Missing In Action – Hope Not Hate and the UAF

Missing In Action – Hope Not Hate and the UAF

London : United Kingdom | Jul 10, 2012 at 1:43 PM PDT
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Fascist UAF in London

By Paul Weston

Breaking News! A group of moral, virtuous and decent anti-fascist campaigners have succeeded in closing down a meeting due to be held in London by a group of far-right extremists. British Freedom fully supports such actions taken by the anti-fascists and stands Full Square behind their peaceful and diplomatic war against the far-right!

Curiously though, there were some notable absences amongst the anti-fascists. The UAF and Hope Not Hate failed to materialise, despite the planned appearance of seriously far-right hate mongers with a history of preaching supremacist and racially motivated murder and violence.

The meeting was supposed to be held at the Connaught Rooms in London on July 8th, but we now hear from Guest Relations Executive, Lindsay Steele, that “The safety of our staff and guests is our absolute priority at all times. After careful consideration and liaison with the local police force we have taken the decision to cancel the booking”.

It is welcome that Lindsay Steele made such a decision, but not so good if it was done out of cowardice as opposed to simply Doing The Right Thing, or acting in a moral manner as it might once have been known.

Ms or Mr Steele would have made a better impression if he/ she had closed down the event based on the sickening far-right extremism of the invited speakers. Consider the following rhetoric from one of the supremacist delegates for example: “Devotion to war for the sake of Adolf Hitler, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls and to sever limbs for the sake of Hitler and in defence of Nazi ideology, is, undoubtedly, an honour for the believer”.

Not very nice is it? But apparently OK with the Connaught management, one of whom has been quoted as saying that hosting an event for such people “did not bother me at all.

And how can those fine and upstanding defenders of anti-fascism within the ranks of the UAF and Hope Not Hate have been so extraordinarily remiss in failing to do their bit to combat such intolerance, racism, supremacism and Nazism? Where were those paragons of virtue, Weyman Bennett and Nick Knowles, whilst this terrible right-wingery was going on under their very noses? Why their inexplicable absence?

The answer of course, is because I have not quite told the whole truth so far. The extreme far-right conference was not actually to be held by Nazis, but by Muslims. I have to confess that I have knowingly and deliberately misled you. I have shamelessly altered a few words in the skull-smashing quote, which should actually read as follows:

“Devotion to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer.”

And so the penny drops. Weyman Bennett and Nick Knowles deserted the anti-fascist arena only because the murderous rhetoric was not being spouted by nasty white extremists, but by lovely and humane followers of the murderous religion of peace.

These purported anti-fascists cannot (or will not) understand real right-wing extremism, so the fight was left to genuine anti-fascists, notably the Muslim/ Jewish anti-extremist pressure group calledStand For Peace who worked alongside the owners and contributors of the excellent website Harry’s Place.

It was they who first drew attention to the far-right and extremist stain of Islamic fundamentalism and the immoral connivance of the Connaught Rooms, rather than the shameless appeasers of racial and religious violence heading up the UAF and Hope Not Hate.

If Weyman Bennett and Nick Knowles are to salvage what is left of their soiled reputations, they urgently need to answer some extremely important questions. Why are they content to ignore (and therefore condone) an ideology that in its most fundamental form is EXACTLY the same as Nazism? And why are they so intent on labelling organisations like British Freedom as being far-right and extremist when our principal concern is thwarting the rise of Islamic Nazism in Britain?

Weyman Bennett and Nick Knowles support Islam, which by default supports radical Islam, which by default condones Nazi ideology. How can they think they hold the moral high ground by behaving in such a truly obscene manner? How can they psychologically exist with such innate contradictions whirling around in their tiny synapses? How can they dare accuse us of extremism?

I know that many of these anti-white racist, anti-British, treacherous, wicked, evil and immoral children from the “anti-fascist” organisations read this site, so perhaps they would care to leave some comments defending their noted dereliction of anti-fascist duty regarding the above conference, or even better, try to explain why they feel they hold the moral high ground when their appeasement of Islamo-Nazi ideology suggests they are in the moral gutter?

As ever, I will not be holding my breath.


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