Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (21b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (21b)

Cebu : Philippines | Jul 07, 2012 at 11:13 PM PDT
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Skooter reporting 07/08/12

By then, Antiriah was considered the most powerful mojol in the entire universe second only to his satanic master Lucious. But then his elation was short live remembering he had left someone behind. As he was about to leave, the blood shot eyed RJ suddenly appeared before him, his looks apparently disgusted of what his mentor had done, leaving him alone in the battlefield.

Since the Mojol had the ability to read minds too, he quickly apologized to the furious boy saying he had no bad intention of disserting him, he was focus in retrieving the stick as he showed it to him. Then the boy doctor told him that the cane belongs to him. “Give it to me, quick, you idiot.”

“What do you know about this cane?” Antiriah furiously asked. “I know what this cane can do. With this cane I have the ultimate power to create and destroy, nothing is impossible by this.” Gripping hard the stick, he madly laughed so eerie that his laughs penetrated the pores of the human skin and of the earth. Only the Kalaonians heard his laughing so that they looked up to the gloomy skies, wondering.

“I said, give me back the cane,” RJ yelled. “You hear me?” Right that moment the Mojol was surprised thinking why this stupid idiot claiming the cane was his when he was under his spell. The spell that was on RJ had expired and was now in his right self. Yes, he is awaken, Antiriah thought.

Antiriah stretched out his arm with the cobra head cane pointing towards the unexpected new opponent. The Mojol knew that the powers that were bestowed on the boy were still working and he had no time to switch it off. To his astonishment, the cobra head cane didn’t work on RJ. Antiriah attempted many times to let the cane work but it failed.

The dismayed dark angel didn’t know that the stick would only activate its powers when the holder is clean and pure. RJ’s blood shot eye began emitting sound waves that could break one’s eardrums and popped out eyeballs from its sockets. Antiriah then spread out his shieldron to protect him from the effect of the deadly sound waves.

One big mistake that he committed was he left the cobra head cane outside the shieldron. It was too late for him to retrieve it for RJ picked it up like a magnet that stuck to his hold. Antiriah was so angered that he hurled volleys of fire balls to the boy doctor that eventually sent him plummeting to the devastated island.

Chokmaiel and his angels saw the boy dropped from behind the clouds and landed on the charred grounds. Antiriah followed down in pursuit but Savaniah was quick to shoot the dark angel with his paralytic gun. Again it didn’t work because Antiriah was shielded with his protective fur. Kim rushed to where RJ landed to find out if he was all right.

She was glad to know his heart was thumping and breathing. She noticed the cobra head cane in RJ’s hand and as she tried to grab it, the dark angel hovered over her. Chokmaiel, Savaniah, Ghedoriah and Kokawiel showered the evil one with streaking fire thus preventing him from snatching the cane away from the woman.

Up some 5,000 feet, he hang there, inhaled lung full of air and breathed those out in a stream of fire like a flame thrower, thus triggering another wildfire in the island. The archangels were quick to put the blaze out by blowing cold air out from their mouth all at the same time freezing the entire surroundings in due time.

When Chokmaiel looked up the sky again, Antiriah was nowhere to be found. He didn’t care where he went, all he care for was to rush to the side of his grandson. The Archangel’s heart melted when he saw Kim and TJ remain at RJ’s side trying to revive the boy. The effect of Antiriah’s wrath was still on his system, it will take a day before he would wake up and the lady doctor had kept him breathing throughout the night.

Chokmaiel knew the dark angel would come back for the ultimate battle, he and his holy army of archangels were ready to stop him by all means. Sitting before a bonfire, Ghedoria and Savaniah took out the scrying bowl and consulted it as to where they could find the eluding evil one at this moment. “If we could only find ways to disenfranchise his protective fur…”

“That wouldn’t be necessary, Ghedoria,” said Kokawiel who joined them before the flickering flames. “I already found a way to disrupt the shieldron mechanism.”

Ghedoria and Savaniah stared hard at him, curious. “So you want to know huh?” Kokawiel frowned as if he was not happy to let them share how he would destroy the shield that surrounds the rebellious angel. Within minutes his eyeballs turned all white perusing to how he would do it. A couple of minutes later, he was back to his wits.

“Well, what have you got there?” Savaniah asked. Kokawiel sighed as if exhausted. “I found the idiot, and I fixed it,” he said. The two angels facing him said in chorus, “what do you mean, you fixed it?” Kokawiel walked away waving his hand in the air. The two looked at each other stupidly.

To be continued...

Author Noel Horlanda

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Archangel Chokmaiel
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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