lasers until it cracked and collapsed. As it hit ground, the creature melted down and was gone.

Up in the grey skies the dogfights seemed endless; two of Antiriah’s motherships were finished only one continued jetting out spacecrafts to reinforce the diminishing fighting force. Chokmaiel closely monitored the ongoing battle confident that Kokawiel would soon beat Antiriah’s minions. That was what he thought. Out of the angry dark clouds, a tremendous force of light struck in rapid succession, the remaining spacejets of Kokawiel didn’t burst, but were hurled into the unknown or perhaps were scooped into the black hole.

Chokmaiel worried whether Kokawiel forces could still be saved but first he had to deal with the dark angel and his rebellious followers. The furious archangel started to yell hard, his voice was like a rumbling thunderstorms, “Antiriahhhhh, come out, show yourself, I’m challenging you, be a real archangel and face me.” The dark angel, the great mojul, Antiochus, replied with a laugh that could split the earth in two. True enough the three mortals with Chokmaiel started to feel the island was splitting; they began to step back afraid they would be gobbled down into the bottomless pit.

The lead archangel told them not to be deceived for the dark angel was a master of deception; he let your mind work in reverse. So he said, “have at least a little faith and everything will be all right.”

Kim and TJ remembered what Doc Norris had said when he turned over the cobra head cane, “have a little faith.” By those words alone, they regained strength both physical and spiritual. By now, Chokmaiel armed with laser blade and RJ now wearing white gown like an archangel, shot up to the sky like rockets seeking Antiriah who was hiding behind one of the clouds. The errie laughter was still there, suddenly a streak of light nearly struck RJ’s face, he could feel the heat that pass through.

Antiriah was just behind any of those clouds beyond, he thought. Careful now like the eye of an eagle, they sought every cloud they passed through. Another streak of light went by over the head of the boy doctor. The heat burnt a strand of hair. So RJ feared the next shot would be a direct heat, then he was finished. That would not happen, he stubbornly thought.

Out of the clouds black and white warriors were in fierce combat, green blade and white blade clashed, though they possessed hi-tech weapons they didn’t use it, they prefer the traditional swords not made of metal but of laser technology. As the Archangel and the Mojol fought for hours, Chokmaiel gained an upper hand when Antiriah suddenly became emaciated. What cause it, he didn’t know.

Everyone on the ground was watching what appeared to be a never ending battle between the good and the bad. Unbeknown to Kim, the cobra head cane surprisingly was with RJ and used it against the rebellious angel. That was why Antiriah was stripped off of all his powers, not even knowing that he was losing ground inch by inch until he plummeted and fell right through the Earth’s crack.

The boy doctor didn’t stop aiming the stick at the dark angel not until the bottomless pit closed permanently. The dark angel, the Mojol, Antiochus, Antiriah whatever his name was lost to oblivion. The heaven’s rebellion came to an end and there will be peace in the universe for another 2,000 years.

The End

Author Noel Horlanda

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Antiriah's spacecraft
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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