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By dhreff
Columbus : OH : USA | 2 years ago  
President Barack Obama with votes floating in a glass of beer in Ohio: An observation By Dhreff Anchor for Allvoices Do what the Romans do when you are in Rome and drink beer sold when...
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  • Barack won't help me, says 'destitute' George Obama

      The independent | 2 years ago
    News in pictures From the blogs The world of EDM or electronic dance music to the uninitiated or un-American is at war...In the UK alone more than a thousand people die from falls on the stairs each year, and falls in old... The celebrated food...
  • Obama Takes His Tax Message to Iowa

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Mr. Obama said his proposal this week to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for families making up to $250,000 would allow his hosts, Jason and Ali McLaughlin, to save as much as $2,200 in taxes next year. And he drew a sharp contrast between his proposals...
  • Michelle Obama on the campaign trail in Florida

      Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    First lady Michelle Obama told supporters she is fired up and urged them to "get it done in Florida ," during a sweep through the state Tuesday.
  • Romney 'has nothing to hide' in taxes

      The Courier-Mail | 2 years ago
    White House hopeful Mitt Romney insisted he had "nothing hidden" in his taxes as he tried to fend off a slew of attacks over his offshore accounts. In an interview with Radio Iowa, the presumptive Republican nominee said his finances were legitimate...
  • Anti-Obama film features his brother

      Daily Nation | 2 years ago
    Rating US President Barack Obama's Kenyan half-brother features in a soon-to-be-released documentary that is intended to damage his re-election bid in November. Mr George Obama, who lives in Nairobi's Huruma estate, is interviewed in the film 2016:...
  • Romney hits Obama tax plan, calls president 'outsourcer-in-chief'

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney brought his presidential campaign to the West Slope of Colorado Tuesday, looking to energize his base here in a heavily Republican part of the state and highlight the continuing struggle to bring back jobs in a region where unemployment...
  • Obama thanks Iowa for giving him a chance 'when nobody else would'

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    President Obama took Iowans on a trip down memory lane Tuesday, recalling his first kinda nervous foray on the presidential campaign trail in their state four years ago. This is a state that gave me a chance when nobody else would, Obama told a crowd...
  • Anti-Obama Doc Likens Barack Obama's Half-Brother To ‘Slumdog Millionaire' [...

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    Articles The film, set to be released this summer, is based on D'Souza's bestselling book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage," in which the author asserts that the president is motivated by "a rage against Western dominance" inherited by his African father.
  • Obama to Iowans: 'I'm betting you're going to be as fired up as you were in ...

      Des Moines Register | 2 years ago
    Stay fired up despite the campaign cynicism, President Barack Obama told Iowans today...There is more money flooding the system than ever before, there's more negative ads, there's more cynicism. Obama said he knows there's too much focus on that...
  • Film shows Obama's half-brother in slum

      The Courier-Mail | 2 years ago
    Barack Obama's slum-dwelling half-brother in Kenya says he needs no help from his powerful sibling, in an election-year documentary that is highly critical of the US president. "I think he has a family of his own," said George Obama in a park-bench...
  • Is Barack Obama's Half-Brother George a Secret Republican? [VIDEO]

      International Business Times | 2 years ago
    Obama's half-brother interviewed by right-wing writer Dinesh D'Souza (screengrab In the documentary 2016: Obama's America, based on the book The Roots of Obama's Rage by conservative writer Dinesh D'Souza, George Obama appears for the first time in...
  • Romney Courts Black Vote, an Obama Strength in '08

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    But this year, in an election in which every vote may matter, Mitt Romney is not giving up on that front. On Wednesday, Mr. Romney will make a pitch to the nation's premier civil rights group, testing President Obama's overwhelming support among...
  • Poll: Presidential race tied, but Romney holds edge on economy

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    Romney and Obama are tied, with each taking support from 47 percent of registered voters in the  new national poll  from The Washington Post and ABC News, released late Monday. But more people disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy than...
  • Obama to make pitch on tax cuts during Iowa visit

      Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney are clashing in a reinvigorated election-year debate over tax fairness, with both sides claiming their position is best for a struggling middle class.
  • President Obama returns to Iowa, Romney campaigns in Colo. | July 10 ...

      Washington Post | 2 years ago
    President Obama returns to Iowa Tuesday, this time speaking in Cedar Rapids on his tax-cut extension proposal, while first lady Michelle Obama will attend fundraisers in Florida. Mitt Romney will hold a town hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colo. And...
  • Obama hits Romney on tax returns

      USA Today | 2 years ago
    TV of Manchester, N.H ., in an interview on Monday. "And that's been true of every presidential candidate dating all the way back to Mitt Romney's father," Obama added. Obama's campaign has also released a new video on Romney's finances. George...
  • Good morning! 10 things to know for Tuesday

      The Naples Daily News | 2 years ago
    Tuesday Staff and wire reports Posted July 10, 2012 at 6:42 a.m. Late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories of interest: 1...President Barack Obama on Monday said he raised $71 million in June for his re-election campaign, after Republican...
  • Barack Obama's Brother to Make Film Debut in Anti-Obama Documentary (...

      Hollywood Reporter Film | 2 years ago
    PDT 7/9/2012 by Paul Bond An interview with George Obama, who lives in a hut in Kenya "like something out of 'Slumdog Millionaire'" is featured in the upcoming movie "2016: Obama's America." Barack Obama's half-brother, George Obama , is about to...
  • Obama calls on Romney to disclose more tax returns

      Los Angeles Times | 2 years ago
    President Obama sought Monday to increase pressure on Republican rival Mitt Romney to release years of personal income tax returns...And that's been true of every presidential candidate dating all the way back to Mitt Romney's father. George Romney ,...
  • Offshore accounts hand Obama an easy hit in row over Romney's riches

      The independent | 2 years ago
    As President Barack Obama's re-election campaign pushes to cast Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, as a champagne candidate bent on protecting the rich, Mr Obama yesterday renewed his call on the US Congress to end Bush-era tax cuts...
  • Obama seeks to shift election toward tax debate

      Kansas City Star | 2 years ago
    Facing sagging jobs numbers, President Barack Obama sought to recast the November election as a fight over tax fairness on Monday, urging tax cut extensions for all families earning less than $250,000 but denying them to households making more than...
  • Obama pushes middle-class tax relief

      Al Jazeera | 2 years ago
    39 Romney wants to see Bush-era tax cuts extended for all Americans regardless of how much they earn [AFP] President Barack Obama has called for a one-year extension of tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000 a year, seeking to put ...
  • Obama takes fight to Romney as he pushes tax cuts for middle class

      The Guardian | 2 years ago
    We don't need more top-down economics. We tried that we can't afford to go back to it.' Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images Barack Obama has placed tax cuts at the centre of the presidential election campaign, presenting a stark choice between...
  • Romney bests Obama donations with help of rich few

      Kansas City Star | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama on Monday said he raised $71 million in June for his re-election campaign, after Republican candidate Mitt Romney reported $106 million during the same period. It was the second consecutive month that Romney collected more cash...
  • Obama asks Congress for limited extension of Bush tax cuts

      Charlotte Observer Online | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama Monday urged Congress to extend for one year Bush-era tax cuts for anyone earning less than $250,000_a plan that reinforces already sharply-drawn battle lines between and Republicans, who want all the cuts to continue. Obama,...
  • IHT Rendezvous: Europe and Obama

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    11 pm Barack Obama's ratings may be low in Europe but his star is already beginning to shine again, all thanks to Mitt Romney, his Republican challenger...Romney in the White House would be bad news for Europe, one high-ranking European diplomat told...
  • Romney widens Obama funding gap

      BBC | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney's campaign increased its fundraising lead over President Barack Obama in June, official numbers released on Monday show. Mr Romney and the Republicans raised $106m (£68m) , $35m more than Mr Obama and the Democrats, who raised $71m. Both...
  • The health of America

      Japan Times | 2 years ago
    In an anxiously awaited, bitterly divided 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the week before last that the bulk of the bill, put into law in 2010, can go into effect. The decision upholds the most important piece of social legislation put...
  • Let's Set Fire to East Hampton, for America [The Rich]

      Gawker | 2 years ago
    Anxious to harness the inchoate class rage of impotent computer-bound office-workers trapped in the endless parenthesis of alienation and soul-rot that characterizes die jungste Entwicklung des Kapitalismus , the Times of Los Angeles and New York...
  • Romney Raised $106 Million In June; Obama Raised $71 Million

      National Public Radio | 2 years ago
    For the second month in a row, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney and his party have raised more money than the Democratic incumbent, President Obama. Romney and his fellow Republicans hauled in $106 million in June for his presidential...
  • Romney's team outraises Obama and Democrats again

      Minneapolis Star Tribune | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama's campaign and the Democratic party raised $71 million in June, well below the $106 million hauled in by rival Mitt Romney and the Republican party during the same period. It was the second straight month that Romney has raised...
  • Obama's call to extend middle-class tax cuts poses election risk

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Story More importantly, perhaps, Mr. Obama hopes to score political points by portraying himself as the champion of the middle-class, while accusing Republican rival Mitt Romney of coddling the uber-rich. Republicans favour extending all of the tax...
  • Are you more (or less) liberal than President Obama? Take our quiz!

      Christian Science Monitor | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama talks about the economy, in the briefing room of the White House in Washington. (Carolyn Kaster/ AP Photo) Some Democrats see President Obama's first term as a string of promises broken by the realities of political office. On...
  • Letter from Europe: Obama or Romney, Europe Is In for Disappointment

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    When Barack Obama was elected U.S. president in 2008, Europeans were ecstatic. Somewhat naively, they believed he would end the bitter ideological disputes that bedeviled Europe's relationship with the Bush administration and usher in a new trans-...
  • Some African-Americans think Obama takes their votes for granted

      Kansas City Star | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign recently launched a radio ad aimed at African-American voters titled “We’ve Got Your Back.” But will enough African-American voters have his in November?There’s no doubt that African-Americans will vote...
  • Romney dodges protests for a $3m day out in the Hamptons

      The independent | 2 years ago
    Starting with a handful of small websites, our community has followed the early footpath of the gay ... Mitch Dobrowner talks to us about his work, his future plans, winning the Sony World Photography Awa... Britain has become a more equal society,...
  • Obama ad calls for Romney to release more tax returns

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    The campaign released a new video that slams Romney for alleged reliance on tax havens, signaling a strong push to capitalize politically on a Vanity Fair magazine story about Romney's holdings outside the U.S. Vanity Fair last week reported on a...
  • The unemployed and the election cycle

      Item of Millbum and Short List | 2 years ago
    The U.S. economy created only 80,000 jobs in June, not nearly enough to lower the nation's 8.2 percent unemployment rate. Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican nominee for president, promptly compared the data to a "kick in the gut" that has to end.
  • Romney has plan to 'get America working'

      Pakistan Chronicle | 2 years ago
    Mitt Romney said he has a plan that "calls for action that will get America working again," in the wake of the June unemployment report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday unemployment in June was 8.2 percent, making June the 41st...
  • QOTD: Morgan Freeman Doesn't Think Obama Is America's First Black President

      Dlisted | 2 years ago
    Morgan Freeman Doesn't Think Obama Is America's First Black President Here we go again.... Morgan Freeman was a guest on NPR'S Tell Me More show the other day to promote one of his new movies and somehow the conversation moved into the topic of Obama...
  • Morgan Freeman Says Barack Obama Isn't Black Enough To Be The First Black ...

      Pink is the New Blog | 2 years ago
    Over the course of his discussion with Tell Me More host Michel Martin , Freeman started talking about President Barack Obama and specifically how it is his personal opinion that Obama is not Black enough to be called our country's first Black...
  • U.S. politics has become a disgusting race for money

      The Globe & Mail | 2 years ago
    Story Reuters Watch Economy In the obscenity sweepstakes, however, the money that U.S. hockey franchises are throwing at free agents pales in comparison with the money being thrown at the U.S. presidential election and hundreds of other races across...
  • Unemployment Report for June

      The New York Times | 2 years ago
    Opinion Charles Dharapak/Associated Press America can do better, Mitt Romney said in New Hampshire on Friday. And that picture, a report from the Labor Department made clear on Friday, is far from the booming job growth that prevailed only a few...
  • Romney seizes on job figures to blame US 'misery' on Obama

      The independent | 2 years ago
    Suggested Topics Another consignment of discouraging employment numbers in the United States was seized on yesterday by Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger in the presidential race, as evidence that the economic policies of President Barack Obama...
  • Obama: Jobs Numbers Going in "Right Direction"

      Voice of America | 2 years ago
    Kent Klein July 06, 2012 President Barack Obama calls the U.S. unemployment figures for June "a step in the right direction," but he says he is not satisfied with the pace of the nation's economic recovery.     The Labor Department says the U.S.
  • Obama on jobs: 'We've got to grow the economy even faster'

      The Hill | 2 years ago
    Obama, speaking during a two-day campaign swing via bus through the key swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, acknowledged that the economy still had a ways to go and was not going to fully recover overnight. I want to get back to a time when middle-...
  • Obama downplays weak jobs report; Romney blames him

      CNN | 2 years ago
    Stock prices dropped sharply at the opening bell on the report that the economy created 80,000 jobs in June , well below the number needed to bring down the 8.2% unemployment rate. At a campaign event in Poland, Ohio, Obama said the job growth --...
  • Obama Calls Bailout His Vision of ‘Betting on American Business' | 2 years ago
    President Barack Obama wipes sweat from his eye after a speech at Washington Park in Sandusky, Ohio, Thursday, July 5, 2012. President Barack Obama, speaking to a crowd in the crucial battleground state of Ohio, referenced a massive corporate bailout...
  • Romney, Clinton to visit Israel—separately

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | 2 years ago
    38 am Romney, Clinton to visit Israelseparately Posted by  Brad A. Greenberg Follow on It's presidential campaign season, and for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama that means assuring American Jews that they'll be good for the Israel.
  • Obama, Top Aide Jarrett Reflexively Bash Fox News

      Newsbusters | 2 years ago
    President Obama drew Turn Off Fox News headlines on the Drudge Report when New York Times reporter Mark Landler noted in a pool report from a bar in Amherst, Ohio, that someone joked he was in a building with Fox on the TV. Drudge also highlighted...

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